The best hemorrhoidal suppositories: TOP-10 of the best suppositories at the end of 2016

hemorrhoidal candles Hemorrhoids are an irreversible process of pathological changes in the cavernous corpuscle of the rectum. This pathology arises as a result of disturbed blood flow and blood flow.

In addition, the elasticity of parks is disturbed, which keeps the cavernous corpuscles of the rectum in place( which causes external and internal hemorrhoids), since hemorrhoids are a chronic pathology, then hemorrhoidal suppositories are best suited for its treatment, of whichthere will be a speech.

There are many reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids, but the most common are:

  • excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • a long process of defecation;
  • varicose diseases cause pressure on the cavernous corpuscles of the rectum;
  • pregnancy and childbirth can also be the cause of the pathology, because during this process the expectant mother is actively pushing, contracting the muscles;
  • inactive or, on the contrary, physically overloaded lifestyle cause pathological changes.

The use of candles from hemorrhoi

ds depends on the form of the pathological process( internal, external and combined) and the type of effect required.

If, the patient is diagnosed with hemorrhoids with pain syndrome, then in this case candles with anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and hemorrhage effect are appointed, making it easier to defecate.

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  • The best hemorrhoidal candles at the end of 2016
  • With bleeding
  • If the knot falls
  • Do not just take off the symptoms, but also treat
  • What is suitable for pregnant women?
  • Suppositories for children

The best hemorrhoids at the end of 2016

TOP-10 of the best universal suppositories from hemorrhoids in our opinion:

  1. Procto-Glivenol .These candles allow not only to remove the inflammation, but also to remove unpleasant itching in the anal area, as in their Procto Glivenol the composition includes lidocaine, sea buckthorn oil and anti-inflammatory substance tribenozide. The cost is 350 rubles.
  2. Relief, Relief Ultra, Relief Advance .A complex of hemorrhoidal candles that are aimed at treating hemorrhoids with complications. The formulation includes shark liver oil, benzocaine and phenylephrine hydrochloride. The cost is 400 rubles per piece.
  3. Neo-anusole .Combined means aimed at removing inflammation, facilitating defecation and disinfection of the anal area. The candle consists of zinc, iodine, bismuth, tannin and methyl. The cost is 100 rubles.
  4. Anuzole .If, the patient has a discharge, then this remedy is prescribed, since it has a drying effect. Composition: leaves of belladonna, zinc and bismuth. The cost is 40 rubles.
  5. Natalside .A natural antihemorrhoidal agent with anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and reparative Natalside effect. The composition of the drug includes: sodium alginate. The cost is 300 rubles.
  6. Proctosedi .The drug with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and local anesthetic action for topical application in proctology. Ingredients: hydrocortisone, benzocaine, butamben, esculoside, and scramblycine. The cost is 350 rubles.
  7. Ultraproject is a complex preparation that exerts local anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and analgesic action. The drug contains derivatives of fluocortolone and cinchocaine. The cost is 500 rubles.
  8. Olesystin candles are a medicine that helps to relieve pain and restore the rectal mucosa faster. The formulation contains: ichthyol, sea buckthorn oil( concentrate), benzocaine and sulphatidol. The cost is 110 rubles.
  9. Proctosan is a combined drug used to treat hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The composition of the drug include bufeksamak, bismuth subgallate, titanium dioxide, glycerol and lidocaine hydrochloride. The cost is 270 rubles.
  10. Hepatrombin G is a combined antihemorrhoidal agent. With external application has anti-inflammatory effect. Also, the drug promotes the regeneration of connective tissue. Composition: prednisolone, heparin, lauromacrogol. The cost is 170 rubles.

With bleeding

Rectal hemorrhoidal suppositories with internal bleeding from the anal passage are indispensable because in vascular formations( hemorrhoids) that are located in the terminal( distal) part of the rectum and under the skin of the anal opening( anus), the use of compresses, creams, ointments are impossible.

Active ingredients in the composition of the blood-healing and wound-healing candles are components that cause vasoconstriction( vasoconstrictor) and have an astringent effect. With bleeding, the following rectal suppositories are popular:

  • adrenaline - stopping severe bleeding;Methyluracil
  • methyluracil - soothing the inflammatory reaction, improving the nutrition of tissues and their recovery;
  • thrombin - possessing a vein-sclerosing and rapid blood-restoring effect;
  • heparin - excluding the formation of blood clots in blood vessels( thrombi);
  • Propolis - made from a powerful natural reductant, providing a soft, blood-restoring and regenerating effect to damaged tissues;
  • homeopathic - containing extracts of yarrow, natural fir and sea-buckthorn oil.

If the knot falls

The fall of the hemorrhoidal node can cause unbearable pain to a person. In such cases, the use of rectal suppositories with a number of effects is required:

  • analgesic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • blood-restoring;
  • is antimicrobial;
  • is antispasmodic;
  • is antiseptic.

Rectal suppositories with novocaine have the most effective effect on dropping nodes - they easily relieve spasms of smooth muscles. Their active ingredient( novocaine) relieves stress in the vessels and helps to reduce the volume of the hemorrhoid cone. In addition, it is slightly toxic, which avoids undesirable side effects.

Not only remove the symptoms, but also treat

To date, suppositories that dissolve hemorrhoids are the most effective way to treat the disease, since they allow you to get rid of symptoms without surgery.

Candles designed to get rid of hemorrhoid cones are able to: Candles Proctosan

  • relieve the pain and spasm of , since they contain lidocaine and other analgesics;
  • reduce the inflammatory process of through the use of hormones such as hydrocortisone and prednisolone;
  • to stop bleeding , because they contain substances that can quickly stop and dissolve blood( vikasol and sodium);
  • to reduce thrombi and hemorrhoidal nodes with the help of anticoagulants that are able to thin the blood to prevent the effect of stagnation.

Candles that can reduce hemorrhoids include the above-described Proctosan and Proctosidil M.

What is suitable for pregnant women?

As a rule, pregnancy marks not only the birth of a new life, but also the appearance of hemorrhoids. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that it becomes more difficult for a pregnant woman to move, pressure on joints and blood vessels increases, and frequent violations of the digestive tract appear( constipation or diarrhea).

In addition, the growing uterus every day exerts a strong pressure on the organs of the small pelvis and intestine, which in consequence leads to disruption of the inflow and outflow of blood.

As a rule, as a result of all these processes, hemorrhoids arise, a struggle with which during this period it becomes quite difficult because of the Candle from hemorrhoids that the use of all kinds of medications is categorically prohibited, since one must think about the health of the child.

In the initial manifestation of hemorrhoids, future mothers are prescribed hemorrhoidal suppositories with ichthyol( for example, Olesesin), since they relieve pain and discomfort. Also, medical candles with sea-buckthorn and other natural oils( Procto-gliwenol) are often used.

Glycerin candles compete well with constipation and diarrhea and promote the healing of all kinds of wounds and cracks( Proctosan).

Suppositories for children

Hemorrhoids are a rare phenomenon in children and it occurs most often after birth, as they cry a lot and because of the unrestored digestive tract they can be constipated. To treat children's hemorrhoids, candles are used on a natural basis:

  • Natalside is a natural haemorrhoidal agent based on brown algae that relieves inflammation and helps the reef to dissolve blood;
  • Relief is a preparation for owl liver oil and its fat, it is able to fight any form of this disease and constipation.

In order to avoid hemorrhoids, one should not forget about its prevention. The best suppository for prevention is the above-described Relief.

It should also be noted that there is prevention on one candle. It is necessary to change the diet( there is more fiber, as well as proteins) and the way of life( more to move).

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