What is dangerous is the increased level and lack of estrogen in women? Female hormone estrogen in food and tablets. Norm of estrogen and testosterone in the female body

Estrogen is a female sex hormone. It is produced in the ovaries and adrenal cortex during puberty and is necessary for the female body to prepare it for procreation, and to maintain the normal course of pregnancy.


  • 3 types of estrogen in the body of a woman
  • Normal level of estrogen in the body of a woman
  • What causes a lack of a female hormone estrogen?
  • Symptoms of estrogen hormone deficiency in women
  • How to increase estrogen in the female body?
  • What causes an increased level of estrogen in the female body?
  • Symptoms of estrogen hormone excess in women
  • How to reduce estrogen in the female body?
  • The effect of estrogen on the weight of a woman
  • Testosterone and estrogen in a woman's body
  • Estrogens in food and herbs
  • Estrogens in tablets: reviews
  • Video. Analysis of hormones, estradiol and estrogen

But, on this role of estrogen in the body does not end. This hormone is an important advocate of the cardiovascular system of the female

body. Also, estrogen regulates the water-salt balance in the body. Normal skin condition is one of the merits of this female hormone.

3 types of estrogen in the body of a woman

Three types of estrogen are distinguished:

  • Estrone( E1)
  • Estrol( E3)
  • Estradiol( E2)

The level of each of these hormones depends on the genetic predisposition, on the density and amount of body fat, and on agefeatures of the body. Indirectly, the level affects the lifestyle and nutrition system.

The most important in this triplet is estradiol. Its decrease or increase in comparison with the other two hormones can cause various problems in the female body:

  • Weight gain
  • Edema
  • Disturbances of the digestive tract
  • Violations of the sweat glands
  • Seizure
  • Soreness of the breasts

The deviation of the level of this hormone from the norm can bea symptom of serious diseases.

IMPORTANT: Estradiol is the most important hormone of the described group. His "working time" begins during the first menstruation and ends at the beginning of menopause. Estradiol controls over 400 functions in the body.

Normal level of estrogen in the body of a woman

The norm of this hormone in the body is not constant. It varies with age and during different phases of pregnancy. In girls in childhood, the norm is 5-22 pg / ml. When a woman reaches childbearing age, the estrogen norm is in the range of 11-191 pg / ml. During the menopause, the norm of this hormone is 5-90 pg / ml.

What causes a lack of the female hormone estrogen?

  • Estrogens are steroid hormones. This means that they are responsible for growth. In this case, the growth of secondary sexual characteristics. It is the estrogens responsible for the beauty of the female figure. These sex hormones distribute fat cells in different parts of the body. Thanks to them, piquant roundness of the figure is formed exactly where it should be.
  • Estrogens are extremely important for the female body. These hormones are responsible for the periodicity of the onset of menstruation and their regularity. The lack of these hormones can lead to serious consequences. Estrogens determine female health.
  • If the lack of sex hormones is observed in a girl, this can cause a slow development of the child. In a more mature age, it can affect the psychological imbalance, periodic feelings of pain in the lower abdomen, insomnia, poor performance and even frigidity.
  • After 40 years of age, the lack of estrogen in women can affect the health of the heart, rapid aging of the body, frequent headaches and bone loss. What can eventually cause osteoporosis.

Symptoms of estrogen hormone deficiency in women

Symptoms of estrogen deficiency include:

  • Absence of menstruation and delay in puberty in girls
  • Forgetfulness
  • Insomnia
  • Absence of sexual desire
  • Headaches
  • Bladder infections
  • Acute mood swings
  • Impossibility to become pregnant at a young age

How to increase estrogen in the female body?

In order to increase the rate of estrogen in the body does not necessarily have to resort to pharmacy products. It is enough to change your diet a little.

The safest way to increase the level of this hormone is to eat various foods and herbs that contain substances that activate the processes of estrogen production in the body.

With a shortage of estrogens, the attending physician can prescribe tocopherol and special hormonal medications. For example, "Premarin" or "Proginova".Also, drugs can be prescribed in which estrogen is shared with another hormone, progesterone. Moreover, different drugs have different ratios of these hormones. Therefore, they can only be used under the guidance of a doctor.

You can increase the level of this hormone with a mineral such as boron. But, since it is almost impossible to do this with food, it is necessary to use preparations containing this mineral for this purpose.

What causes an increased level of estrogen in the female body?

Overabundance of estrogen is a very serious hormonal disorder that affects the work of the entire body. This violation affects almost all women, who are overweight over the norm by 20%.

Excess of this hormone is associated with a deficiency in the body of certain vitamins, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking, oral contraceptives and excessive physical exertion.

IMPORTANT: Many mistakenly believe that an excessive level of this hormone helps to prolong youth. This is not true. Moreover, if the level of estrogen is increased, then it can become a symptom of various diseases.

Excess amount of this hormone in the body leads to mood swings, frequent headaches, high pressure attacks, deterioration of the hair structure and other problems. Recently, American specialists have identified the dependence of excessive estrogen in the body and the formation of cysts in the ovaries and breast.

Symptoms of estrogen hormone excess in women

Symptoms of excess of this hormone include:

  • Rapid fatigue, irritability, insomnia and other neurologic symptoms
  • Dizziness, headache, depression
  • Disturbance of metabolic processes: excess weight, brittle hair and nails, acne
  • Breachmenstrual cycle, impossibility of pregnancy
  • Tenderness and swelling of the mammary glands, which can lead to mastopathy
  • Blood thickening and thrombus formation
  • Enometriz. The formation of benign and malignant tumors in the mammary gland and uterus
  • Deterioration of the structure of bone tissue. Osteoporosis

How to reduce estrogen in the female body?

  • In order to reduce the level of this hormone you need to reconsider your diet and reduce excess weight.
  • Women who have an elevated level of the hormone described need to include foods rich in fatty omega-3 acids in their diet. They are found in large quantities in salmon, tuna and other species of fish.
  • You can fill the body's need for "useful" fats with olive and linseed oil.
  • Fruits, vegetables and nuts are also good helpers in the fight against elevated estrogen levels.
  • In addition, people who suffer from an increased synthesis of this hormone, it is important to increase the amount of magnesium in their diet. This micronutrient helps to eliminate excess estrogen.

The effect of estrogen on the weight of a woman

The weight is affected by several hormones in the body of a woman. Estrogen is one of them. It is this hormone that is the main "conductor" in the distribution of fatty deposits. In the female body, such deposits, as a rule, are located below the belt. This is the merit of the hormone just described.

Approximately 10 years before menopause in the female body, the level of estrogen begins to decline. The organism "does not like it" and starts to synthesize the missing hormone from fat deposits.

  • But, do not think that due to this the amount of such deposits will decrease. On the contrary, our body begins to store with redoubled energy fat deposits. After all, the need for them grows. That's why it's very hard to lose weight after 40.
  • Also a stock of fat cells occurs during pregnancy. The body needs another source of estrogen.
  • Therefore, to reduce excess weight it is important to keep the level of "female hormone" is normal.

Testosterone and estrogen in the body of a woman

Testosterone( a male hormone) and estrogen( a female hormone) strongly affect not only the appearance of a woman and internal processes in the body, but also the psychological background. The more testosterone, the stronger the manifestation of the "male" beginning.

Testosterone in women:

  • Up to 20 years - 0.13 - 3.09 pg / ml
  • from 20 to 39 years - 0.13 - 3.09 pg / ml
  • from 40 to 59 years - 0.13 - 2, 6 pg / ml
  • from 60 and older - 0,13 - 1,8 pg / ml

Excess testosterone is manifested in aggression and risk appetite. The predominance of the female hormone over testosterone is manifested in frequent fears, compassion for other people, a desire for a settled life and comfort.

Estrogens in food and herbs

Phytoestrogens are found in various herbal products."Charge" with such hormones can be, if you drink green tea and various herbal infusions.

There is a lot of estrogen in beans and other legumes, pumpkin, nuts, spinach, oats, bran, dried apricots, sunflower seeds and cabbage.

RECIPE OF TEA WITH "ESTROGEN". With a lowered level of estrogen, tea is shown from such herbs as: sage, linden, chamomile, hops and arnica. Supplement this collection can be the crushed roots of licorice and ginseng. Ingredients are mixed in equal parts and boiled with boiling water. For greater effect, it is best to brew such tea before each intake.

Such products of animal origin as fatty milk, ice cream, yogurts, hard cheeses and meat also contain a large amount of estrogens.

There is estrogen in the beer .And many associate his presence in this popular foam drink with changes in the male figure due to the abuse of beer. But, the growth of beer belly is more associated with the fact that that alcohol suppresses the production of testosterone .The hormone, which distributes fat cells in the male body. In addition, do not forget about the snack for beer, which lovers of this drink use without any control.

IMPORTANT: Do not underestimate medicinal herbs and other foods in their effect on estrogen. They are able to do this no worse than pharmacy drugs. That's why they need to take only under the guidance of a doctor. Otherwise, it can be very harmful to the body.

Estrogens in tablets: reviews

Olesya. Very good preparation "Estravel".It helps a lot with tides. I also noticed such a "side effect" as improving the condition of the nails. They are naturally fragile. And "Estroel" makes them beautiful and healthy. I drink this drug for the 5th time with interruptions. Depending on the condition.

Estroel .The composition of this drug includes plant extracts of soy, nettle, tsimitsifugi, isoflavones and root extract of wild yam. In addition, this drug contains indole-3-carbinol, boron, vitamins and amino acids. It takes 1-2 tablets a day during meals. The duration of the course is up to 2 months.

Tatyana. And I took Premarin. When she began to be treated, we did not sell it. Bring friends from abroad. In 60 years on ultrasound the doctor said that I have an organism younger than twenty years. This drug does not lead to weight gain, "hairiness" and other side effects.

"Premarin". This preparation contains seven horse estrogens. It is taken based on the prescribed course of treatment.

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