Treatment of hemorrhoids with live cucumber, cucumber water and candles

treatment of hemorrhoids with cucumber Under hemorrhoids refers to a disease of the rectum at which an inflammatory process occurs in the venous nodes.

During the period of the disease, a person can feel pain, which usually becomes stronger during the emptying of the intestine.

There are also known cases of severe bleeding with advanced disease.

If the timely treatment does not address such a sensitive issue, then there is a possibility of a prolapse of the rectum. Therefore, it is best to seek help from a proctologist doctor if you have unpleasant symptoms.

Usually, people do not tend to share this problem with outsiders. After all, at the initial stages of the development of the disease, it is quite simple to cure it yourself at home.

At home treatment the first place among all methods is occupied by recipes of traditional medicine. They are quite effective and do not present any danger to human health.

One of the most famous folk methods of treating hemorrhoids is the method of applying cucumber.

Yes, you heard right!

An ordinary cucumber will help to easily get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of ailment. The most interesting is that you can use this product in several ways. Everyone chooses a more suitable option for his condition.

Today, the methods of treatment "Living Cucumber" and "Cucumber Water" are very popular.


  • Useful properties of cucumber
  • Popov's technique is effective, but is it effective?
  • Broth from cucumbers
    • How to cook?
  • Cucumber candles
  • Cucumber compress

Useful properties of cucumber

It is believed that this product in household use is used only as food.

Not many people know that for a long time the cucumber was used to make medicines, cosmetics, as well as to create unique fragrances of toilet water. It is known that a cucumber 95% consists of one water. Nevertheless, the remaining 5% fall on the micronutrients, which help to overcome the undesirable symptoms of "delicate disease."

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With the correct use of a cucumber for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is possible to achieve positive effects in a relatively short period of time.

Similar miracles occur due to the following characteristics of the cucumber: cucumber properties

  1. Has a laxative effect on the human body ( with regular consumption of green vegetables, it is possible to get rid of constipation, and a broken cycle of bowel movement).This is due to the fact that the cucumber contains a lot of liquid. It is she who does not allow food to linger in the intestines.
  2. Replenishes the water balance in the body ( the used cucumber juice allows to saturate the human body with the necessary volume of water, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the walls of the vessels and helps to reduce pain).If the body will contain enough fluid, then the resulting pain with hemorrhoids will be much easier to bear.

It can be concluded that this product is not considered curative. It only helps to maintain the healing process due to its unusual properties.

That's why in some cases, you can use other vegetables. Today, most often it is the cucumber recommended to use to maintain drug treatment.

This method should not be used as the only method. Because he can not cope with the causes that caused the illness.

Application during the hemorrhoid recipes from traditional medicine significantly contributes to reducing pain and reducing the inflammatory process in the rectum.

Technique Popov - effectively, but is it effective?

A well-known healer Popov has relatively recently proposed the world to apply a rather unusual method for treating the disease. In this case, the process of getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease must be done just on the garden bed.

The famous healer Popov Popov claims that in order to get rid of hemorrhoids, it is very important to fill the water balance in the rectum and remove the inflammation that has arisen in it. For this, candles can not be used, which can be cut from the flesh of a cucumber. After all, they will contain a small amount of water.

The best option for getting rid of hemorrhoids Popov considered the use of a whole fruit, which does not need to be separated from the plant itself.

The essence of this technique is to go out to the garden and find a small cucumber( it's best that he does not exaggerate the size of the phalanx of his fingers) from the very morning. After that, it is necessary to clean the cucumber from the ground and possible dust. It's important not to tear it away from the growing plant !

Then, from the selected cucumber you need to bite off a small piece and moisten it well with your own saliva. To insert it into the anus pass without pain, you need to prepare an anal passage to the procedure( it should also be moistened with saliva).

Only then can you enter a cucumber.

According to Popov, if you perform this procedure every other day for 14 days, you can forget about the problems of hemorrhoids for many years.

An important argument for the application of this method is that in this way a person receives strength from the earth and saturates his body with energy.

Treatment of hemorrhoids by a cucumber by Dr. Popov - video from the author:

Decoction of cucumbers

A decoction that can be prepared from cucumbers is considered to be an excellent way to stop heavy bleeding. It will also greatly help to strengthen the veins on the walls of the intestine.

All that is required for this, observe the rules of preparation of broth.

How to cook?

All stems, leaves and whips that remain after harvest must be dried in the sun. After that all the ingredients finely decoction of cucumbers are cut and soaked in cool water.

Ready liquid in an amount of 2-3 tablespoons diluted with 2 glasses of water and put on a plate. The broth should boil.

After this, the liquid must be cooled and insisted for 60 minutes. Drink the ready-made broth better before eating half a cup( three times a day).

When the cause of hemorrhoids is improper nutrition, it is advisable to use cucumber pickle.

It acts as a laxative and does not cause any side effects. To make it, you need to soak fresh cucumbers in salt water.

They should be in such a liquid for at least 4 weeks. When the drink is ready, it should be drunk every day. It is best to eat it in between meals.

Candles based on cucumber

Not everyone can boast of their own garden. But do not get upset. After all, in order to independently prepare cucumber candles you can use products from the market.

candles from cucumber The main rule when choosing cucumbers in this case is one: the product must be fresh! In no case should you choose sluggish fruits, because they will not be of any use.

Candles are prepared easily and simply. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to clean the fruit from the skin, after which small cylinders or rectangular strips are cut from the middle( where the size of the little finger is about the size).

Ready candles stored in the refrigerator and use them only before bedtime. This method will help to cure even from hemorrhoids in neglected form.

Cucumber compress

Compress prepare on the basis of a shabby cucumber, on a grater. To do this, the ground mass is evenly spread on the tissue cloth and applied to the back pass until the entire liquid dries completely.

Also with the help of this product you can prepare various ointments and make preventative baths.

The main thing to remember is that the use of such recipes does not help to completely cure the disease.

In any case, when developing anxiety symptoms, you need to seek medical help!

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