How to safely and quickly cure postpartum hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids after childbirth Hemorrhoids after childbirth is a consequence of physiological disorders. This varicose veins in the rectum, resulting in hemorrhoidal nodes.

When this disease occurs, women experience pain, irritation and other symptoms. If you do not start a timely treatment, you may experience severe itching or bleeding.

During labor in the pelvic part, heavy loads occur. He becomes weakened and more susceptible to a variety of disorders. There is a decrease in the tone of anal muscle tissue and a malfunction in the work of intestinal peristalsis.

The clinical picture of the disease

  • The clinical picture of the disease

    • Features of the treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids
    • The methods of treatment
      • The first stage - it is the lightest
      • The treatment of the second stage of the disease
      • How to cure the hemorrhoids of the third stage
      • What happens in the complete absence of treatment
    • Nutrition for a young mother
    • Folk recipes
    • What to do, if the hemorrhoids got out at b
    • The opinion of the parturient women
    • Preventive measures

Clinical picture of the disease

There are two types of the disease - internal and external hemorrhoids. In the first case, the nodes and seals are located inside the rectum, so women do not immediately pay attention to the problem.

There are several common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids:

  • sensation of itching and burning during defecation;
  • with inclinations and in a sitting position, discomfort appears in the anal area;
  • irregular sharp pains in the lower abdomen;
  • bowel evacuation does not bring relief;
  • blood clots in feces and traces on linen;
  • mucus discharge from the anus;
  • frequent constipation, on the inner walls of the rectum appear nodes that can at any time increase in size, which provokes constipation;
  • bleeding occurs with progressive internal hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of the fact that after the birth of a woman got out external hemorrhoids: pain of hemorrhoids

  • a feeling of severe gravity in the anus;
  • regular discomfort, itching and burning in the anus;
  • the girl feels a foreign body in the rectum;
  • excessive pain during defecation;
  • appear bloody clots.
The external form of hemorrhoids is accompanied by the deposition of nodes outside, so it becomes difficult and painful to move. If you do not go to the doctor on time, the bumps begin to bleed.

Features of the treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids

After the gestation and the birth of the child, the girl's body must restore its own defenses. Hemorrhoids cause its regular and excessive weakening.

It is necessary to pay attention to this problem in time and take care of proper treatment.

Why are there difficulties? This disease hurts the well-being of the young mother and her baby. Representatives of the fair sex feel physical pain and stress.

This interferes with the recovery of the body, there is a long postpartum depression, and it also becomes more difficult to take care of the newborn.

Regular bleeding affects the quality of breast milk and adversely affects protective functions. At strong displays of an anemia at feeding mum milk disappears.

After the birth of a child, girls may not take all medications. First of all, preference is given to those medicines that do not have a negative effect on the baby.

Active ingredients should not be absorbed into the blood and breast milk. A large number of drugs contain hormones in their composition, which are contraindicated during the period of feeding.

After a full examination of the proctologist, he will appoint the appropriate treatment.

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Treatment methods

There are four stages of hemorrhoids, each of which has its own characteristics and its own treatment methods.

The first stage - it is the lightest

Proctosedil. At the initial stage of the disease, the nodes appear gradually begin to grow. They can be cured at home using folk remedies.

Experts have proven the effectiveness of candles from raw potatoes. After 20 minutes, relief comes and the pain subsides. To further not face such an unpleasant problem, complex treatment is required, which is prescribed by the proctologist.

At the initial stage ointments and suppositories are considered effective - Proctosildil, Proctosan. In some cases, the doctor can recommend surgical intervention - sclerotherapy, which is absolutely painless.

Treatment of the second stage of the disease

Patients experience acute pain, as the hemorrhoidal nodes fall out when defecating or lifting heavy things. Around the anus is burning, itching and pain.

Often, bleeding opens, so proctologists can prescribe the ointment Metiluratsilovuyu, as well as drops Eskuzan.

In some cases, the doctor recommends that patients carry out latex ligation. This is an effective method for which rings are used that pinch cones. Two weeks later, the problematic areas begin to tear themselves away from the skin.

How to cure hemorrhoids of the third stage of

Patients face constant and regular prolapse of cones that are not drawn in by themselves.

When walking, there is a sharp pain, burning and a feeling of discomfort. To avoid complications, it is necessary to seek qualified help in time.

For treatment proctologist appoints sclerotherapy or cryotherapy. The units are frozen with a special refrigerant. Next, the cones are destroyed and pulled out of the anus. In rare cases, hemorrhoidectomy is used - excision of nodes under anesthesia.

After assessing the patient's condition, the doctor prescribes suture ligation. Ointments, gels and other medications with this form of hemorrhoids are ineffective.

ligation of hemorrhoids

Ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings

What happens in the complete absence of treatment

The fourth stage is the most severe form of the disease, in which cones reach huge sizes and regularly drop out of the rectum.

Because of a violation of the functions of the sphincter, uncontrolled bowel movement occurs. Because of bleeding, anemia is observed. Patients feel severe bouts of pain.

To cope with this stage of hemorrhoids, the proctologist appoints exclusively complex treatment:

  • photocoagulation, knots and hemorrhoidal lumps are processed by means of an infrared ray.
  • radio wave surgery.
  • hemorrhoidectomy.
  • removal of knots by the laser.

How to cure hemorrhoids after childbirth - the top 10 best and safest ways to learn by watching a video:

Feeding for a young mother

Along with the treatment of hemorrhoids, you need to pay attention to a special diet.

If you do not change the usual way of eating, then coping with the disease will be more difficult. The daily diet should include Nutrition for hemorrhoids products that help improve the digestive system and intestinal motility.

In a special diet includes rice and buckwheat groats, sour-milk products, vegetable oil of natural origin, bran, as well as fiber.

The peculiarity of the diet for hemorrhoids after childbirth is the maintenance of the intestine and the organic combination with the feeding. The quality of milk and the health of the baby depend on the products.

It is necessary to pay attention to the use of dried apricots, prunes, fresh fruits and vegetables. To prevent constipation, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Salted, spicy and spicy dishes, carbonated drinks, spices, as well as leguminous plants, are excluded from the diet.

Folk recipes

To get rid of hemorrhoids with the help of traditional medicine for a young mother immediately after birth, the following recipes are suitable:

  1. 50 grams of birch leaves are steamed in a liter of hot water. The infusion is aged for thirty minutes and is used for a warm, sedentary bath.
  2. With painful constipation, experts recommend that young mothers consume fresh juice from onions. He is drunk five times a day, one teaspoon before meals.
  3. Douching with a rubber pear with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The mixture is injected into the anus and held for one minute. The course of treatment can not exceed more than one week.

What if the hemorrhoids got out during childbirth?

hemorrhoids got out at childbirth If hemorrhoids appeared before the very birth, then do not have to worry about it.

It is best to immediately notify your gynecologist or a doctor who will take delivery. Girls can give birth with this disease in the absence of contraindications.

After delivery, the condition of the parturient may deteriorate slightly. There will be soreness and unpleasant sensations in the anus.

To reduce the discomfort and negative manifestation of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to start treatment on time.

If the doctor noted the fourth stage of hemorrhoids in the woman in labor, the delivery in this case is possible only with the help of caesarean section. This is facilitated by severe bleeding or thrombosis.

The opinion of the parturient women

To better understand how to get rid of hemorrhoids after childbirth, you should study the reviews of girls and women who have already gone through it.

After birth, I immediately formed a cone. The doctor advised to buy Menovazine. It needs to be plentifully plastered on problem areas and in three days the first results will be visible. The course of treatment is two weeks.

Alina, 33

During pregnancy, there were problems with the intestines, after which hemorrhoids began. At the consultation, the proctologist recommended candles Procto-Glivenol. Within a few days I felt much better. In doing so, I adhered to a special diet to get rid of constipation.

Valentine, 41

I have long heard about the healing properties of the horse chestnut bark and decided to try them on myself. I took about 50 grams of dry bark and poured steep boiling water.

After the broth has infused and given away its useful substances it can be used. I took sedentary baths for 15 minutes. It well relieves pain and discomfort. However, it is completely harmless to the baby and does not affect the breast milk.

Selena, 27

Preventive measures

To avoid the development of hemorrhoids, you need to properly organize your own regime of the day.

After giving birth, it is necessary to give the body complete strength and recovery. Then you can begin to engage in easy sports and physical education. The organs of the small pelvis should not stagnate blood.

At the first signs of hemorrhoids, the following preventive measures should be adhered to:

  1. Revise the diet. Experts recommend to replace flour products and sweets on fiber, vitamins and Young mom trace elements.
  2. Light physical exertion .Do not over-strain the muscles of the lower press, and raise dumbbells.
  3. Refusal of bad habits - the use of alcoholic drinks and smoking.
  4. Observing the hygiene of the genitals .
  5. Wearing natural cotton underwear .

At the first signs of development and the appearance of hemorrhoids, you must always seek help from a doctor.

Pregnant girls and lactating mothers should be wary of their own health. Do not self-medicate so that hemorrhoids do not develop into a chronic form.

After a full examination, the proctologist will advise an effective method of treatment and a special diet.

Only with a serious approach to treatment, as well as compliance with all the recommendations of a doctor can cure this disease once and for all.

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