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According to research, a cucumber 95% consists of water, which is a vital source of human life. By the way, the person also in the percentage ratio is more composed of liquid. Probably, therefore, the cucumber is used in all countries and in various interpretations: in cooking, in cosmetology, in folk medicine, etc.

Today we offer to consider cucumber as a component of face mask in various variations. From the proposed article you will learn: what is this procedure for, useful properties and how to prepare it( recipes and reviews).

Face Mask for the face at home

Based on this affordable all-vegetable( especially in summer) at home, you can create unique co

mpounds for different purposes: moisturizing, nourishing, refreshing, rejuvenating, whitening, relieving wrinkles and acne andetc.

The secret of such popularity is associated not only with the water base of this unique vegetable, in addition it contains many natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the face: vitamins, minerals and organicOther acids. That is why cucumbers are so in demand in cosmetology. Use it at home can be as pure( in the form of gruel or whole lobules), and with the addition of auxiliary components.

Anti-aging facial anti-wrinkle facial mask

Rejuvenating face mask at home from wrinkles of cucumber:

• cucumber - 2 tbsp.(use the gruel);
• milk - 1 tbsp.(it is better to use home or purchased, but fatty);
• cottage cheese - 1 tbsp.
• parsley - 1 tbsp.(grind it);
• oil - 2 tsp.(it is better to use olive and necessarily warm).

You can use the recipe at home with the addition of kaolin( white cosmetic clay), it also helps to get rid of wrinkles and in a short time, acts on the principle of lifting effect( the option is suitable for dry skin type, it will be well nourished and moistened).

For the sensitive area around the eyes from wrinkles and puffiness( bags under the eyes) at home, it is better to use the option with raw potatoes( mix in equal parts both crushed product).The secret of cooking is the choice of young potatoes.

Acne Recipes

Facial mask of cucumber from acne at home, the composition depends on the degree of lesions and the type of acne:

• to get rid of black spots( deep pimples), it is enough to use just a cucumber in pure form( gruel);
• with inflammation, mix cucumber juice( fresh) with an equal amount of cottage cheese;
• from acne( juvenile acne, for example) removes the composition of honey, cucumber and parsley infusion( in equal amounts).

Whitening mask with cucumber based on sour cream

To get rid of various spots and redness( pigment spot, freckle, small mole, etc.) at home, whitening procedure will help:

• sour cream - 2 tbsp;
• cucumber - 1 tablespoon;
• lemon - 1 tsp.

In this recipe, the last two ingredients are used in the form of fresh juice. When dry / sensitive skin from the recipe, lemon juice is better to exclude, after the procedure, the skin should be well moisturized. In addition, you can supplement the composition of oatmeal( flakes), this will add the effect of scrub( this exfoliating procedure is suitable for oily, problem skin and acne).

How to make a mask for dry skin

The facial mask for cucumber for dry skin has several variations:

• sour cream is mixed in the same parts with the main component;
• honey, egg white( whipped into a light foam);
• Glycerin in equal proportions with the base.

It is important to follow the rules of procedure: before the procedure, the skin needs to be cleaned with lotion, the mask is used slightly warmed up, after the procedure it is necessary to apply a nutritious or moisturizing cream. The procedure time is 10-20 minutes. Do not make face masks more often 2-3 times a week.

Facial mask of cucumbers reviews of

Summing up user reviews on various resources and forums about the mask of cucumber, the conclusion suggests that cucumber treatments are one of the most beloved cosmetics of modern beauties. They really help to get rid of wrinkles and pimples, to restrain the natural aging processes, etc., which is confirmed by positive reviews.

The only drawback - the short duration of the action( if we talk about the lifting effect), which also leaves feedback from users. It is also noted that it is possible to preserve youth only if the various formulations are regularly used( moisturize, rejuvenate, etc.).

Cleansing mask face film cucumber and tea tree Avon reviews

Avon products are quite popular and popular due to their availability, but users themselves leave less enthusiastic reviews about cucumber and cinnamon oil. In most cases, reviews indicate the low effectiveness of this skin care product, other users consider it to be very good and effective, indicating that the main secret is to rub your face well. On some resources there are relevant videos and photos on the use of this tool.

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