Often people notice such an unpleasant symptom as a burning sensation in the throat. There may be many reasons for this, and they affect the activities of different internal organs. Therefore, in order to determine exactly what caused the burning sensation in the throat, it is necessary to visit the doctor. Simply eliminating the symptom, the disease does not get rid of: besides the neglected disease that caused the burning, can go into a heavier phase. In the article we will find out - why there is a burning sensation in the throat, what this symptom means, and how it is possible to cope with this trouble.


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Reasons for

Let's find out what are the causes of this phenomenon.

  • Gastritis .A common cause of this symptom. With this disease, the level of acidity in the stomach rises sharply, and the mucos
    a of the esophagus is irritated. All this leads to an unpleasant sensation of burning in the throat. In addition to this symptom, with gastritis, there may also be a sensation of a lump in the throat, and pain in the area of ​​the stomach. gastritis
  • Angina, pharyngitis and other infectious diseases .In this case, burning will also accompany a dry cough, sore throat, perspiration. But how to distinguish viral angina from bacterial, this article will help to understand.
  • Fungus .When burning in the throat, a fungal infection affects the laryngeal mucosa. An additional identifying sign of this infection can serve as a white coating on the root of the tongue and tonsils. In addition, with fungal infection, tonsils increase in size, which creates discomfort when swallowing.
  • Heartburn. The most common cause of this phenomenon. Heartburn leads to a burning sensation and frequent eructations. heartburn
  • Stresses. Staying in chronic stress can very well cause a burning sensation in the larynx. This problem is removed by a course of sedatives. Do not forget that all sedatives must be prescribed by a doctor.
  • Allergy .Burning in the throat may well cause rhinitis, which is allergic in nature. Pathogens-allergens, in this case, as a rule, are "volatile", entering the body by inhalation: dust, plant pollen, poplar fluff, animal fibers. In addition to burning, the patient can experience in this case still a sore throat, and his voice can be hoofed. By what signs you can understand what has appeared, an allergy or a cold, will help to understand this article.
  • Voice overload .At professional singers or after a stormy evening at a karaoke bar, overloading the vocal cords may lead to the appearance of this symptom. Moreover, the voice will become hoarse, and a feeling of dryness will appear in the larynx.
  • Hazardous substances entering .Under unfavorable working conditions( for example, in the chemical industry), slurries of various substances that are in the air enter the throat. Thus, the mucous throat is irritated, and a burning sensation appears. In addition to this symptom, most likely, the throat will still hurt.
  • Thyroid problems .Failures in the thyroid gland are often accompanied by a burning sensation and sore throat in the problems with the thyroid gland.Sometimes this can mean that a person develops goiter. It should be noted that therapeutic therapy should not be aimed at eliminating the symptom - burning, but in combating the cause that gave rise to this symptom. Otherwise, the treatment will give only a short-term effect.

In the throat and chest

Sometimes a burning sensation in the throat can be aggravated by the same sensation in the sternum. What can mean the combination of these symptoms, we learn.

Pain and burning in the chest can be localized in different places: right, left, middle of the sternum. Different sites of localization mean and different causes, a burning sensation caused.

  • High acidity of the stomach .This is the most common cause of this problem. Overly acidic gastric juice enters the esophagus, causing irritation of the walls of its mucosa. Sometimes the acid goes to the throat - then there is a burning sensation in the chest and in the larynx. If the reason is just this, then the burning sensation will intensify after eating, and subside, when the digestion process comes to an end. high acidity of the stomach
  • Esophagitis .This disease affects the esophagus, and its main sign is precisely the burning sensation in the chest. But in this case an unpleasant symptom will appear only in the mornings, when the stomach is empty, and subside after eating. Often, esophagitis is accompanied by mild nausea, sore throats when swallowing, a persistent sensation of a lump in the throat.
  • Problems with the pancreas .In this case, burning in the sternum will be felt on the left. Painful sensations here are very strong: patients often respond about their condition as "bake from within".
  • Colitis of the duodenum .Here the symptoms will be similar to the previous case. Pain and burning in the sternum will also be felt on the left in the ribs and in the throat. Gastritis and stomach ulcers have similar manifestations. Colic of the duodenum

Problems with a burning sensation in the chest and in the throat are usually solved by a gastroenterologist, since almost all the causes that cause these symptoms come out of the malfunction of the digestive system.

In the nose and throat

Sometimes burning in the goal is "combined" with the same sensation in the nose. Than this symptom is caused, we will find out.

Note at the outset that in this case the independently delivered correct diagnosis is practically impossible, since the spread of various disease causes is very large. It is necessary to visit a doctor, undergo the necessary examinations, examinations, and take tests - only after all these procedures it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis.

So, what reasons can theoretically cause a burning sensation in the throat and in the nose.

  • Gastritis. This reason is not excluded in this case.
  • Infectious diseases of a viral or bacterial nature: sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis.
  • Fungal infection of the throat can also go to the nasopharynx, causing unpleasant burning sensations in the nose.
  • Banal heartburn can also cause this symptom.
  • Allergic manifestations on various pathogens that enter the body with inhaled air.
  • Mental disorders and nervous overexertion.
  • Staying in harmful production can also affect negatively the condition of the nasopharynx, not just the throat.

In addition to the listed, other reasons are possible. Exactly it will be installed only by a doctor.

Video causes burning sensation in the throat:

When pregnant

Often women waiting for a child complain of heartburn and burning sensation in the throat. We will find out what is the reason for this in this case.

It should be noted that during pregnancy heartburn and burning sensation is more likely a logical and logical sign of the restructuring of the body than a symptom of some serious disease. Burning can accompany a pregnant woman all the waiting period of the baby, but still more often in the last months, when the growing fetus strongly "hampers" the stomach. The result of these "constrained circumstances" is the release of acidic gastric juice into the esophagus. In addition, pregnancy naturally increases the acidity of gastric juice, so unpleasant sensations in this case are stronger and more pronounced.

Most often, a pregnant woman experiences heartburn after eating, or when lying. This sensation causes a lot of unpleasant impressions, so there are many safe ways - medication and home, helping with heartburn cope.

On the video heartburn of a pregnant woman:

I want to please all women: heartburn and a burning sensation in the throat that have arisen during pregnancy, do not represent any threat to the health of the mother and child. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this burning sensation passes, only the baby is born.


It's best to not abuse drugs in an "interesting position", so people's methods and simple home recipes will help to get rid of heartburn.

Drinking small amounts of milk during the day will help to calm down unpleasant sensations in case of severe heartburn.

Liquid jelly or freshly squeezed potato juice also helps to reduce gastric acidity.

Products such as grated fresh carrots, hazelnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, used in small quantities, will help cope with unpleasant sensations for heartburn.

Drinking tea with ginger is an ancient folk method of relieving heartburn symptoms during pregnancy.

Doctors advise to sleep pregnant in the last trimester on the back, so as not to squeeze the abdominal area. A good high pillow will also come in handy: the raised upper body will not allow the acidic gastric juice to quickly enter the esophagus.

Stress and nervous disorders also do not benefit the health of a pregnant lady. So avoid them, think more about your health and your child than about any problems.

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Treatment of

What ways and measures will help get rid of the burning sensation in the throat.

Of course, a doctor will prescribe medication after a thorough examination. Since there are a lot of causes that cause burning in the throat, there are no less ways to treat them. Here we give general recommendations that help alleviate the condition of the patient with this symptom.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet too hot, sour and dry foods and foods, as they can provoke irritation of the mucosa, and injure the larynx.

It is better to talk less for this symptom. Such a measure will allow you to rest your vocal cords, the overstraining of which can also provoke burning.

The air in the apartment must be clean and moist. Get rid of household dust and possible allergens: animal hair, pollen particles: a vacuum cleaner and a wet cleaning will help in this. The throat can be moistened with special sprays, which will help to eliminate perspiration and unpleasant burning.

Try to avoid inhaling cigarette smoke, and less on gassy streets.

Meals should be frequent, but small. Better six times a day there are small portions, rather than twice - on a huge plate. After eating, it is desirable to stay in a stationary position, giving time to the stomach to process the incoming "material".

Before going to bed for two hours, it is better not to eat anything, but to change the pillow to a high one. This measure will not allow gastric juice to easily enter the esophagus.

It is recommended to take inhibitors, such as:

  • Rennie;


  • Almogel;


  • Maalox;


  • Gaviscon.

And here's how to use the throat spray tantum verde in this disease, described in this article.

These products, due to their special composition, will help to relieve heartburn, and eliminate burning sensation.

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We have examined the characteristics of such a symptom as a burning sensation in the throat. As you saw, there are many reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon, and only the doctor can determine the exact situation in your particular case. It is necessary to address the causes that caused this symptom as soon as possible in order to avoid all possible complications and severe consequences.