How to cure hemorrhoids in men - practical recommendations

hemorrhoids in men Hemorrhoids are a disease that does not know the difference between a woman and a man. In men, symptoms are manifested in the same way as in women, and the disease is treated and is similar.

Hemorrhoids to deadly diseases, although not relevant, but every patient can be poisoned by life.

The first signs of the disease in men can manifest themselves as early as 30 years of age and according to statistics every second inhabitant of the planet is sick.

Doctors claim that the older a man, the harder the disease is treated, and, consequently, the younger, the faster and more efficient it is possible to overcome the disease.

It is well treatable at the first stages of development, therefore at the first signs of hemorrhoids it is necessary to immediately apply to proctologists for advice and conservative therapy.

Contents of the

  • Characteristics of the disorder in men

    • Characteristics of the disorder in men
    • Time to doctor
    • Treatment methods
    • Treatment tactics
    • Medication treatment
    • Other ways to solve the problem
    • Using the experience of ancestors
    • Disease
    • Preventive measures

Features of disorders in men

Hemorrhoids in men are associated primarily with severe physicalloads, lack of mobility, sedentary work, alcohol addiction, acute food use, plus disregard of symptoms and late visits toclinic.

In this case, the disease either goes to a chronic form, or in general, to a neglected one.

One of the main problems in the treatment of hemorrhoids - the disease is difficult to identify in the early stages of their own.

Often the first clearly expressed signs are manifested when the disease passes into the second phase.

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Therefore, with the most minor manifestations, one should not postpone the visit to the doctor. Ignore discomfort and discomfort in the anus can not.

It's time to see a doctor

The first signs that a man needs an examination of a proctologist are: hemorrhoid symptoms in men

  • bleeding( intense and not very) with defecation;
  • prolapse from the anus of the hemorrhoids;
  • discomfort in the anus when sitting or walking;
  • pain sensations of different intensity.

If at least one of the signs is manifested, you need to immediately visit a proctologist or coloproctologist.

Only these specialists, with a thorough examination and after all the necessary studies will give strong recommendations, will prescribe an effective treatment.

Treatment methods

The main goal and task of treatment is not only to get rid of or ease the symptoms, but also to eliminate the cause of the disease.

candles from hemorrhoids To treat hemorrhoids should be complex - taking medications of a certain group and using effective folk methods.

After carrying out all necessary researches the doctor appoints: candles, ointments, tablets.

Medications are used to maintain the general condition of veins in the rectum, normalization of outflow of blood in the pelvis.

After all, the pathology of the veins becomes the main reason for the formation of hemorrhoids.

Remember! Any use of medicines or medicinal herbs for the treatment of hemorrhoids should be approved by your doctor. Do not self-medicate, so as not to aggravate the problem.

Tactics of treatment

The first stage of hemorrhoid treatment is the diagnosis of the disease.

This includes:

  • confirmation or refutation of the doctor's assumptions;
  • detection of foci of the disease and its localization;
  • revealing the causes of the onset of the disease and its nature.

Only after this the doctor prescribes complex therapy:

  • the patient is prescribed drugs that strengthen the vessels;
  • bleeding registers regenerative and wound healing medications.

If the hemorrhoids begin to fall out, the methods for treating hemorrhoids in men will be as follows:

  1. The physician prescribes the to the patient anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and hemostatic preparations.
  2. Sometimes a more radical method of treatment may be prescribed: sclerotherapy, special injections or latex ligation of .
  3. The patient, in addition to medications, is prescribed a strict diet .From the diet are completely excluded products provocateurs: salty, acidic and acute. The menu includes food fortified with fiber.
  4. Strong physical activity or limited, or completely prohibited , depending on the properties of the body and the severity of the disease.

Medication treatment

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids in a man are not expressed openly - this is the initial stage of the disease. pills for hemorrhoids

In this case, the proctologist selects the optimal and effective treatment program.

This program in most cases leads to regression of the disease.

If hemorrhoids have already passed into the second phase, the role of drug therapy is to restrain, and if possible to stop the progression of the disease for a long time.

Important! Treatment and reception of drugs should be prescribed exclusively by a specialist proctologist after thorough research and diagnosis. If the patient will perform all appointments clearly, then recovery will occur in a short time, and the disease itself will not disturb the patient for a long time.

Hemorrhoidal medications have different effects on hemorrhoids and inflammation zone:

  1. Anticoagulants .They help with swelling and inflammation in the anus, patients' testimonials are clear evidence of this. The most effective remedy is Heparin ointment.
  2. Coagulants .This group of medications is used for intensive bleeding, since it has the property of rapid coagulation of blood. Natalside - rectal suppositories not only helps stop bleeding, but also contributes to the regeneration of tissues, the removal of inflammation and the healing of wounds and cracks.
  3. Anesthetics .Lidocaine and Benzocaine are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs. When they are used, the overall Procto-Glivenol feels better for the patient. Hydrocartisone heals wounds well.
  4. Toning the .This group of drugs is designed to increase muscle tone, improve the outflow and circulation of blood, stopping the process of destruction of veins in the rectum. The most commonly used: Procto-Glivenol, Gingko Biloba and Troxevasin.

Other ways to solve the problem

These methods of treatment are applied only when irreversible processes in the patient's body have already occurred. If a direct threat of dangerous complications is revealed, doctors decide in favor of the operation.

Operations are carried out in three main ways:

  1. Ligation .The procedure for superimposing a latex ring assembly is called ligation. After installation, the node completely gets rid of the blood flow. As a result, after about 14 days, the hemorrhoids are rejected together with the ring by the body. A procedure is prescribed for stages 2 and 3 of the disease.
  2. Cryodestruction of .Freezing of knots by a cold( -1960 С).After exposure to a low temperature, the affected nodes are frozen, then die and fall off.
  3. Laser coagulation .It is the most modern and today the best way to interfere with hemorrhoids. The method is to act on the laser beams. The beam is directed at the cone, cut off, and the edges after the removal are "soldered".

Laser coagulation Surgery is an exceptional measure of treatment.

Most often, it is possible to overcome the disease with a conservative technique.

Drugs are taken by the patient at home, the visits to the clinic are mandatory for the conduct of prescribed procedures.

Using the experience of ancestors

Treating hemorrhoids at home will be effective and effective in the early stages of the disease or in combination with a conservative drug.

Folk remedies can remove pain syndrome, ease defecation, and also use them well as a concomitant in tissue regeneration.

Most popular:

  • baths with potassium permanganate( cool), well relieve inflammation;
  • baths from the collection: calendula, chamomile and onion husks;
  • lotions from the juice of the tartar and / or willow bark can stop bleeding, remove the symptom of inflammation, in addition, these drugs are antimicrobial;
  • candles made from honey, raw potatoes, and herbal medicinal herbs made at home stop bleeding, relieve pain;
  • homemade ointments based on mummies and propolis well treat cracks in the anus and hemorrhoids.

Danger of the disease

The consequences of hemorrhoids and complications for men are unpredictable and often very serious.

The lack of therapy causes the development of new diseases:

  1. Thrombosis .Stagnation in the seals provokes the formation of thrombi. It is accompanied by strong intense pain sensations.
  2. Gas gangrene .The disease is formed in the small pelvis, but provokes it to get purulent discharge into the inflamed areas.
  3. Paraproctitis .It is formed when inflammatory processes progress in the fat layer of the rectum. Confidently developing, the ailment mutates( mutates) into acute paraproctitis, suppuration occurs, which causes intoxication of the whole organism. The cause of this unpleasant phenomenon are cracks in the rectum.
  4. Infertile tumors of .If the hemorrhoids do not reveal and start conservative treatment in time, the risks of malignant tumors are very high. at the doctor on examination

Hemorrhoids and the disease itself is not only the presence of simple discomfort in the anus or rectum, but a real and serious illness. The consequences of it are fraught not only with complications, but also with severe consequences, which in particularly severe cases can lead to death.

In time the revealed disease and its complex treatment will help not only to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, but also to overcome hemorrhoids once and for all.

Preventive measures

Armed with knowledge of the origin of such a delicate disease as hemorrhoids, the reasons that it provokes, nutrition with hemorrhoids can prevent its formation in principle.

It is necessary to get rid of harmful habits, to lead a healthy and mobile lifestyle, to eat properly and exceptionally useful food, to regulate physical activity.

Even if there are no obvious signs of manifestation of the disease, but the discomfort is felt a little, one should consult a proctologist.

The disease is better prevented, and if the hemorrhoids still burst into your life, it is easier to cure at an early stage.

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