The first remedy for hemorrhoids and anal fissures ointment Posterizan

postrizan ointment No one likes to talk about such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids. Many suffer from this disease, but because of false shame they do not want to turn to specialists for help. It is not right!

After all, hemorrhoids - a pathological dilatation of the veins, which leads to swelling and an increase in the size of the hemorrhoids, which begin to bleed and become painful.

If the time does not begin treatment, then the inflammatory process can spread further and get rid of the disease will be much more difficult. In particularly advanced and complicated cases, surgical intervention may be necessary.


  • Approach to the treatment of
  • What should I choose?
  • Composition and description of the medicine
  • How does the ointment work?
  • In what cases is the drug prescribed?
  • Scheme of application
  • Special instructions
  • Side effect and overdose
  • Practical experience with
  • Drug purchase

Approach to treatment of

The majority of suffering from this dise

ase want to be cured by conservative therapy. The pharmaceutical market offers numerous drugs from hemorrhoids, which are available in different forms.

One of the most popular among them are ointments. This is explained by the convenience of their use and availability.

Ointments will help to cope with hemorrhoids at the initial stages of its development. In more advanced cases, antihemorrhoidal ointments will serve as an excellent supportive therapy, and may also be included in complex measures in the fight against the disease.

Ointments act delicately, while providing anti-inflammatory, regenerating, hemostatic, antibacterial, drying effect depending on the active ingredients.

The most popular ointments that have a wide spectrum of action and simultaneously anesthetize, restore and treat affected areas of the mucous membrane.

In addition, due to the local effect of this dosage form, systemic action on the body is minimized. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions, and also allows the use of most drugs in pregnant and lactating women and in the presence of concomitant diseases.

What to choose?

One of the highly effective ointments is Posterizan. This unique drug, which has no analogues in composition. postrizan forte ointment

Since the active substance of this drug is the secretion and membranes of cells of inactivated bacteria. The drug has immunostimulating, regenerating, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects.

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There is also a Posterizan Forte product on the market, but it should be noted that an additional component, hydrocortisone, is added to its composition, which adds ointments of contraindications.

In addition, this preparation has a different amount of inactivated microbial cells of the species E coli.

Composition and description of the medicine

Ointment Posterizan has a light beige color and a characteristic smell of phenol. It is packed in tubes of 25 grams, which are placed in a cardboard box and are equipped with a special applicator for ease of use.

In 1 g of the drug contains 330 million phenol-inactivated E. coli Escherichia coli cells. The basis of the ointment is lanolin and petroleum jelly, and the preservative is phenol.

The composition of the drug should be read before the treatment and make sure that it contains no substances that can cause allergy in the patient.

How does the ointment work?

Contained in the preparation of inactivated E. coli cells and products of their vital activity, penetrate into the mucosa and act as antigens, increasing the resistance of local tissues to pathogenic microflora.

Active components of the ointment have the ability to stimulate the immune system to produce protective antibodies in the affected area.

The most powerful effect is on the T-lymphocyte system of the body. This increases the activity of leukocytes and cells of the reticuloendothelial system.

Antibodies formed at the site of exposure to the drug, increase the resistance of tissues even to microorganisms resistant to the action of antibacterial agents.

effects on bacteria Positive changes in the state of blood vessels occur under the action of the drug. There is an increase in the tone of smooth muscles and permeability of the cell walls.

As a result, stagnant phenomena are eliminated, puffiness, hyperemia, burning and itching of the anal region are eliminated.

The medicinal preparation stimulates the regeneration and healing of damaged tissues, has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the development of secondary infection and superinfection. Healing effect is provided by stimulation of phagocytosis.

Due to the analgesic effect of the drug increases the standard of living of patients who cease to suffer from persistent pain.

In what cases is the drug prescribed?

According to the instructions for use, Posterizan ointment is used in proctology for the treatment of:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anopallite;
  • genital and anal itching;
  • cracks of the anus and rectum;
  • eczema of the anorectal region;
  • perianal dermatitis;
  • effects of hemorrhoids, such as specific discharge, pain, burning;
  • in the postoperative period to accelerate healing.

Ointment can be used alone or as part of complex therapy to achieve a more reliable result.

The use of this medication is contraindicated in people who have hypersensitivity reactions to any component of the ointment. In addition, Posterizan is not used to treat children.

Scheme of application of

Before using the ointment, you should thoroughly wash your hands and conduct hygiene of the anorectal area. It is desirable to apply ointment ointment application after devastation of the intestine.

The drug is applied to the affected areas daily, 2 times a day, with a thin layer. With internal hemorrhoids, the drug is administered internally with the help of an applicator included in the kit.

Also used are Posterizan candles.

The length of the course of treatment is determined by the attending physician. Usually the course is from 5 to 7 days.

Special instructions

If necessary, the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation under the supervision of a doctor.

Before starting treatment, you should get advice not only from the therapist and proctologist, but also from the gynecologist-obstetrician and pediatrician.

The drug does not affect the concentration of attention and reaction speed and is therefore approved for use by drivers and people whose activities are associated with potentially dangerous devices.

The agent is not recommended for use with other rectal agents. If such a need arose, then a pause of at least an hour between the use of medicines should be maintained.

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The yellow paraffin contained in the ointment reduces the strength of latex and can reduce the reliability of contraception with latex condoms.

Posterizan is not addictive and its long-term use does not affect efficiency.

Side effect and overdose

Posterizan ointment from hemorrhoids The drug is fairly well tolerated by patients. With a predisposition to allergic reactions, it is possible to develop itching, hives and rashes.

The phenol contained in the ointment can provoke local skin irritation. If any undesirable effects occur, you should consult your doctor for advice.

At this time, information on the overdose of Posterizan was not reported. With the occasional use of ointment inside, it is possible to develop disorders of the gastrointestinal tract( pain in the epigastrium, nausea, vomiting).

In such cases, immediately wash the stomach and begin taking enterosorbents.

Practical experience of using

On Posterizane, there are a lot of reviews on the network, most of which are positive. This indicates the popularity of the drug and its high efficiency.

Patients report good treatment results and no adverse reactions.

About this drug well respond and women who used it during pregnancy and lactation.

Do not forget that self-medication can harm your health. Before buying and using any medication, consult a doctor.

Ointment was advised by my doctor. After a few applications, pain, bleeding and itching disappeared. And the general condition has improved a lot. No side effect was observed. I was satisfied with the drug.


After trying this ointment, I realized that this is my drug. Ointment came up to me perfectly and was better than all previously used funds. One course of treatment was enough to get rid of bleeding and pain.


Buying medicine

Ointment Posterizan can be purchased at any pharmacy, its price is in the range of 410-530 rubles. Bezornil

Relept, Ultraproct, Procto Glivenol, Proctosedil, Bezornil, etc. have a similar effect with Posterizan.

It is not recommended to replace the medication prescribed by the doctor independently. Be sure to consult before buying an equivalent with your doctor.

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