How to get rid of hemorrhoids - is it possible to do it quickly and forever?

how to get rid of hemorrhoids From such a delicate disease as hemorrhoids, which causes a lot of suffering and unpleasant sensations, both women and men suffer.

At the same time, many people do not turn to specialists, but try to get rid of the problem by purchasing various medications or using herbs for home treatment.

Epicenter of the disease, which results in an increase, displacement or prolapse of hemorrhoids, is the anus.

To develop hemorrhoids can result from pregnancy, childbirth, malnutrition, constipation, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits.

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  • Relapse is inevitable?
  • Much depends on the neglect of the disease
  • What will help get rid of the disease?
  • Get rid of external hemorrhoids
  • How to cope with internal nodes?
  • What should I do if I'm exacerbated?
  • So I do not want to see a doctor, what do I do?
  • Complex treatment is the only chance of
  • Tezisno - for the most impatient

Relapse is inevitable?

Why is it difficult to get rid of hemorrhoids once and for a

ll and in what cases is it possible?

Hemorrhoids are usually chronic, although this does not mean that bumps and pain will constantly disturb the patient.

Often the course of the disease is characterized by a change in the stages of remission and exacerbation due to the impact of provoking circumstances.

Many specialists are not optimistic about the complete cure of hemorrhoids. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids

In their opinion, weak venous walls, which cause their expansion, are an irreversible process. In other words, if a person at least once suffered from hemorrhoids and cured him, sooner or later a relapse will occur.

Doctors believe that conservative therapy can not help in this situation, and to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and forever is possible only through the operation. But, many proctologists do not adhere to such a categorical opinion.

Often, patients who are confronted with a disease manage to get rid of hemorrhoids forever.

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For example, this applies to pregnant women who develop the disease not due to the existing varicose veins, but because of a whole set of factors that are manifested only during the expectation of the baby.

If the case is not started, then there is no need to urgently run to the surgeons, you can resort to the use of various therapeutic agents, and first of all, make significant adjustments to the diet and lifestyle.

A timely treatment allows you to achieve a persistent, and sometimes lifelong state of remission.

Much depends on the neglect of the disease

Before embarking on the treatment of hemorrhoids, you need to determine its stage and form.

The most common disease is acquired character, but there is also an innate disease. A baby can become the owner of this trouble not because of malnutrition or frequent constipation, but because the venous walls are very weak.

This form of hemorrhoids needs immediate treatment and constant monitoring by a doctor.

The disease can be acute or chronic.

pain with hemorrhoids In the first case, there are symptoms such as small cones and pain during defecation, which can appear immediately after constipation, and then disappear.

The most common chronic form of hemorrhoids: the first constipation or any other intestinal problem can return the disease.

There are 4 stages of hemorrhoids.

The main differences are the size of the cones and the intensity of the pain:

  1. The initial stage of - the appearance of a cone is not a mandatory feature. Pain and burning are more common after visiting the toilet. Or there may be several small hemorrhoid nodules quickly returning to the site after defecation. This stage of hemorrhoids can be cured very quickly, but patients often ignore the problem until acute pain occurs.
  2. The second stage of characterizes the loss of hemorrhoids, which after a short period of time are re-directed.
  3. The third stage of is accompanied by the appearance of larger nodules that are noticeable during walking and sitting, pain and a burning sensation in the anus. Remove nodules can be by using special candles or by self-correction.
  4. The fourth stage of the is the heaviest. There are severe bleeding, cones can not be corrected on their own, and the nodes are large and painful.

Stages of hemorrhoids

What will help get rid of the disease?

Methods of treatment should be chosen by the doctor depending on the stage of the disease, which, as indicated above, four. Conservative therapy is being used from the first stage. In this case, the patient can get rid of the disease completely, if he clearly performs the medical appointment.

In the I-III stages of hemorrhoids, the use of minimally invasive procedures is recommended.

The most common means of treatment of I-III stages of hemorrhoids include:

  • application of Long's method against the background of resection of the rectal mucosa;desarteration of the hemorrhoidal node
  • regular drying;
  • desarterization of the hemorrhoidal node;
  • ligation of the node using latex rings.

IV stage can not be cured without serious surgical intervention.

During the operation, excision of the nodes occurs, and if there is a thrombosis of the external node, the doctor conducts the removal of blackened cavernous bodies.

Get rid of external hemorrhoids

Treatment of external hemorrhoids is focused on removing inflammation in the node and eliminating swelling and pain.

For this, a number of antihemorrhoidal medications are used, each of which must have the following actions:

  • to relieve inflammation, swelling and itching;
  • to eliminate pain syndrome;
  • to dilute the blood, which in turn will prevent thrombus formation( such an effect is characteristic of heparin).

The composition of ointments and suppositories also includes substances that contribute to the rapid healing and elimination of infection.

The specificity of external hemorrhoids is that patients prefer ointments, since their use is less painful than the use of candles.

If complications such as thrombosis occur, you should immediately seek help from a specialist, since the use of folk remedies and self-medication can lead to serious consequences.

types of hemorrhoids When thrombosis when using a local remedy, it is necessary to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and venotonic agents.

And if the therapy does not give the proper result, we need to move on to more cardinal measures, namely, opening and removal of the clot.

In general, the treatment of external hemorrhoids can be conservative or surgical. Extreme caution must be observed when treating a pregnant woman, because you need not only to cope effectively with the symptoms, but also not to harm the child.

How to handle internal nodes?

If it is an early stage of the disease and a small amount of internal nodes, then it is possible to get rid of hemorrhoids quite quickly, one of the conservative means.

In addition, you can get rid of the disease with the help of folk remedies or medications.

Among drugs, preference is given to creams and suppositories. In addition, it is worth using some venotonizing agent. This leads to strengthening the venous wall, and also does not allow the formation of new and grow old nodes.

Internal hemorrhoids can be treated with folk remedies. potatoes

For example, candles made from such natural products as potatoes, honey, propolis, lard, and scarlet leaf not only relieve pain, but also heal the mucous membrane.

Decoction of chamomile or calendula, sea buckthorn oil, water extract of propolis, clay, as well as beet and potato juice can be used for microclysters. An ointment tampon based on birch tar also nicely eliminates the problem.

If the application of conservative measures did not lead to the desired result, then it is worth moving on to minimally invasive methods: sclerotherapy or infrared photocoagulation.

Hemorrhoids II-III stage requires the use of latex ring ligation and cryotherapy, as well as ligation of vessels feeding the node.

What should I do if I'm exacerbated?

Acute hemorrhoids are the most unpleasant form of hemorrhoids. At the same time it is observed: severe itching, burning, problems associated with each visit to the toilet and the inability to sit.

Therefore, it is very important that first aid is provided quickly, because without this the patient will not be able to restore the habitual way of life.

The basic treatment includes:

  1. Candles on sea buckthorn oil - the most inexpensive and safe remedy, relieving pain and inflammation. In addition, sea buckthorn oil has a blood-restoring effect. detralex
  2. Antibiotics , which are an effective and very strong tool for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids, complicated by infection.
  3. Drugs, whose action is aimed at strengthening the circulatory system , for example, Detralex. When the venous blood circulation is disturbed, hemorrhoidal nodes are often formed, therefore, if an acute case has arisen, it is necessary to strengthen the veins.
  4. Enema will not only prevent constipation, but also alleviate the underlying symptoms of acute hemorrhoids. Using a cleansing enema based on herbal decoction, you can restore tissues in the rectum, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process.

So I do not want to see a doctor, what do I do?

Many patients, for quite understandable reasons, do not rush to the doctor, and are asked how to get rid of hemorrhoids in the home by folk remedies.

Traditional medicine offers several proven recipes:

  1. To the hemorrhoidal nodes for the night should be applied raw, grated potatoes .If the patient suffers from internal nodes, then from the potato tuber you need to cut out the candle with the most smooth surface and insert it into the rectum at night.
  2. A warm sedentary bath on the basis of nettle, St. John's wort, sage or string. This procedure allows you to quickly get rid of the main symptoms of the disease.
  3. Sea buckthorn oil .Lubrication of external nodes or the introduction of tampons into the rectum, greatly alleviate suffering.
Remember! To resort to the use of folk remedies is recommended only as an auxiliary treatment.

Complex treatment is the only chance of

. The complex of hemorrhoids treatment, with the purpose of getting rid of the disease, quickly and permanently includes the following components:

  1. An appointment with a doctor to confirm the diagnosis, determine the type and stage of hemorrhoids and make the necessary appointments. Candles from hemorrhoids
  2. Definition and elimination of possible concomitant disease. For example, the cause may lurk in the stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder or pancreas.
  3. Elimination of constipation. The chair should have a normal consistency and be regular.
  4. Compliance with diet: food should include vegetable fibers and liquid in large quantities.
  5. Restoring or providing an active lifestyle.
  6. Compliance with basic hygiene rules: soft toilet paper, wet wipes and cool water.

Thesis - for the most impatient

So, hemorrhoids arise because of:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • constipation and obesity;
  • excessive drinking;
  • abundant consumption of smoked, spicy, salty and spicy food;
  • various pelvic inflammatory diseases;
  • serious sports.

Among the main symptoms of hemorrhoids can be identified:

  • bleeding during defecation;
  • blood in the stool;
  • itching and burning in the anus;
  • prolapse of the node from the rectum;
  • pain when walking, sitting and defecating.

hemorrhoids are excruciating To avoid this unpleasant disease, you need to eliminate constipation and diarrhea, limit, or better completely eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages and spicy foods.

The presence of proper nutrition, sufficient coarse plant fiber, sour-milk products and at least 2 liters of water a day is the basis of hemorrhoid treatment.

Everyone who is confronted with this problem should understand that self-medication is not the best way out in this situation.

You can get rid of hemorrhoids forever, only if the disease has not been started. A methodical and patient compliance with the recommendations of a doctor allows you to cope with the disease without using a surgical method of treatment.

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