Why climax hemorrhoidal cones - than to treat them and how to remove?

hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids can occur suddenly.

Not everyone knows about the problems and methods of treatment of the disease, therefore a large number of questions arise.

One of the most frequent is the refinement of the concept of hemorrhoids, which patients often hear when diagnosing a disease.

Contents of

  • What are hemorrhoids?
  • Causes and symptoms of the disorder
  • Comprehensive approach to resolving the problem
    • First aid
    • Conservative treatment
    • Methods of surgical intervention
  • Prevention of cone formation

What are hemorrhoids?

Cones are enlarged and inflamed hemorrhoids located in the anus. They are formed in acute hemorrhoids or its chronic course at stages 3 and 4.

Cones are internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are located on the inner wall of the rectum, therefore after emptying the intestine may fall out and bleed.

External cones covered with skin. They fall out of the anus, so that the risk of thrombosis of these cones is higher than tha

t of the internal ones.

This delicate disease is characterized by acute pain due to prolapse of nodes and bleeding.

Delayed with treatment is dangerous, because the consequences can be unpredictable.

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Causes and symptoms of a disorder

Hemorrhoid cones fall out of the rectum when high pressure is created in the anus.

This occurs for many reasons, including:

  1. Digestive disorder that leads to regular constipation or, conversely, to diarrhea. Injury of the mucosa of the large intestine Smoking as a cause of hemorrhoids causes the formation of hemorrhoids.
  2. A sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Pregnancy and Heavy Birth.
  4. Heavy physical activity. Lifting heavy objects, provoked stagnation of venous blood in the pelvic region and the formation of cones.
  5. Bad habits: smoking and alcohol.

Initially, the patient appears burning and itching in the rectal area, as well as discomfort after bowel movement.

Then the person is haunted by a feeling of not quite emptied intestines and heaviness, as if there is a foreign object in the anus. On the underwear and toilet paper there are blood smears, especially after the defecation.

Similar phenomena indicate that venous cones and fissures of the anus have already appeared. After evacuation of the intestine, especially if it was necessary to push, the hemorrhoidal node falls out.

Initially, it can be fixed independently, but if you do not take measures, the cones will fall out involuntarily, it's enough to make a sharp movement.

The dropped hemorrhoidal knot obstructs movement, and sitting position increases pain and discomfort.

Already with the first symptoms it is necessary to consult a proctologist, because hemorrhoids are fraught with consequences, and its symptoms may coincide with other, more serious diseases.

Comprehensive approach to the problem

hemorrhoids At the first stage, when cones are not yet formed, treatment can be carried out with the help of ointments, suppositories and gels.

For complex treatment, patients can be prescribed tablets to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation, preventing stagnation in the anus.

By raising the tone of the veins, the patient immediately feels better. Take medication is necessary during the entire treatment.

Along with the traditional treatment, it is possible to use folk remedies: lotions, baths from herbal decoctions, candles from butter and bee products.

First aid

Hemorrhoidal lumps fall out of the rectum when emptying the intestine, lifting the heaviness, drinking alcohol. The dropped out assembly must be immediately repositioned.

If the bump remains outside, a pinching can occur, which leads to the necrosis of the knot, which is accompanied by severe pain.

To fix the bump it is necessary with the help of a napkin, lubricated with vaseline oil.

Conservative treatment

In the first stages, medical treatment is performed, where specialists are assigned gels, suppositories and creams. Relief ointment

It is necessary to simultaneously use two groups of different drugs: anesthetic candles( Nurofen, Papaverin) and ointments from hemorrhoids( Relief and Proctoglyvenol).

The application and procedure is carried out 2 times a day, the course of treatment lasts not less than 10 days. After the candle is inserted, it is necessary to lie on your back for 15 minutes.

The patient should definitely revise his diet to prevent constipation. After evacuation of the intestine wash out with cool water - it helps to relieve swelling of the hemorrhoids.

The Detralex drug has proven itself in the treatment of hemorrhoids - it strengthens the walls of venous vessels in the anus, improves microcirculation and excludes blood stasis. Its use begins only after consultation with a doctor.

Methods of surgical intervention

If conservative methods of treatment did not help, it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention.

To remove the hemorrhoids, you can use non-surgical methods of treatment:

  1. Laser therapy is a clipping of hemorrhoids with a directed laser beam. The clipping site coagulates, so there is usually no blood for this method of removing cones. Removal of internal nodes occurs by means of coagulation, directed by a beam on the cone. Laser energy cauterizes varicose veins, blood stagnation disappears, and the lump diminishes in volume. At the initial stage of hemorrhoids, one procedure of laser therapy is sufficient, and when the form is started, the intervention must be repeated. The procedure is painless and lasts 10-15 minutes, does not require any preliminary preparation.
  2. Sclerotherapy of venous nodes is the impact on cones with a special preparation that leads to a gradual reduction and death of the node. This treatment is prescribed to patients with the second and third stage of hemorrhoids. The procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia. The doctor injects a sclerosing drug( thrombovar, ethoxiclerol) into several units in one session. After 2 days, there is swelling, pain and inflammation disappear. To help, it is necessary to hold 3-4 sessions, giving a patient recovery of 5-10 days. Before sclerosing, the patient must clean the intestines with an enema.
  3. Desaturization of is a violation of the flow of blood to venous nodes by bandaging, after which, cones, without getting food, empty and die. It is performed by a surgeon under the supervision of ultrasound dopplerometry, which searches for a venous node. This method is used in 4 stages of hemorrhoids. The advantages of this intervention are painlessness, absence of scars, ligation of hemorrhoids rapid recovery, the duration of the procedure is only 30 minutes, relapses are not observed, no additional sessions are required. Preparation for the procedure requires emptying the bowel before the session and putting some tests.
  4. The use of latex rings is indicated for patients with hemorrhoids of 2-3 degrees and consists in cutting off the nutrition of the node using a ring that is put on the leg of the unit. Within 2 weeks, the tissue of the node dies and disappears together with the ring. In one session, you can tie one knot and repeat the procedure after 2 weeks. After the session, bleeding, foreign body sensation and pain in the anus can occur. The procedure itself is performed in the clinic and lasts 10 minutes.

Observing all postoperative recommendations, these methods of removing hemorrhoids and knots can permanently rid themselves of an unpleasant disease.

Preventing the formation of cones

To avoid the disease, it is necessary to observe simple rules: Active lifestyle

  • to lead an active lifestyle, move more, be outdoors;
  • to exclude from the diet acute, flour, alcohol, salty, strong tea and coffee to restore stool, avoid constipation;
  • after each emptying of the intestine wash out with cool water;
  • to be engaged, to do special exercises, restoring blood circulation in the field of a small basin.

Hemorrhoids - the disease is unpleasant and painful, so you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Do not wait for the appearance of hemorrhoids and bleeding.

At the first signs of the disease, contact the proctologist and follow all of his prescriptions and recommendations. Then you can get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and forever.

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