Instructions for the use of the drug Lyoton: features of use, reviews and price

Lyton Gel is a medicine for external use. Viscous mass with a fragrant smell, colorless or slightly yellow in color. This drug was widely used because of excellent indices for preventing blood clotting.

Many doctors recommend it to people suffering from varicose , for the prevention of thrombosis.


  • Pharmacological action
  • Farmokokinetika
  • Indications
    • Contraindications
  • preparation
  • action mechanism Instructions for use
    • Dosing
    • dosage depending on the associated disease
  • Forms Product
  • Overdosing and additional guidance
    • Side effects
    • Specific guidance
    • Interactionsother drugs
    • Use in pregnancy and lactation
  • Reviews of patients and physicians
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the drug, according to practical experience and experience
  • Forms and prices
  • Analogues of Lyoton
  • Video: Brief instruction on the use of the gel Lyoton

Pharmacological action

The gel is anticoagulant .The basis of the composition is heparin( a substance that prevents the formation of thrombi, in the human body is found in the kidneys).Getting into the blood, causes the protein of the blood to accelerate the action against blood clotting.

Does not allow the accelerated formation of clots. Gradually released from the ointment heparin, getting through the skin, penetrates into the organs and blood.

Thanks to him, there is an increase in blood flow in the kidneys, increases the resistance of blood vessels, reduces the risk of thrombosis, myocardial infarction.

Promotes resorption of growths on the skin. Does not affect blood coagulability.


Absorption rate is negligible. In the blood enters after 8 hours, after application. Gel substances continue to be observed in the blood within a day after application.

Substances are excreted from the body by the kidneys, along with urine. What is very important for pregnant and lactating women, through breast milk is not allocated.

Indications for use

Often used as an analgesic.

Physicians are prescribed for varicose veins, thrombophlebitis( inflammation of the vein wall and formation of blood clots), formation of hematomas under the skin( blood clots in the tissues - bruises), swelling, tumors, pains, injuries and bruises( fractures), complications after vein operations( formation of seals, without detected infections).

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If you can not afford a lyoton, analogues of the drug can save your money and health. More on this in our stelye. How to prevent the development of thrombosis? The necessary prevention of thrombosis is considered in detail by reference.

Contraindications for the use of the drug

It is not used on the mucous membranes of ( causes irritation), with bleeding and purulent processes.

Do not apply the drug to open wounds, with poor blood coagulability, liver cirrhosis, menstruation, the threat of miscarriage or before childbirth, with shock conditions, as well as recent operations on the eyes, brain, biliary tract( bleeding may occur).

Mechanism of action

If a person enters the body( blood, soft tissues) through the skin, the active substances of the drug begin to act about eight hours after the application. The action of the gel is aimed at reducing blood coagulation, which leads to an improvement in blood flow, and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Instruction for use

We offer you a detailed instruction on the use of Lyoton Gel.

In case of bruises and abrasions, doctors are advised to apply the gel on the skin with the help of circular, soft finger movements. In thrombosis, most often, apply bandages with the gel applied on them.

With open sores, should treat the skin around the itself. With hemorrhoids, the gel is used on a tampon, for insertion into the anus.

Method of application

The drug is available exclusively as a gel.

The drug is applied externally, applied directly to the affected area, except for cases of trophic ulcers or mechanical damage to the skin.

Dosage depending on concomitant disease

  1. For edema, injuries and bruises, , is applied one to three times a day. The course lasts until the disappearance of bruises and swelling.
  2. In the initial stage of varicose veins ( heaviness in the legs, burning along the veins, the appearance of small capillaries on the surface of the skin), the course of use is one to three weeks.
  3. For chronic venous insufficiency ( varicose veins, thrombophlebitis) the drug is advised to use from a month to six months.

Forms of release

Gel for external use 1000 IU / g.

Lyoton 1000 gel is available in tubes coated with an epoxy resin, made of soft aluminum, with a screw cap, in dosages of 30, 50, and 100 grams of the preparation.

The structure includes a cardboard package, a tube with gel, and also the instruction.

Overdose and additional indications

Overdose is unlikely, because the low absorption of the drug does not allow it to be introduced too much. Does not affect the management of vehicles and various mechanisms.

In case of contact with mucous surfaces, rinse with water.

If the child used the medication internally, immediately induce vomiting and rinse the stomach.

Lyoton is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

Side effects of

For prolonged use, redness, itching, dryness are possible, which are removed with regenerating creams or lotions. This is not an allergy, but the result of prolonged use of the gel components.

Special instructions

Among the main tips, you can specify:

  • stop reception in case of allergy to the components of the drug;
  • should not be used to identify a bleeding disorder;
  • should not be used for blood clotting disorders;Do not rub
  • into the skin while treating phlebitis.

Interactions with other

medications This drug is often used in the complex therapy of varicose veins.

Therefore, when using drugs affecting the composition of the blood( aspirin, deklofenak, etc.) should consult with a doctor, as possible bleeding.

Use in pregnancy and lactation

The instructions for the drug state that it is not excreted with milk, so it is possible to use it during lactation.

Pregnant women are not advised to use the drug when threatening to disrupt pregnancy and immediately before childbirth.

In all cases, the use of the drug is possible only on the instructions of a doctor.

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Reviews of patients and doctors

Reviews of doctors about Lyoton gel on medical forums positive.

"The result is obvious from the first days of use, the legs appear light, vascular mesh disappears. Abrasions and bruises after healing are healed after 5 days of use.

After surgical interventions for postoperative prevention, the interaction with compression linen is the best remedy. The drug has the highest content of heparin, compared to other drugs provided on the market. It is able to penetrate into tissues and organs through the skin in a quick time and start acting in them. "

Reviews of patients using Lioton 1000 gel, disperse .There are both positive and negative.

Positive prevail: "I'm glad that my attending physician advised this gel. Treated varicose without Lyoton. With the beginning of its use, the result began to be achieved more quickly, the pains in the legs disappeared, it almost forgot about the morning swings, and with the addition of compression stockings I fully flushed in spirit that the disease can still be defeated. "

Negative feedback from is related only to the price of the drug: "There are many other gels and ointments in the market that include heparin. And their price is much less. Why overpay? Moreover, the action is one and the same. "

There are patient reviews, there is a very small percentage, but they are, which the use of the gel did not help at all and was accompanied by an allergic reaction. Their treatment was discontinued.

Pros and cons of the drug, according to reviews and practical experience of using

  1. . High content of heparin. Rapid penetration into tissues. Quick action. Achieve results in a short time. Practically complete absence of contraindications and side effects.
  2. Cons. Allergic reactions are possible. Bleeding. The relatively high price for Lyoton Gel.

Forms and prices

Gel is produced in two countries: Germany and Italy. The price of the Lioton 1000 gel released in Italy will be slightly higher, but there is no significant difference in the effectiveness of the gel.

Price for Lyoton 1000 gel on average is:

  • for thirty-tube tube gel Lyoton 1000, Germany's production will have to pay from 280 rubles , while for similar production in Italy - 332 rubles;
  • fifty-gram tube of the German Lyoton 1000 will cost about 390 rubles, Italian a bit more expensive - 449 rubles;
  • stogrammovye packaging are approximately the same: 625 for German and 630 for Italian, respectively.

Analogues of Lyoton

To analogs of Lyoton, gels and creams containing heparin can be referred to. Heparin ointment, Heparin, Viromb, Gepatrombin, Trombles.

Thus doctors nevertheless recommend to apply Lyoton, as mark its high efficiency.

Lyoton is widely used in the treatment of a number of vascular diseases. Its proven effectiveness and almost complete absence of contraindications make it possible to apply Lyoton almost without restrictions. In this case, do not self-medicate and always get a doctor's advice.

Video: Brief instructions for using the gel Lyoton

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