Hemorrhoids in adolescents - a hidden danger with obvious symptoms

adolescent hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a consequence of varicose veins in the rectum. The disease is widespread, but mostly affects the adult population.

Recently, hemorrhoids are increasingly observed in children and adolescents( 14 to 16 years).


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Species of

As in adults, bothand in adolescents, hemorrhoidal nodes are of the following types:

  • internal hemorrhoidal nodes located directly in the rectum;
  • external nodes-localization of hemorrhoids not in the rectum, but around the anus;
  • combined hemorrhoids - combines the symptoms of the two types listed above.

Why teenagers risk

The main cause of hemorrhoids in children and adolescents is the weakened walls of the vessels of the re

ctum. This disease may occur due to:

  1. Hereditary predisposition of .There is a possibility of the disease if the child's parents or close relatives suffer from external or internal hemorrhoids, vascular diseases or varicose veins on the legs.
  2. Constipation of , which can trigger dysbiosis or malnutrition.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle .Modern children spend most of their time at the school desk and sitting at the computer monitor.
  4. Great physical exertion. Some sports( for example, raising the bar) contribute to the overstrain of the vessels of the rectum.
  5. Abnormalities of rectum vessels .
  6. The psychological factors of that cause untimely bowel movement. In some cases, a teenager has a feeling of shyness going to the toilet outside the house.
  7. The inattention of parents to the first signs of hemorrhoids in the young child , which resulted in his vivid clinical picture during the puberty period.
  8. Harmful Habits .It is during the teenage period that alcohol is first tested and begins to smoke.


The disease can develop for several years without the appearance of obvious symptoms. Then there is discomfort in the anus. pain with hemorrhoids Foreign body is felt first only when walking, then - permanently. After the act of defecation, there is a feeling that the bowel is not completely emptied.

If hemorrhoids are damaged by colonic masses, bleeding occurs. Scarlet blood is usually observed on feces or on toilet paper. Possible heavy bleeding, which is fraught with the development of anemia.

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Painful sensations in the rectal zone occur due to inflammation and infringement of hemorrhoids or anal fissure. They accompany defecation and continue for some time.

Inflammatory fluid has an irritant effect on the skin of the perineum and the anus, which leads to sensations of itching and burning. With constant combing of these areas, infection can be connected, resulting in purulent diseases, eczema and tumor processes.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in adolescents are most pronounced as a result of circumstances contributing to the disease: after training or drinking alcohol, etc.

Hemorrhoids at 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years old has the same symptoms as in adults, but is characterized byin most cases, its mild form.

The clinical picture of hemorrhoids is similar to the symptoms of necrotic formations, polyps and even malignant tumors, so the diagnosis of the disease should be conducted exclusively by a specialist.

From stage to stage. ..

Depending on the stage of the disease, the treatment can be of a different nature. First, there are small painful seals and nodules that are painful when palpated.

Further, the swelling in the anus increases, the veins swell, the nodes become larger. Touching the affected areas, as well as walking and sitting position, cause severe pain.

Stages of hemorrhoids

Untimely treatment leads to an increased swelling and prolapse of hemorrhoids, which acquire a bluish-purple color. Painful sensations intensify.

What modern medicine offers

Hemorrhoids in children, young people and adolescents from the age of 14 are treated with the same methods and medicines as in adults with the use of an individually calculated regimen and dosage of drugs.

Some age-specific features of

girl Hemorrhoids in 15 years, as a rule, do not reach the severe stage of development and are successfully treatable.

The good elasticity of the vessels and the defenses of the body allow you to get rid of the nodes at 16 years in a relatively short time.

Disease in 17 years is possible to cure for short periods with timely treatment and absence of concomitant diseases.

Timely diagnosis and treatment requires hemorrhoids in 18 years, as complications are possible.

Integrated approach to

Treatment of hemorrhoids in adolescents implies the following set of measures:

  1. Diet .It is necessary to exclude from the diet of a teenager acute, spicy, fried, smoked foods that disrupt the local blood flow and dilate the vessels. It is necessary to avoid excessive consumption of salt and liquids. To avoid constipation, which is one of the main factors of hemorrhoids, the body needs fiber and coarse fibers, which are found in black bread, raw vegetables and fruits, prunes, oatmeal, buckwheat and barley. The intake of food in a child should be fractional( small portions, but often).
  2. Lifestyle .A teenager must refuse to sit for a long time at a computer or watch TV, be more in movement, avoid excessive physical exertion. In some cases, resort to curative gymnastics, which improves blood circulation.
  3. Intimate hygiene of .After each emptying of the intestine, it is necessary to be washed with cool water and soap.
  4. Drugs for oral administration of for the treatment of adolescents are used very rarely and contribute to improving blood circulation, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, they also reduce inflammation and pain syndrome. They are used under the strict supervision of a doctor.
  5. Candles, ointments and creams from hemorrhoids .Such drugs stop bleeding, repair damaged surfaces, Procto Glivenol contribute to the elimination of inflammation, swelling, itching. Drugs are used according to the prescription of the doctor according to the attached instructions. In some cases, microclysters based on sea buckthorn oil and rose hip oil or homemade candles made from honey or aloe leaves.
  6. Baths .The use of warm sedentary baths has a good therapeutic effect with hemorrhoids. In the water for procedures, broth is added on the basis of: oak bark, chamomile, calendula, onion husks, strawberry leaves, hazel. Medicinal herbs contribute to the normalization of blood flow, healing of anal fissures, resorption of hemorrhoids, elimination of inflammatory processes, reduction of pain and burning.
  7. Cold .With the help of cold lotions, compresses attached to the anus, as well as ice suppositories inserted for half a minute into the anus, you can remove strong pain and reduce inflammation.
  8. Surgical intervention .Getting rid of hemorrhoids in adolescents with the help of surgery occurs in isolated cases, as in this age category the disease, as a rule, is not very serious and can be treated with the help of other methods.

How to persuade a teenager to turn to a doctor

The child's pubertal age is a difficult period for both young people and their parents. Often, children stop telling stories that are exciting to their parents, and relatives will not even know that the child is suffering from hemorrhoid symptoms.

The task of mom and dad to establish a trust with the offspring, monitor changes in his behavior, and constantly conduct preventive talks about the possibility of the occurrence and consequences of the disease.

If the symptoms of the disease still have been identified, it is necessary to explain to the child that a full life is possible only with the strong health of the whole organism. A doctor is a specialist, whom one should not be shy about, because his job is to solve even delicate problems with the body. Timely treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases, will avoid problems at an older age.

Prophylaxis and possible consequences of

To prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids in adolescents, the following rules should be observed:

  • to avoid provoking factors at an earlier age( to follow the frequency of the baby's stool, do not keep it for a long time on the girl in the toilet pot, etc.);
  • eat right;
  • sitting behind lessons or a computer should alternate with motor activity, every 45 minutes, a teenager should do light physical exercises;
  • need to engage in sports that will not exert pressure on the vessels of the rectum( swimming, running, etc.);
  • daily observe personal hygiene, the adolescent should wash the anus area, not only at night, but also after bowel movement;
  • if a teenager has bad habits, he should give them up - alcohol and smoking contribute to the occurrence of hemorrhoids and adversely affect the overall health.

Timely detection and treatment of hemorrhoids in adolescents will avoid further adverse effects:

  • anemia, which occurs with heavy bleeding;
  • inflammation in the tissues surrounding the anus is also possible the risk of paraproctitis, requiring serious treatment;
  • fissure of the anus, which causes pain, it also contributes to the penetration of infection into the soft tissue, which can lead to an abscess;
  • discomfort, expressed in a constant itch, - frequent combing of affected areas, can lead to the appearance of tumors;
  • anal deficit of the sphincter, resulting in fecal masses and gases are involuntarily withdrawn from the body.
  • chronic disease.

A young teenager's body, and, as a rule, an easy form of the disease, can cope with hemorrhoids in a short time, provided timely diagnosis by a qualified specialist and adequate treatment.

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