Napkins Activivex for treatment and prophylaxis of trophic ulcers

Activtex wipes are a modern dressing with impregnation from a special composition. They are actively used for bandages after burns or wound formation, abrasions, and also are used in the treatment of numerous diseases.

So, napkins are used in the treatment of trophic ulcers and other complications of varicose veins. They are recommended for bandages after surgical intervention, which is applicable in the treatment of thrombosis.


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Napkin The composition Aktivteks napkins are antiinflammatory and antimicrobial agents that relieveinflammation from an educated wound and prevent the development of infection, formation of suppuration. Napkins are divided into several types depending on the active composition. This also affects the further application.

The main substances of the dressing are lidocaine and chlorhexidine - an effective analgesic and antiseptic component, which allows rapid elimination of varicose veins symptoms with complications in the form of dermatitis and trophic ulcers.

Also included in the composition are auxiliary agents that promote the rapid healing of wounds on the legs, resulting from progressive varicose veins and developed thrombosis with a complication in the form of trophic ulcers on the legs.

Components of the dressing material

Activesteks include the following substances:

  1. Lidocaine is an active substance acting as a local anesthetic. This component is included in almost all varieties of ActiveTex, which provides the material with an anesthetic effect.
  2. Chlorhexidine - has a rapid antimicrobial effect, which is necessary in the treatment of trophic ulcers and other complications of varicose veins.
  3. Furagin is an active substance that has a positive effect on the restoration of veins and the healing of wounds.
  4. Aminocapronic acid - has an antimicrobial effect, it is necessary to treat the advanced stage of varicose veins with the presence of deep trophic ulcers.
  5. Sea buckthorn oil and eucalyptus oil - promote wound healing. Napkins with included in the submitted substances are recommended for use after pain removal and antiseptic actions. Oils are contained in ActiveTex-FHF, ActiveTex-FOM and other varieties.
  6. Vitamin E, vitamin C and other additions - saturate damaged surfaces with useful components that take an active part in the regeneration of skin cells. It also promotes rapid healing. Moreover, vitamins participate in strengthening the walls of blood vessels, which improves their tone and prevents further deformation, gradually restoring the original normal state.

Napkins guarantee rapid anesthesia, which is necessary for varicose veins and prolonged stay on the legs. Due to their regular use, rapid healing of wounds is noted - about 30-40%.

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Pharmacological properties of

ActiveTex swabs have antimicrobial, analgesic and wound-healing properties. The material is impregnated with a special polymer consisting of the active substances described above.

Upon contact with water, the polymer begins to form a gel, which immediately after contact with the affected area( after the napkin is wound on the area to be treated) begins to be uniformly and gradually absorbed into the wound, providing healing and healing.

When using

ActiveTex is used:

  • for first aid after the burn, wound, as well as the prevention of their suppuration;
  • actively apply wipes in treatment of hard-healing and deep wounds , are used to clean and protect already suppressed affected areas;
  • is applicable in the treatment of trophic ulcers and other skin lesions associated with complication due to progressive varicose veins;
  • are effective in the treatment and prevention of bedsores , therefore often used in the care of bed patients;
  • wipes are recommended for use with diabetes, with the development of the diabetic foot .
Contraindications include individual intolerance to the active components, as well as hypersensitivity to certain substances that make up the polymer.

How to use

ActiveTex swabs are used whenever necessary. The application begins with soaking the material in saline solution - this is necessary to form a gel-like polymer.

Apply a dressing to the treated and additionally disinfected surface. Fastening of napkins occurs with a bandage or plaster.

It should be noted that the applied cloth should always be in a wet condition. If the affected area is large, additional gauze bandage bandages are applied to the napkins. With rapid absorption of the substrate, additional soaking of the material with saline is shown up to 2-3 times per day.

The dressing changes every 2-3 days, depending on the amount of wound detachable. If the material is completely saturated with a wound substrate, the bandage is replaced with a new one. With a decrease in the amount of tissue to be separated, the entire period of epithelialization can be maintained.

Use in trophic ulcers

The main purpose of wipes ActiveTex is the use for the treatment of trophic ulcers. In this case, the use of napkins with a change every 72 hours - the time of exposure of the constituent components. In the presence of abundant detachable from the affected area, napkins are changed more often. The material is also permanently wetted with water.

The use of napkins must only take place after consultation with a doctor. The material, depending on the variety, has different components, some of which can be forbidden for use in the condition of the skin of the patient.

You may also need additional treatment for deep wounds before using the napkins.

Special instructions

The use of the dressing presented must be careful - do not allow the dressings to dry out. Otherwise, the frozen polymer dries to the wound, which causes the pain in the dressing.

ActiveTex is not allowed for pregnant women and women during lactation. There is a danger of penetration of the active substance into the total bloodstream, which can trigger abnormalities in fetal development and allergic reactions in the newborn.

From the practical experience of using

Reviews of doctors and patients who have already tried the action of wipes Active Texton in practice.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. »

I always recommend using ActiveTex swabs for patients who have already started the stage of varicose veins. This is a reliable protection against further deterioration.

Nikita Alekseevich Khrylev, phlebologist

To me, often come diabetics with the beginning of destruction and suppuration of feet and feet. This is due to both varicose and trophic ulcers, and with the complication of diabetes mellitus. I prescribe all the swabs of ActiveTex. They help to cope with the problem after the first application.

Alevtina S. Krylov, endocrinologist-doctor

I had a trophic ulcer on my leg - the consequences of an untreated wound in combination with varicose veins. Yes, and it happens. Doctors advised us to use napkins. First I wound the wound, and then I applied a napkin - it was quick and double action. The wound was deep, but I saw improvements in a month.

Sergey, 54, Novosibirsk

I have a mother lying down. I myself can not constantly shift it - bedsores have formed. No ointments did not help, only money wasted. It was necessary on the advice of doctors to use swabs ActiveVite - a pleasure not cheap. But there are improvements, almost everything has passed. I use it for prevention in new places.

Maria, 60 years old, Syzran

The cost of napkins

The price of napkins Active tex sizes 10x10 cm varies from 200 to 300 rubles per 10 pieces.

The use of dressing can sometimes be costly financially, but it is useful from the point of view of recovery.

This is clearly indicated by numerous consumers who guarantee improvement after the first application.

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