Use of Prelax for the treatment of hemorrhoids and constipation

Hemorrhoids become a real scourge of the 21st century. A sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet, work on legs or in the office leave no chance for almost anyone.

If you add elderly people and pregnant women to the risk group, the number of people who are susceptible to hemorrhoids will incomparably increase.

To solve the problem of hemorrhoids, scientists have developed many tools that will help get rid of constipation, which almost always accompanies inflammation of the hemorrhoids.

One such medication is Prelax, which copes well with constipation and can be used in pregnancy and in infancy.


  • How the Prelax works on the intestines
  • Composition and effect of components
  • Purpose in proctology
  • Contraindications to use
  • Diabetes regimen and recommended dosages
    • For chronic constipation
    • Dosage in special cases
  • Doctor's opinion
  • From the patients' reviews
  • How can I replace the medication?
  • Medication cost

How Prelax affects the in

Prelax is an effective and safe remedy. The drug promotes softening of stool and regulates intestinal microflora.

Its use is topical:

  • to pregnant women;
  • for nursing mothers;
  • for the elderly;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • with constipation of different etiology;
  • for hemorrhoids and rectal fissures;
  • for the preparation for the research of the rectum;
  • as a laxative when preparing patients for surgery.

Ingredients and effects of

components The composition of Prelax is completely safe, as it contains:

  • lactose;
  • of lactulose;
  • galactose;
  • accessories.

Lactulose is a prebiotic and increases the amount of bifido and lactobacilli in the intestine. In addition, the growth of pathogenic microflora is suppressed and more vitamins and microelements enter the intestine.

The therapeutic effect of this remedy is due to the fact that the lactulose passing through the upper intestine is an excellent nutrient medium for beneficial bacteria found in the large intestine, which results in a better processing of nutrients and the release of stools of softer consistency.

In the intestine, Prelax decomposes into acids:

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  • propionic;
  • is a dairy;
  • acetic;
  • oil.

These acids help reduce Ph and increase peristalsis. In addition, the number of bifidobacteria increases by almost a thousand times, which creates an excellent laxative effect.

This drug begins to work after 2 hours, if it was taken on an empty stomach.

Assignment in proctology

The drug is prescribed in such cases:

  • for chronic constipation;
  • with hemorrhoids;
  • for surgery on the rectum;

    Preparation for colonoscopy is one of the cases of the use of Prelax

  • during pregnancy and during lactation;
  • for endocrine diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus;
  • for preparation for examination( colonoscopy, etc.);
  • for constipation due to medication.

Since the remedy is safe, non-addictive and almost instantaneous, it has won universal approval, which is confirmed by numerous reviews, people note the excellent effect of Prelax on the body.

Prelax is also required for admission to such groups of people:

  • children and adolescents who do not comply with the diet;
  • older people who have a problem with constipation;
  • operated patients;
  • suffering from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure and others as prescribed by a doctor.

Contraindications to the use of

There are contraindications to this medication:

  • galactosemia;
  • individual intolerance;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • deficiency of lactase;
  • intestinal obstruction.

Side effects include swelling of the intestines, diarrhea and abdominal pain when taking too large doses of the drug.

Electrolyte imbalance with prolonged use of large doses.

In addition, Prelax reduces the effect of antibiotics and unabsorbed antacids.

Dosage regimen and recommended dosages

For adults this medication is prescribed from 2 to 6 st.spoons a day with food. On average, the course of admission can last from two weeks to three months, after which you should take a break.

How to take Prelax baby:

  • to 1 year - 1 \ 2 tsp per day;
  • from 1 year to 5 years - 1 tsp.per day during meals;
  • older than 5 years - 2 tsp.a day during meals for 2-3 weeks.
  • from 7-14 years old - intake of 25-30 ml per day.

In addition, there is a powder form of the drug for breeding in water, which is convenient to take on the road or to work.

If the drug has acted immediately, then it should be taken according to the scheme appointed by the doctor or after 2 days to switch to maintenance therapy.

With an exacerbation of hemorrhoids take from 20 to 50 ml at a time until the symptoms of exacerbation disappear.

Prophylactic for an adult is 1 tablespoon of medication per day.

For chronic constipation of

Admission is 3-4 table spoons a day before meals. It is necessary to monitor a sufficient amount of fluid intake.

You can regulate the reception yourself, reduce it with diarrhea, and if it's not effective, increase the dosage, but not more than the recommended daily.

Dosage in special cases

The dosage of Prelax varies depending on the situation:

  1. Elderly is recommended 4 to 6 tablespoons per day.
  2. Pregnant and lactating 1-2 tablespoons per day.
  3. In case of diabetes reception from 3-4 spoons a day is possible. With insulin-dependent diabetes, you need to take a medicine with blood sugar control.
  4. With hemorrhoids and cracks recommended intake of 2 to 5 tablespoons per day, depending on the solution of the problem. Maintenance therapy - 1 tablespoon per day.
When using this drug should abstain from alcohol, and also observe a diet and not have a sharp, salty, and control the amount of fluid in the body.

The opinion of the doctor

The word to the practitioner.

I always prescribe elderly patients and people with constipation to Prelax. Reviews of people about the drug are excellent, there were practically no side effects.

Ideal for normalizing the stool at any age.

Irina Mikhailovna, physician therapist

From the responses of the patients

What ordinary people think about Prelax can be learned by studying their feedback.

I suffered from constipation, because I work on my feet, and I have to eat everything as it should once, all dry. When the problem began to bother, she turned to the doctor. He offered to drink the course of Prelax.

The medicine helped almost immediately, now I'm working on prevention, I do not run the problem. In addition, I drink more liquid, especially sour-milk products.

Our readers recommend!
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Olga, 36

Sitting, hypodynamia, so problems with the intestines began. He started the disease and was diagnosed with hemorrhoids. I tried almost everything, but most of all I liked Prelax, for its soft action and the absence of side effects.

Most liked that the substance is not addictive. Now this wand helps out with problems. True, one has to exclude alcohol during treatment to obtain greater efficacy of the drug.

Alexander, 49

The drug was advised by a friend, although I do not take it without the appointment of a doctor. It was just necessary to urgently solve the problem of constipation, which arose in a long road.

20 ml of the effect was not given, and only by increasing the dose to 40 ml, it was possible to resolve the situation. The drug was satisfied, after all it is not a laxative, although the principle of action is similar. Maybe I'll buy more.

Elena Maksimovna, 56

The child is almost from birth colic and a rare stool, as we are on artificial feeding. Just worn out with the tummy until you have prescribed Prelax baby.

Now accept, as soon as the problem has appeared and all is well. I recommend everyone who has constipation, a great thing at an affordable price.

Nastyona, a young mother

How can I replace a medicine?

According to the active substance, Prelax has analogues:

  • Dufalac;
  • Goodluck;
  • Lactulose;
  • Litvolik PB;
  • The Legend;
  • Lizalac;
  • Norma;
  • Romfalak;
  • Portalac.

The most famous buyer is Dufalac and Normase, however their cost is much higher than Prelax. What drug to take the case of every single person.

Medication cost

The price of the drug Prelax depends on the volume. So 220 grams will cost about 190-250 rubles, and 400 grams 290-370 rubles.

Prelax baby 100 grams will cost from 130 to 200 rubles. The cost of the drug is quite affordable for everyone. Sale of medicine in almost any pharmacy.

The drug is recommended by doctors and buyers, as an excellent tool that solves the problem of constipation and hemorrhoids. Do not buy it without the appointment of a doctor, if there is no evidence.

Especially cautiously need to be used in children and pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding women. A safe and quality product will be an excellent alternative to other expensive drugs.

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