Features of the application of ointment Iruksol: manual, reviews

Iruxol( Iruxol) is a high-quality ointment of European manufacture, which is intended for external use. In addition to the extensive list of advantages of this drug, it also has a weak side - it is very hard to find.

In most conventional pharmacies, you do not find Iruksol, which is why patients often have to look for this tool on different sites with the ability to deliver. The manufacturer: Smith & Nephew S.r. L.


  • Composition
    • Pharmacological Parameters
      • Chloramphenicol + Collagenase - Death to Bacteria
    • Scope
    • How to Use - Safety and Efficacy
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Composition of the

Ointment Igrusola contains 1.20 units of collagenase, 0.24 units of protease( 1%), and clostridiopeptidase, a proteolytic enzyme that is isolated from Clostridium Hystolyticum.

As part of the ointment, chloramphenicol is also an antibiotic of a bacteriostatic property with a wide spectrum of ac


The composition of the ointment Iruksol is unique without exaggeration. This is what provides the drug with a high level of efficiency, which doctors mark in the space of Europe and the CIS countries.

The drug for several decades is one of the best for the treatment of external wounds of varying severity and complexity.

Pharmacological parameters

Iruksol has the ability to produce painful, enzymatic and bloodless surgical treatment of wounds with little or no pain. In this case, the ointment significantly facilitates the process of removing the formed crust.

The use of ointment is used in cases of poor wound healing and / or necrosis, with bedsores, postoperative wounds. It works well against microbes, optimally cleans wounds, promotes the process of granulation of damaged areas. Enzymatic decomposition of necrotic tissue in a bacterially infected wound actually deprives bacteria without a nutrient medium.

Let's stop on the properties of the ointment. Therapy Iruksol has a proteolytic effect. This is an intensive purification of the wounds, after which the stimulation of tissue regeneration begins. In addition, the ointment at a high level provides antimicrobial action. It is these abilities of the ointment that give such a good effect in the treatment of wounds, including complicated ones.

Let's take a closer look at the two active components of the ointment - chloramphenicol and collagenase.

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Chloramphenicol + collagenase - death of bacteria

Numerous studies in various countries have confirmed the important role of collagenase in the destruction of necrotic tissues. This effect makes it possible to perfectly clean the wound at the enzymatic level. This enzyme suppresses the aggression of destructive and fast flowing processes occurring in the wounded area.

As a result, the process of wounds destruction is suspended, the wound is cleaned of purulent masses, the process of effective recovery of the patient begins.

With regard to collagenase, this constituent of Iruksol ointment does not create a situation of suppression of epithelialization, thus ensuring wound healing in full. Interestingly, ointment is also used in cases when a scar was formed on the patient's restored skin. It is collagenase that contributes to its elimination.

The drug also contains an antibiotic - chloramphenicol. Its characteristic feature is a constant activity, which is observed in relation to bacteria. The effect of the action of this antibiotic is very useful for general therapy when using the remedy: in the wound, the bacteria are virtually neutralized. This applies to the superficial areas of the wound, and the inner layers of the affected tissue.


Doctors recommend patients Iruksol for therapy:

  • trophic ulcers;
  • varicose ulcers;
  • decubitus;
  • burns( 1-3 steps);
  • frostbite( different levels of complexity).

In general, the ointment proves its effectiveness and for the therapy of the consequences of surgical intervention: seams and scars disappear. Iruksol is used for the treatment of diabetic foot wounds, for the therapy of various types of gangrene.

You can not use the drug at your discretion. Obligatory is the consultation of the doctor and his consent. The same applies to dosage.

How to use - safety and efficacy of

In the manual we find information that the Iruksol ointment should be applied to the affected area in a thin layer, approximately 2 mm. It is necessary to resort to using the drug no more than twice a day, usually only once.

The main thing is that the ointment is in contact with the wound site. Therapeutic effect can be obtained only after the creation of contact of the ointment and the sore spot.

The remedy is used to eliminate very problem wounds. When forming dry and / or hard crusts, it is necessary to resort to raw clothes, which should soften them. When changing clothes, the detached necrotic material will be removed along with the clothing.

If necessary, this result can be achieved by resorting to gauze, forceps or bathing.

In medical practice, Iruksol has already developed an excellent image of the drug, which is used by patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Ointment is ideally suited for patients who are waiting for an operation involving tissue transplantation or skin grafting.

One can not say about another important detail: we can say that Iruksol is a fully autonomous ointment. That is, when using it, one does not have to resort to the use of additional external means. Moreover, it will rather hurt than help.

Thus, the use of other agents together with ointment can provoke inactivation of its proteolytic enzyme, and as a result, the process of recovery will be significantly slowed down.

To avoid the risk of irritation, it is not uncommon for the wound on its edges to be covered with a special zinc paste. Recall that the ointment is used only with the consent of the doctor. Also, the doctor must decide on the end of the course of treatment.

Contraindications and side effects of

When using Iruksol ointment, a different ointment can not be used at the same time, as this can neutralize the effect of the drug.

The patient will feel the remedy when first used. Applying a layer of this tool to the wound surface will cause burning and even a sensation of pain. But do not worry. Moreover, such an effect can not be a pretext for stopping the treatment course.

But there are cases - it is extremely rare - when the use of the drug causes allergic reactions. In such cases, it is extremely necessary to consult the attending physician, since there may be an option for cessation of treatment or a significant reduction in the course.

To date, there has not been a single case of an overdose of Iruksol. In either case, symptomatic and supportive treatment is indicated.

The drug has some limitations in its use. So, you can not resort to ointment if the patient:

  • has a strong sensitivity to chloramphenicol or is allergic to this component;
  • has a history of blood disease.

It is not difficult to identify Iruksol Ointment. It is a brown mixture with a weak characteristic flavor.

Opinion of patients

Reviews of patients who had to be treated with Iruksol ointment.

My mother had a trophic ulcer, which we are actively fighting. From friends I learned about Iruksol, but this drug is not so easy to get. When I started looking, it turned out that there was no ointment in any of the pharmacies, where I just did not go.

Finding was almost impossible. I tried it on the Internet, I made an order, there it is written to wait for several days. Then they called me and told me that I had to wait another week. Then I found another site, there they delivered me very quickly, in three days. At this stage, the drug really helped my mom. Now we are treated only with this ointment. I recommend to everyone who has encountered similar problems.


Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

If you deal with cleaning wounds, then Iruksol is simply irreplaceable. In fact, this determines the healing properties, which is why a lot of the drug is useless. My experience is this: I first treated the wound with Iruksol, for cleaning, then I used healing remedies.

Among the latter, the best is Aktovegin. I tried sometimes to apply ointments alternately - once Iruksol, once Actovegin.

The effect was just amazing. I can not specifically advise on decubitus, but still it seems to me that efficiency with variable use is very much increased. The main thing is to find some more excellent healing remedy.


Evaluation of the doctor

Various stimulating drugs are used for wound healing, which can speed up the process. Iruksol is one of them. In fact, we are dealing with a combined agent, because its main components are two substances that are able to complement each other perfectly. From this so remarkable effect.

For example, the chloramphenicol antibiotic has a very wide range of activities. In fact, all the microbes are under his "sight."And what is the method of confronting them: this antibiotic breaks the mechanism of protein synthesis, and this is a sure death for microbes.

And here cleaning, after elimination of a microbe, this is already the task of the second important component - collagenase. It is this "tandem" that can cope with severe wounds.

Very good this drug cures in terms of therapy of lesions such as burns or frostbites, that is caused by extremely high or low for human temperatures.

Practice shows that after the first session wounds are slowly cleared. Importantly, collagenase does not harm healthy skin. By the end of the week, most patients have noted a reliable wound healing.

Karim Naumovich, surgeon

It is interesting that in the treatment of the most complicated kinds of wounds, Iruksol has no competitor, that is, today there is no more or less optimal analogue of this ointment.

Naturally, new drugs appeared, which manufacturers tried to position as an analogue. Anyway, but they have not gained popularity.

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