The most effective painkillers for hemorrhoids - what to choose?

analgesic for hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are considered to be one of the most common diseases of the anorectal zone. Accuracies in diet, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, permanent constipation or vice versa liquid stool, heredity and much more can cause inflammation of the blood vessels of the anus.

The disease can be accompanied by the release of blood and the deposition of hemorrhoids. One of the signs of hemorrhoids can be severe pain, in which the patient can neither sit nor walk.

Modern painkillers for hemorrhoids not only eliminate pain, but also take a significant part in the therapy of the pathological process.

After all, feeling well and improving the quality of life helps to get better quickly. All analgesic pharmaceuticals are divided into internal, which have a common effect and external, funds from this group operate locally.

Regarding the use of different medications, there are absolutely opposite opinions, so only a specialist should select a specific medicine.


  • Application for anesthetics of candles and ointments
    • What else will help anesthetize hemorrhoids?
  • We choose the best tablets
    • Aspirin and other NSAIDs
    • Usage of venotonics
    • Naturoproduct always at a premium
    • Laxatives
  • Injections are an extreme but effective measure
  • Folk painkillers

Application for anesthetics of suppositories and ointments

Most dosage forms for topical application are ointments, suppositories, rectal capsules, used as an anesthetic for the treatment of hemorrhoids, contain lidocaine or benzocaine in their composition.

Here are the most popular of them, in which there is benzocaine:

  • Relief of the candle and ointment ;Anestezol
  • Anestesol - suppositories , in which one of the components is also benzocaine;
  • Proctosedil ointment and rectal capsules , an anesthetic effect is also observed because of benzocaine, and in addition to the drug is butambene, which also removes pain;
  • Nigepan Suppositories ;
  • Olesisin candles .

Lidocaine is present in the following preparations:

  • Proctasane suppositories and ointment;
  • Procto-Glivenol suppositories and ointment;
  • Candlestick candle;
  • Aurobin ointment.

What else will help anesthetize hemorrhoids?

In addition, the pain syndrome can remove candles with bellies( Anuzol, Betiol), suppositories with novocaine.

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All of the above drugs are used to treat external and internal hemorrhoids.

When the hemorrhoidal nodes fall outside it is more convenient to apply to them applications with ointments.

With internal hemorrhoids, suppositories are more suitable.

But most ointments in the kit have a tip that can be inserted together into the anus in the medicine, so they can also treat internal hemorrhoids.

methyluracil suppositories Sometimes the pain associated with the disease is associated with cracks in the anorectal zone, as they are constantly sore while walking, and in women even during urination. In this case, wound-healing candles and ointments.

Candles with methyluracil, ichthyol or sea-buckthorn oil can be used from suppositories.

To eliminate external cracks, you can use levomecol ointment and balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky.

All of these tools contribute to the rapid regeneration of damaged tissues and, as a consequence, the elimination of pain.

To remove a spasm in the rectum and reduce pain can candles with papaverine, this is one of the few drugs allowed during pregnancy.

We choose the best tablets

There are still disputes about the use of tablets among specialists: some advocate the inclusion of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the hemorrhoids treatment regimen, others categorically oppose this, believing that they are ineffective.

However, the acute form of the disease can be accompanied not only by pain in the anus, but also by fever and body aches.

In this case, the administration of NSAIDs( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) is possible as an analgesic and antipyretic agent. To this group of medicines is, for example, aspirin.

Aspirin and other NSAIDs

Because of the analgesic effect, the drug has been used for a long time to treat hemorrhoids.

But, that he took off the pain, it should be taken in large dosages, and since aspirin is an active coagulant and reduces coagulability of the blood, it is prohibited for any bleeding.

If the disease is accompanied by an increased thrombus formation, the drug is advisable to enter the hemorrhoid therapy regimen.

In addition, NSAIDs include Diclofenac, Nimesulide, Ibuprofen, Ketonal. All these drugs have a sense to appoint in the case when there is a general malaise.

It should be borne in mind that they, as well as aspirin, reduce the coagulability of blood, therefore, when blood is allocated from the rectum, they are contraindicated.

It should be remembered that only the doctor should prescribe these pills for hemorrhoids, given the patient's condition.

Use of venonics

Venotonics are medicines that improve the microcirculation and tone of the vessel wall. They normalize the outflow of venous Flebodia 600 of the blood, as a result of which hemorrhoidal cones decrease.

Also, venotonics have an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminate edema, local hyperemia and hyperthermia. All this reduces the irritation of pain receptors.

At present, the following drugs of the given group can be purchased in the pharmacy network:

  • Detraleks;
  • Venarus;
  • Flebodia 600;
  • Vase pack 600;
  • Venozol.

All of the above drugs are used in short courses to stop the acute period of the disease and last up to 2 months to reduce the progression of the disease.

Naturprodukt always at the premium

Normalizes blood circulation in the hemorrhoidal veins pills that consist of herbs:

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  • Escuzan;
  • Asklezan A;
  • Ginkor forte.

All of them increase the tone of the veins and help to anesthetize hemorrhoid pain.

Laxative products

Dufalac The stool consistency is also very important for the reduction of the pain syndrome with hemorrhoids.

Therefore, it is advisable to include laxatives in the treatment of exacerbation of the disease, for example, Norma, Dufalak, Lakstusan.

All these preparations are admitted as a syrup, the active substance in them is lactulose, so they should not be used for diabetes. In this case, glycerin suppositories can be used as a laxative.

The injections are an extreme but effective measure of

. In case of severe pain, the doctor can prescribe a pararectal blockade - injections of anesthetic( Lidocaine, Novocaine), which split the skin around the anus.

As an analgesic, NSAIDs may also be given in injections: Diclofenac and Ketonal. Indications and contraindications for these ampouled medicinal forms are the same as in tablets.

One of the most effective ways to treat hemorrhoids with injections is sclerotherapy.

Directly into the hemorrhoidal lumps injections of sclerosing substances are made, which reduce the nodes in size and glue them. After such a procedure, blood does not enter the knot and it dies shortly.

Traditional painkillers

Along with ready-made analgesics, people's remedies, such as carrot and beet juice, are quite good.

Vegetables grate and squeeze the juice. With external hemorrhoids and cracks, they are smeared with juice several times a day, you can also make applications with them. If the internal hemorrhoids make microclysters with juice.

What else can quickly anesthetize hemorrhoids at home:

  1. Those who do not have allergies to bee products, as an anesthetic, honey and propolis can be advised. They lubricate the outer protruding cones, or by mixing them with butter or vegetable oil, they are injected into the anus as an ointment.
  2. With external hemorrhoids , you can make cold baths, duration, which should be a maximum of 5 minutes. For them, cold baths needs a basin with cold water, it will have to sit down so that the hemorrhoidal cones are completely in the water. The cold "freezes" the nerve endings, as a result of which the pain syndrome is stopped. Also, the cold narrows the blood vessels, which helps stop bleeding during hemorrhoids. This procedure is contraindicated in inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. A more gentle option is a lotion with cold water.
  3. With internal hemorrhoids , you can insert ice candles. To make them you need a thick paper, from which the cone folds and ordinary water is poured into it. All this is placed in the freezer, as soon as the water turns into ice, homemade candles are taken from the refrigerator and inserted into the rectum. They are also contraindicated in inflammation of the urinary tract and reproductive organs.

It should be remembered that any anesthetic for hemorrhoids should be used in agreement with the attending physician.

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