What is better and more effective for varicose veins according to the reviews of doctors and patients: Venarus or Detralex

Varicose veins and inflammation of the hemorrhoids are two diseases, the spread of which is quite large all over the world. They can strike people of very different ages, social status and professions.

To combat them, many different preparations have been invented, including ointments, gels, and varicose tablets. As for the latter, most often doctors write out a prescription for two names: Detralex and its analogue Venarus.

What are these products of pharmacology and whether they are effective enough in the fight against hemorrhoids and varicose - more on this in the article.


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These drugs are drugs venotonic agents and help to strengthen the vascular wall and capillaries, decrease blood stasis in the veins, eliminate edema, help in the treatment of seizures of lower limbs.

They are analogues, but they have their differences, pluses and minuses.

What is Venarus

As for the venarus, its with active substances are diosmin and hesperidin.

It has an angioprotective and venotonic effect, that is, it dilates blood vessels, improves microcirculation of blood, prevents its stagnation, reduces swelling of tissues and strengthens capillaries.

The manufacturer of this drug is Russia. Venarus is produced in the form of pink-orange tablets.

From the body it is excreted by the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract for 11 hours.

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Sell Venarus strictly according to the prescription of , taking tablets is done during meals in the afternoon and evening.

Indications for its use: second and third stage of hemorrhoids, leg cramps, edema, trophic ulcers arising from varicose dilatation.

But, with all the positive characteristics, there are times when the drug is ineffective.

If the course of treatment has been going on for three months already, but no results, Venarus should be discontinued.

Pros and cons of the drug

Among the positive characteristics of the drug can be identified such:

  • the possibility of taking during pregnancy;
  • good reviews of those who used this drug;
  • reasonable price.

The following can be included in the minuses:

  • the effect of the drug is noticeable only after 18 days from the beginning of the course of treatment;
  • to consolidate the positive effect, it is necessary to take the drug for a long time - three or even four months.

Side effects of tablets

Adverse effects when taking Venarus:

  • feeling tired;
  • appearance of dizziness;
  • upset stomach, heartburn;
  • appears a skin allergy to the drug.

Contraindications to use

  • heart and blood pressure problems;
  • presence of allergy to substances contained in the drug;
  • during the period of breastfeeding should exclude the use of Venarus, since scientists have not studied whether the drug is released together with milk.

If medication is not helped and even the best quality medications are given, an operation called cross -ectomy is prescribed. More in this article.

What folk methods of treatment of trophic ulcers are considered the most effective and the recipes you can find here.

Detralex - what is this preparation

? As for Detralex, its active substance is the same as that of Venarus - diosmin, hesperidin. It tones up the veins, prevents the stagnation of blood in them, has an antioxidant effect, reduces the permeability of the walls of the capillaries.

Usually it is prescribed with such symptoms:

  • acute form of hemorrhoids;
  • venous insufficiency;
  • fatigue of the feet, which is observed in the mornings;
  • sensation of heaviness in the legs;
  • presence of trophic ulcers;
  • pain in lower limbs;
  • convulsions;
  • appearance of edema on the feet and legs.

Produced in the form of tablets. Usually used in doses of 2 tablets per day with meals. It is excreted from the body for 11 hours. The course of admission for the chronic stage of hemorrhoids is approximately 3 months.

Advantages and disadvantages of tablets

The positive aspects of Detralex include :

  • the effect of taking the drug is felt pretty soon after the start of the course of treatment, if the regularity is observed;
  • it can be used during pregnancy.

Among the minuses of the drug can be noted except that its higher cost. This is because its manufacturer is France.

Side effects of

Among the main it is worth noting:

  • indigestion;
  • occurrence of instability of the nervous system, a sense of moral discomfort;
  • nausea and vomiting.

Contraindications to the use of

What are the main contraindications to preparation:

  • is not recommended for use with breastfeeding;
  • in the presence of intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • with arterial hypertension;
  • for children under 18 years.

Comparison of two analogs

As you can see, if you compare Detraleks and Venarus, the differences are minimal and they are similar to everything - active substances, the method of taking, indication for use, the way to influence the disease, and even your contraindications.

What is more effective

And yet what is more effective Detraleks or Venarus?

Detralex can be called more effective , as its positive effect on the body manifests itself much faster. This is due to the way it is manufactured, although the substances in it are the same as in Venarus. Its absorption is more intensive.

In addition, Detralex took part in experiments, where it was proved that it had a positive effect on sick veins. Thus, if the question is what is better than Detralex or Venarus, it is better to choose the first one.

Pros and Cons of Detralex and Venarus

What is the difference between Detralex and Venarus? The answer is obvious - at a price.

Given the price of both preparations and the duration of their admission, it is not surprising that many patients still opt for the cheaper substitute Detralex Venarus.

The contraindications they have the same , the side effects are somewhat different. The method of taking is similar - both are taken with meals, with a course of three months.

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The half-life period is identical from the body - 11 hours.

The composition of is the same for Detralex and Venarus. In addition, both drugs can be taken after a doctor's consultation during pregnancy, since their harmful effects on the fetus have not been noticed.

The negative effect of both drugs on transport management has also not been noted.

Doctors and patients think about these drugs

If to judge Detralex and its analogue Venaruse according to the opinions of patients and doctors, then it is possible to make the following conclusions:

  • they are approximately equal in their effect;
  • more often still gives preference to cheaper Venarus, because people do not see any reason to overpay two to three times;
  • , both drugs are called quite effective in treating both varicose and hemorrhoids.
As for doctors, they prefer Detralex, believing that the technology of its production is more effective in comparison with the domestic option.

Other analogues of these preparations

On Detralex, the action of is similar:

  • Venozol( refers to bioactive additives);
  • Vasoket;
  • Flebodia 600;
  • Venolek;
  • Anvenol;
  • Antistax;
  • Venitan;
  • Venoplant;
  • Ginkor gel;
  • Troxevasin;
  • Troxerutin;
  • Escuzan and others.

The analogues of Venarus are:

  • Venolife;
  • Ginkoum;
  • Mexuprem;
  • Girudoven;
  • Flebodia;
  • Vasoket;
  • Ginkor gel and others.

So, we examined two very similar in their properties of the drug, most often prescribed by doctors for problems with veins.

As we found out unambiguously to say that it is better to Venus or Detraleks. The differences are minimal.

They have more common characteristics than differences. In addition, they are about the same in efficiency.

Therefore, the choice, whether to take the domestic Venus, or the French Detralex, is now yours.

If necessary, consult your doctor, find out his opinion about each of these drugs. He is sure to advise you something.

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