Instructions and feedback on the use of Tykveol for the treatment of a complex of diseases

tykeveol with hemorrhoids The formation of hemorrhoids occurs in people with a sedentary lifestyle, heavy physical exertion, malnutrition, certain liver diseases, heart failure.

As a result of a circulatory disturbance associated with a hindered outflow of venous blood, hemorrhoidal nodes form. At an acute stage of illness they increase and drop out.

The patient has pain in the anal area, itching, burning, sometimes the cones bleed.


  • Drug with complex effect - Tyqveol
  • Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of the preparation
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications and limitations
  • How to use
  • Specific instructions and side effects of the preparation
  • Prefabricated solyanka of opinions
  • How to replace?
  • Question of purchase

The drug with complex effects - Tyqveol

Various means are used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Pharmacologists create and introduce into production new drugs based on the properties of known plants.

To such phytopreparations, which have anti-i

nflammatory, choleretic effect, which is a strong antioxidant, belongs Tykveol. At the heart of its therapeutic effect are the pumpkin seeds, known for their useful properties.

The medicine is produced in the following forms: pumphead form release

  • in gelatin capsules of oval form;
  • in the form of an oil having a characteristic brown odor with a greenish or reddish tinge;
  • with rectal suppositories of green color, at the end rounded or pointed.

In the preparation of active substances, isolated from pumpkin seeds. These include phospholipids, sterols, carotenoids, tocopherols( vitamin E), and a number of acids of different fat content: stearic, oleic, palmitic, linolenic.

Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of the preparation

Tocopherols and carotenoids serve as excellent antioxidants, inhibiting the oxidation of lipids in biological tissues. Vitamin E helps cells stay young, improving their nutrition.

Phospholipids are characterized by hepatoprotective action, which contributes to the restoration of liver tissue at the cellular level, as well as its functions and structure.

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They serve for the construction of shells in the tissues of organs such as the liver, kidneys, protect them from chemical influences, increase the tone of muscle tissue.

The use of fatty acids leads to the normalization of the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels, to the metabolism of arachidonic acid pumpkin and its properties as a biochemical precursor of prostaglandins. It is her unique laxative effect.

In the complex, the constituents of Tykveol act against various kinds of inflammation, protect cells from aging and destruction.

The medicine corrects the condition of the pathways that remove bile from the body, changing its composition. The drug, improving blood circulation, reduces inflammation of the prostate.

The components of the medicine act on the body in aggregate and contribute to a positive result in the treatment of various diseases.

Indications for use

Depending on the form of release, Tyqeol is taken in such cases:

  1. Oil and capsules are taken internally for acute and chronic diseases associated with liver and gallbladder lesions, hemorrhoids inflammatory processes of the prostate and digestive system.
  2. oil is used topically in diseases of the skin and even wounds.
  3. Suppositories are indispensable in the treatment of emerging proctologic diseases, including hemorrhoids. In this case, the ailments are well helped by compresses from Tykveol oil to the sore spot. To do this, moisten the soft tissue with oily liquid and apply to the hemorrhoids for the night. Improvement will be felt immediately, unpleasant symptoms will disappear. But the treatment must be continued until complete recovery.
Tikveol candles help with therapy of both internal and external hemorrhoids. They reduce pain, swelling, itching and burning in the anal area.

Enter them in the evening after bowel movement and necessary hygienic procedures. After the introduction, it is necessary to lie on your stomach for half an hour until the drug dissolves completely.

Contraindications and limitations

There are no special prohibitions on taking medication. In addition, that it can not be taken in by people suffering from acute forms of digestive tract diseases, as this can lead to severe irritation of the affected walls of the stomach and duodenum, especially for ulcers or gastritis.

It is also contraindicated for children under the age of twelve and for people who are intolerant of the components of the remedy.

How to use

Depending on which form of Tukweol is chosen for hemorrhoid therapy, the instruction manual for capsule pumpkin varies:

  1. Oily liquid is better taken half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment lasts a month. Before use, the oil should be shaken well. Lubricate the affected areas of the anal area better every day twice.
  2. Microclysters with internal hemorrhoids based on medicinal oil is administered every other day. After the procedure, you need to lie down for a few minutes.
  3. Capsules are taken one to two three times a day as they improve in the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  4. Candles have a positive effect if used more than 10 days once a day. But treatment with suppositories can last a month.

Special instructions and side effects of the preparation

If the capsules of Tykveol irritate the gastric mucosa, it is best to switch to the same oil.

Use with caution in pregnant women and children, although there is no specific data on the dangers of use for this category of patients. With the development of side effects, the drug should be stopped.

It is compatible with any food, but during treatment it is better to exclude from the diet sharp, smoked and salty dishes, alcohol. If the norm of taking medication is exceeded, diarrhea may occur.

Prepared by a hodgepodge of opinions

Reviews about the drug Tykveol doctors and patients who used the drug for the purpose of treating hemorrhoids and other related diseases.

Tyqveol does not cause any harm to the body, because it contains only natural substances. I recommend using candles to reduce internal hemorrhoids. To my patients the drug helps to relieve pain, swelling in the anal area.

It can be taken with inflammation of the prostate, and with cirrhosis of the liver. To prevent these diseases, medicine is also used.

If you do not have problems with the digestive tract, it is better to use the medicine in capsules. It is convenient to use and costs less than ointment.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. »

Morozov Vasily Ilich, proctologist, Perm

The drug is known in proctology for a long time. It is made from pumpkin seeds in various dosage forms. Especially good help compresses and enemas from oil based on pumpkin seeds, as well as rectal suppositories. They will not harm either the adult or the adolescents suffering from such a disease as hemorrhoids.

But do not forget during treatment for a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Hemorrhoids will not visit you if you actively engage in sports, eat right, refuse bad habits.

Mironova Tatyana Petrovna, proctologist, Novokuznetsk

Read reviews about this medicine - everyone only praises, because it is affordable and natural. I had hemorrhoids in a neglected stage, and only Tykveol candles and ointment saved me.

Used them for a month once a day. Now I forgot about the pain and itch, the cracks healed, the nodules diminished. Relapse yet. Now I advise this drug to all friends and relatives.

Valeria, 35 years

Excellent natural drug, the effect of the drug for me was unexpected. I thought that I would never get rid of this hemorrhoids. But only Tykveol helped. Painful sensations as it happened, you can forget about inflammation.

And this is all the medicinal properties of the pumpkin seed at the heart of this drug. I also treated them with a liver. A doctor suggested that the drug very well helps as a preventive agent against inflammation of the prostate adenoma.

Игорь, 42 года

Means Tykveol

Than to replace?

Knowledge of similar Tyqveol preparations is necessary in case this medication is not suitable for individual parameters. Vitanorm There are many such medicines, similar in effect and composition, but the closest are the following:

  • Vitanorm removes inflammation in hemorrhoids, liver cirrhosis;
  • Peponem has the same pharmacological actions, and it is also effective in removing helminths from the body.
    Both preparations are based on pumpkin seeds;
  • of cholagogue are quite popular made from natural substances Holosas and Allochol .

Question of purchase

This drug is available in every pharmacy and is dispensed without a prescription. The price of capsules Tykveol not more than two hundred rubles, rectal suppositories and ointment more expensive - from three hundred to four hundred rubles. Store the drug recommended in a cool place at a temperature below zero, shelf life up to two years.

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