Not every ointment from hemorrhoids will work in pregnancy - how to choose?

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases of the rectum.

Every 4th inhabitant of our planet has faced this delicate problem, but not everyone acknowledges this.

The probability of getting symptoms of a woman during pregnancy is especially high, since the load on the body during this period has been increased almost 3 times.


  • Pregnancy as a factor provoking hemorrhoids
  • What eloquently indicates a disease?
  • What is the difficulty of treating pregnant women?
  • What a woman should remember in the position of
  • Still there is an output
  • Preparations that can use "puddles"
  • A word for pregnant and already healthy

Pregnancy as a factor provoking hemorrhoids

It is not customary to talk about this disease out loud. Moreover, most people who have had to deal with hemorrhoids ignore the treatment, trying to overcome the disease on their own.

Pregnant women "quietly" suffer torments, and only half of them decide to discuss the matter with an exper


The main cause of hemorrhoids is the violation of blood flow to the tricky corpuscles of the rectum.

Disturbance of blood microcirculation leads to the formation of hemorrhoids, as a result the patient faces anal cones, bleeding, severe pain.

The causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant women lie in:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • improper nutrition;
  • long-term use of medications;
  • generic process.

Specialists distinguish two types of hemorrhoids:

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  1. Primary is an early stage of an independent disease. Most often, the primary hemorrhoids are provoked by the person himself, not observing the rules of personal hygiene, the right way of life and a balanced diet.
  2. Secondary is a frequent companion to pregnant women, and the reasons are justified: the growing uterus exerts strong pressure on the venous plexus, as a result of microcirculation of blood.

What eloquently indicates the disease?

The main symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • pain during bowel movement;
  • bleeding;
  • pain during sitting;
  • itching and discomfort in the anus;
  • sagging of hemorrhoids.

Note that hemorrhoidal nodes often appear not only during pregnancy, but also after the birth process.

During the birth, the fetal head strongly "presses" on the blood vessels, as a result of a violation of blood flow in the body.

The problem can long be silent about yourself.

It is important for a pregnant woman to talk about all the worries to her treating doctor. This will help to get ahead of many diseases in time.

What is the difficulty of treating pregnant women?

During pregnancy, a woman is under the influence of constant changes in the body. The hormonal background changes, the blood flow increases, every day the uterus becomes larger, and the mood makes itself felt.

In one of the most popular books about pregnancy "Childbirth without fear", the author indicated that the use of any medications during pregnancy, creates a certain risk for the development of the fetus.

That is, if earlier, if necessary, a woman could easily choose the appropriate ointment from hemorrhoids, then during pregnancy it is mandatory for her to consult a gynecologist.

The complexity of the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is primarily that the specialist can not prescribe a potent remedy, and resorts to the registration of a more "soft", sparing means, thereby healing is delayed.

Any medicinal preparations specialist appoints only if the benefit of its use many times exceeds the possible harm from its reception for the fetus and the future mother.

What a woman should remember in the position of

The code of indestructible rules:

  • when hemorrhoids arise, do not self-medicate;
  • during the "interesting period" it is necessary to take care of the prevention of diseases of the rectum;
  • in no case should not be treated with hemorrhoids folk remedies;
  • at the first signs of hemorrhoids should consult a doctor.
Remember the main rules, during pregnancy, do not engage in self-medication, because there is a serious risk to the fetus and the most future mother!

Still there is a way out

Modern specialists apply two types of treatment for hemorrhoids in pregnant women: local and systemic. Note that for women who are in a position, local treatment is preferable.

Local treatment of hemorrhoids consists in the use of so-called "external" medications. Most often they are issued in the form of candles, ointments and gels.

Local application of medicines reduces the risk of side effects on the fetus, thus being a more gentle way to treat the "delicate" problem.

The action of the ointment is aimed at:

  • reduction of puffiness, itching and pain in the hemorrhoidal nodes;
  • relieving inflammation, redness;
  • eliminating bleeding;
  • normalization of blood circulation in the rectum.

Local treatment is the most acceptable variant of drug therapy. Yes, the patient's recovery may be slightly delayed. But most importantly, such treatment does not affect the normal development of the fetus in the womb.

In addition to the ointment, a specialist can prescribe an appropriate diet that includes an increased amount of fiber.

It will be useful to do health gymnastics, but this is only when physical activities are not prohibited by the treating gynecologist.

Ointments, suppositories, gels are the most popular drugs that will help get rid of an unpleasant disease during pregnancy.

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Consult your doctor and find the most appropriate remedy for a delicate problem.

Drugs that can use "puddles"

If the hemorrhoids become inflamed unexpectedly and there is no possibility to make an appointment with a doctor who is treating you - use the list of approved ointments for hemorrhoids during pregnancy and lactation:

  1. Heparin ointment .The active substance heparin - eliminates pain, relieves inflammation, helps improve blood microcirculation. It is recommended to apply twice a day, after thorough hygiene of the anus.
  2. Ointment of Vishnevsky .Apply the agent better not immediately, but after a 4-day treatment of the anus with a solution of potassium permanganate. Apply compresses, with ointment is better in the evening( before going to bed).The course of treatment is 7 days. Ointment Vishnevsky - this is not a special remedy for hemorrhoids, but it well eliminates redness and inflammation.
  3. Proctosan .The drug is especially indicated for hemorrhoidal hemorrhage. Bismuth is the main ingredient of the drug, it improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate even the largest hemorrhoids.
  4. Ointment Posterizan .Improves the regeneration of skin by increasing local immunity. It is recommended to lubricate the anus with the drug twice a day, until complete healing.
  5. Ichthyol ointment .Budget drug from hemorrhoidal cracks. The main ingredient of the drug is Ichthyol, which is a powerful antiseptic. The course of treatment is 10 days.
  6. Flemming Ointment .Homeopathic remedy, which can treat hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy and lactation. Ointment does not contain harmful substances and has a natural basis. Applying the drug is recommended 2 times a day, after thorough hygiene of the anal opening.
  7. Throxevasin Ointment .Experts recommend to apply ointment in the morning. The agent has a very "sparing" composition. The drug strengthens blood vessels, relieves pain, itching and small inflammation.
  8. Bezornil .This drug is an excellent option for the started form of hemorrhoids. After thorough hygiene, the ointment is applied to the affected areas, it is possible to make compresses, they are more effective in the second stage of the disease.
  9. Levomekol .This is an effective antiseptic drug, which is especially effective in bleeding hemorrhoids. You can apply it up to 3 times a day. Excellent with candles from hemorrhoids.
  10. Chinese Ointment .The drug is healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Ointment is especially effective in the initial stages of hemorrhoids.

The word is pregnant and already healthy

How to safely and effectively get rid of hemorrhoids during the bearing of a child, - reviews of women will help to understand.

Hemorrhoids collided during the second pregnancy. As explained by the gynecologist, the load on the body has increased dramatically. Proctologist prescribed me ointment Proctosan.

Treatment was delayed, but after a 10-day course, I managed to overcome hemorrhoids. Personal advice - girls, eat more fiber.

Svetlana, 29 years old

After the birth, I began to worry about hemorrhoids. I did not immediately seek help from a doctor, and began to be treated with the help of traditional medicine. After such treatment - the situation only worsened.

I went to see a doctor, he prescribed me a heparin ointment, in addition I used ichthyol. Since the cracks in the anus caused discomfort. With the illness I said goodbye only a month later. It was a real hell.

Marina, 24 years old

I got acquainted with hemorrhoids on the 8th month of pregnancy. First, the hemorrhoidal nodes did not bother me, although they did cause some discomfort. Two more weeks passed and I got to know the symptoms closer.

Constant burning, itching, bleeding did not let me calmly go to the toilet. I was treated at home with the help of Vishnevsky's ointment. The result was pleased.

Elena, 33 years old

Hemorrhoids are a very delicate problem. Many people keep silent about it, although it is necessary to solve it on time and together with the attending physician.

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