Kalanchoe from varicose veins: vodka tincture, ointment and other recipes

Kalanchoe - houseplant, which in the people dubbed a panacea for all diseases.

In addition to being aesthetically attractive, its useful properties are confirmed even by qualified medical personnel.

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  • What is the power of the Kalanchoe
  • Features of the application of the plant for varicose
  • The preparation of the medicinal material
  • Alcohol tincture
    • Special features of the application
  • Therapeutic ointment
  • Another prescription for the
  • ointment They sensed the full force of the Kalanchoe

What is the power of the Kalanchoe

In folk medicine practice, leaves andstems of the plant, which are 90% composed of liquid. From them, according to various recipes, tinctures, juice, ointments, etc. are prepared, which are effective in many diseases, which are not rejected by representatives of official medicine.

Very often, for various diseases, even in a hospital setting, doctors prescribe applications from plant leaves and triticals with oi

ntments, the basis of which is the Kalanchoe.

It starts with the fact that even being near this plant is beneficial. It purifies the air from microbes and disinfects it, and, therefore, heals the person.

Kalanchoe has a number of properties that are indispensable in the treatment of various diseases, including varicose:

  • the plant has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • curative antibacterial and bactericidal;
  • is used as a blood thinning agent;
  • quickly heals even severe wounds;
  • removes harmful substances from the body and cleanses the blood;
  • is a fortifying agent;
  • is effective in the treatment of trophic ulcers.

The plant consists of:

  • tannins;
  • various organic acids;
  • flavonoids;
  • microelements;
  • macronutrients;
  • vitamins( C, PP, etc.);
  • polysaccharides;
  • mineral salts.

Thanks to this composition and a wide range of properties, the plant helps:

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  • cleans wounds from various pathogens and organisms, stops their reproduction and slows growth;
  • the upper layers of the skin after the application of funds based on Kalanchoe are much quicker restored;
  • dead skin areas are very quickly cleared( this is important during recovery after some methods of treating varicose veins);
  • inflammatory processes are reduced, both on the skin and under its veil( due to this, people suffering from varicose veins can at home for a short period of time qualitatively heal their legs).

Features of the application of the plant for varicose

Treatment of varicose with the help of Kalanchoe should start with a general strengthening of the body. This is possible, thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and fortifying properties of the plant. To do this, it is enough to eat half a leaf of a plant a day.

Also such a remedy will be effective for beriberi, with reduced immunity, mental and physical fatigue.

For the healing of wounds, plant-based ointments are used, the Kalanchoe juice, which disinfects, quickly heals and speeds up the regeneration of the skin on the affected area.

Thanks to the healing properties of Kalanchoe, with varicose veins and trophic ulcers, tincture on alcohol is widely used, which removes inflammatory processes, heals, improves blood flow in the venous system of the lower limbs.

Thanks to the fact that the plant has a beneficial effect on the entire vascular system of the body as a whole and increases the tone of the veins, funds based on Kalanchoe - this is an excellent prophylaxis of varicose veins, therapy in the process of recovery, which will not allow the disease to progress.

Funds based on Kalanchoe will be particularly effective if the disease is in its initial stages. Once there are ulcers on the legs, large knots, inflammatory processes with the formation of thrombi, such drugs will not be effective. In this case, the surgical solution of the problem will be relevant.

Preparation of medical material

Before starting to manufacture medicines, it is important to know that they will be effective only when observing the rules of preparation and strictly following the instructions.

So, for the preparation of the necessary medicine, only stems or leaves of the plant are used, and this should be an adult plant( more than one year).Before using the Kalanchoe, do not water one or two weeks.

Next, sprinkle and cut the stems and add them to the lower chamber of the refrigerator for one week. During this time they actively synthesize biogenic stimulants. Only after aging, the plant can be used for the manufacture of medicines.

Alcohol tincture

Prepared raw materials( 200 - 250 grams) chop and place in a plastic bottle with a volume of 0.5 liters( you can use a jar).

After that, fill the bottle with alcohol or vodka to the brim. Close tightly and place in a place unlit and cool. In such conditions, keep the product for one week, shaking the bottle daily.

Features of application

With the help of a cotton swab soaked in tincture, it is necessary to treat the feet first. Movements should be gentle, slow, without strong pressing.

After the foot treatment, you can go higher on all surfaces with problem areas.

After the procedure, wipe the legs with camphor oil. It is better to do the procedure before going to bed, so that the feet after it rest and take all the strength of the medicine.

Medical ointment

To prepare ointment from varicose, one quarter cup of calanchoe juice and half a glass of butter melted beforehand on a water bath( on an open fire it is impossible to melt, as all the healing properties will be lost).

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After this, the ingredients are mixed to a homogeneous consistency. Ready ointment place in the refrigerator, where it will be stored until the end of its use.

After bathing before going to bed apply the product to the affected areas( you can use up to three times a day).

It is important to know that all traditional medicine should be used on a regular basis for at least three months. Only compliance with all the rules can ensure high effectiveness of treatment.

Another prescription for ointment

To prepare the drug you need a pharmacy lanolin - 50 grams, Vaseline - 50 grams, Kalanchoe juice - 30 grams, for anesthesia can add one ampoule of novocaine.

Mix all ingredients until smooth. The expiry date of such a facility is one week. After this, you need to prepare a new portion.

They sensed the full power of Kalanchoe

Reviews of people who tried all the power of Kalanchoe in the treatment of varicose in person.

After childbirth my pains in legs have amplified, besides it there was a vascular network and sites. A friend advised a folk remedy: tincture based on Kalanchoe. I usually do not trust folk remedies, but I decided to try it. Also has not regretted, as in couple of weeks the pain at all has disappeared, and the grid became practically imperceptible. I continue to use.

Alina, 36

In view of the fact that the work has a lot of time to stand on my feet, in the evenings the pains just do not give me rest. After the examination, I was diagnosed with varicose veins. I tried a lot of ointments, but the most effective is a remedy based on calanchoe with novocaine.

Valery, 48 years old

Treatment of varicose veins with the help of means based on Kalanchoe - a method known and very effective. The most important condition for effective treatment: start it in the early stages, until the disease is complicated by thrombi, large knots and ulcers.

The alcohol tincture and ointments based on Kalanchoe are the most effective ones.

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