Is it worth buying Venomaz: properties, instructions, reviews

venomage A common problem often encountered in women is varicose veins. Feeling of heaviness in the limbs, swelling, swelling of the veins, pain during walking - these symptoms lead to the formation of trophic ulcers and other diseases if not to pay attention to them in time. In such situations, you can count on Venomaz.

Ointment was developed based on natural healing ingredients without chemical interference. The cream is used for preventive purposes and for chronic venous diseases. It is recommended by specialists as a remedy for varicose veins.

Venomase is not a medical product, therefore it has a different type of license, it is not prescribed in polyclinics, but the cream can be purchased independently. At registration, this product was added to the cosmetic category and called it only as a cream.

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  • Expensive, but is it necessary?

Features of the

Ingredients that are part of the cream are indispensable in the treatment of legs and perfectly complement each other. Each ingredient plays an important role:

  1. Olive oil has esters of oleic acid. Oil helps to soften and moisturize the skin, inhibits the aging of cells, removes itching and roughness of the legs.
  2. Arnica extract is rich in essential oils and powerful active ingredients. Promotes toning of large vessels, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, removes swelling of the legs and relieves convulsions.
  3. Extract of the needle contains biological collagens, increases the density of capillaries, stops thrombosis, relieves swelling, pain and itching.
  4. Extract of horse chestnut prevents the appearance of bruising, prevents the occurrence of venous congestion, is considered a good preventive measure of thrombosis, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. hazelnut
  5. is a complex of vitamins C and E, mineral salts, trace elements. Has vasoconstrictive effect, relieves redness, has a tonic effect.
  6. Extract of red leaves of grapes protects the walls of vessels, has the property of restoring venous cells, eliminates the swelling of veins in the inflammatory process.
  7. Fucus extract in its composition has vitamins B, C, E, iron, amino acids, unsaturated fats. Thanks to this, there is an improvement in local metabolism, designed to strengthen the vascular system.
  8. Beeswax improves the effectiveness and durability of the cream.
  9. emulsion wax helps penetrate active components into deep layers of the skin, which improves the effect of the cream.
  10. Vitamins B, C, E promote the strengthening of the vascular walls, prevent edema, vitaminize the cellular composition, have the property of strengthening and restoring the tone, slow the aging of cells, and regulate blood circulation.

The product is produced in a dark-colored jar with a capacity of 75 grams.

Horse chestnut tincture can be made independently and almost for free:

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Indications for use

Venomask is used in such cases:

  • trophic ulcers during varicose veins;
  • disturbed blood circulation in blood vessels;trophic ulcer on the leg
  • swelling, soreness, superficial injuries of the lower limbs;
  • gout;
  • lymphovenous insufficiency, thrombophlebitis;
  • post-traumatic lymphostasis;
  • leg cramps;
  • cracked skin, dry skin of the feet, elbows;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system( used as a massage ointment).

No side effects reported. The only contraindication is intolerance and high susceptibility to the components of the product, which will lead to allergic reactions.

Instructions for use

ointment for feet Use Venomazi 1-2 times a day. It is applied to the feet, the rubbing is performed for some time to improve the effect of the ointment and the penetration of the components into the skin. Apply strictly to dry skin.

The cream should not be used on open wounds, mucous membranes and inflamed skin areas. Do not use the cream in combination with other topical products.

If there is swelling or inflammation due to treatment with cream, it is necessary to wash off the leftovers and consult a doctor.

In cases of burns, swelling, bruising, burning, severe pain, venous insufficiency, worsening of the patient's condition, or allergic reaction to the product, it is recommended to immediately stop using the product.

Real state of affairs

Personal opinion of doctors of professionals and feedback from consumers who already use Venomaz.

The voice of the people

Several months ago, my wife began to complain about severe convulsions at night, constantly waking up because of pain. It did not pass until the whole surface of the foot was pierced with needles.

I saw an advertisement about Venomaz, told my wife, she did not want to buy anything because of the high cost. But I decided to buy it anyway, because I had no strength to look at her torment. After several weeks of use, the result appeared. Cramps became less common. We will continue to use it.

Eugene, 37 years old

I've got capillary nets on my legs. Than from them to get rid did not know. Special discomfort does not bring, but ugly. In the summer dress, shorts do not want to dress, because on the feet of this ugly mesh. I bought Venomaz, the price is not small, but for the sake of the result I got it.

I missed the affected area with cream for about two weeks, I did not see any special result. I will further smear, maybe the result will appear later.

Anastasia, 25 years old

I suffer from venous diseases. Very often the legs swell, it becomes difficult to walk. Recently one leg changed color, blue became, I was very much frightened.

The neigbour has told about this cream, at once has bought or purchased two packs. She smeared twice a day for a month, after a while her leg began to acquire a normal color, pain and swelling passed. I think, to get another jar of cream, let it be better left.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. »

Svetlana, 49 years

Opinion of phlebologists

Manufacturers of ointment promise a remedy almost from all ills. However, taking into account the structure of the cream, it is unlikely that Venomaz is as effective as claimed in the commercials.

If you take the cream solely as a means to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins, it is possible that it will provide the patient with an expected alleviation of symptoms. Most cosmetic preparations can eliminate such manifestations as irritation, soreness and swelling.

Doctor-phlebologist - Lamanov Michael

It should be noted that the tool has a number of shortcomings that do not allow specialists to advise this cream:

  1. Low performance of , which is not clinically proven. healthy legs
  2. The second minus follows from the first: this is a cosmetic product, not a medical preparation .
  3. Components of the .Despite the presence of elements that have a proven venotonic effect, their density is unknown. As a rule, in cosmetic products that contain such a number of constituent components, their density remains rather low - this will not be enough to form a therapeutic result.
  4. Form of issue .The agent is placed in a container, from which the tool has to be taken with your fingers. Medical drugs in tubes are most convenient to use.
  5. The overrated cost of .Most of these tools, having a similar composition, it is possible to buy much cheaper.

Based on these facts, we can draw certain conclusions.

Expensive, but is it necessary?

The cost of the cream is much higher than the price of similar cosmetics and is 660 rubles per one packing of Venomazi.

Similar in purpose and similar components for components in pharmaceuticals are sold at prices not exceeding 200-300 rubles.

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