Which suppositories with heparin are most effective for treating hemorrhoids?

Modern lifestyle, mostly sedentary, malnutrition is the main cause of hemorrhoids.

People with severe physical labor, as well as women who have suffered childbirth, are at risk of inflammation and even the loss of hemorrhoids.

This is the most common pathological condition of the rectum. More than 10% of the adult population of our country suffers from this ailment.

When the disease is neglected, thrombi arise in the hemorrhoid nodes, which expose the node from the inside. The main thing in this situation is to choose a medicine that will help to cope with the problem.


  • Therapeutic properties of heparin
  • The choice of the best drug
  • How to use
  • Contraindications and side effects of heparin
  • Opinion of patients and experts

The therapeutic properties of heparin

The physiological system of the human body has the means to inhibit blood clotting and reduce the adhesion of platelets.

These include heparin, which, in addition, activates the propertie

s of blood, promoting the dissolution of the clots appearing in it, leads to an improvement in cardiac blood flow. This substance is contained in many important organs of man.

The structure of heparin

The use of heparin leads to the release or restriction of blood clots in acute myocardial infarction, vein thrombosis and arteries, during cardiac and vascular operations.

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Since this drug maintains blood in a liquid state, preventing it from clotting, it is used in devices of artificial circulation, as well as in blood tests in the laboratory.

Drugs based on heparin, including, give positive results in the treatment of hemorrhoids. They relieve inflammation and swelling, lead to rapid healing of damaged tissues, dilute blood and prevent the formation of blood clots.

The choice of the best drug

The therapeutic effect of drugs that have a composition of heparin, gives a positive effect, regardless of the stage of the disease, but especially effective in the occurrence of acute inflammation of the hemorrhoids as a result of vascular thrombosis.

Most often, patients for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids use heparin suppositories such as Nigepan, Gebreolone, Hepatrombin G.

In addition to heparin, Nigepan contains an anesthetic benzocaine, which has a local effect, as well as a small amount of auxiliary substances: vitepsol, monoglycerides andpurified water.

Pharmacological properties of the drug are: the removal of pain, itching and burning in the affected area, reducing the number of clots formed. Treatment with candles lasts for two weeks, relief comes immediately after the first days of use.

In Geposolone, the amount of substances that affect the symptoms of the disease increases, so it is more effective in treating hemorrhoids.

Corticosteroid prednisolone, which is a part of candles, eliminates pain, swelling and other associated symptoms. It acts similarly to the hormones of the adrenal cortex, releasing and activating inflammatory mediators.

Lidocaine removes pain syndrome almost instantaneously, because it interferes with the work of impulses that transmit pain through the channels of the nervous system.

For seven days using candles, there is a sharp decrease in thrombus formation in the hemorrhoidal nodes both outside and inside. He is prescribed with such usual symptoms of hemorrhoids: cracks, itching in the anal region, and also in the preoperative period.

Many potent components and in a preparation such as Gepatrombin G. In addition to heparin and prednisolone, it contains a lauromacrogol that reduces the size of the hemorrhoids.

The preparation in the form of candles, as well as ointments, is indicated for the treatment of external and internal manifestations of the disease, as well as for blockage of veins in the anal region.

Instruction for use

Heparin preparations combining both analgesics and anti-inflammatory substances dissolve thrombi in the anal region, which positively affects the further course of the disease.

Anesthetics of local action in the composition of candles actively influence the focus of pain. Lidocaine anesthetizes as a result of vasoconstriction, benzocaine exerts the same action, only of shorter duration. Therefore, the latter in the candles are used for painful defecation.

To make heparin candles from hemorrhoids have a curative effect, you must use them correctly:

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "
  1. Lie on your right side, pulling your legs to your stomach.
  2. Spread the buttocks, insert a candle into the anus. The candle should not slip into the rectum, otherwise there will be no result. Therefore, hold the candle with your index finger.
  3. Roll over and lie down for half an hour.
Time of application is best to choose before going to bed, having emptied before it the intestines and having performed the necessary hygienic procedures.

If you need to perform this operation twice a day, then do it in the morning and in the evening. Candles are stored in a cool place.

Contraindications and side effects of heparin

There are no particular contraindications in the use of heparin-based suppositories. The preparations do not give allergic reactions. There may be rashes on the skin with the use of funds in excess of the required measure.

Before starting treatment for hemorrhoids using heparin suppositories, consult a proctologist doctor.

Usually, the drug is used with caution in the second half of pregnancy, as well as with intolerance of the components of the drug.

In no case can the disease be treated with heparin rectal suppositories with bleeding hemorrhoids.

Opinion of patients and experts

What consumers and proctologists think about suppositories with heparin can be learned by studying the relevant testimonials.

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids, I always advise suppositories with heparin. After they melt, they act instantly, removing inflammation and edema in the hemorrhoids. Inexpensive, effective, you can buy at every pharmacy.

Vasiliev Alexander, proctologist, Novosibirsk

Beach of modern man - hemorrhoids. It is possible to prevent and treat it with combined preparations based on heparin, better in the form of suppositories.

They reduce the process of inflammation, have analgesic effect, perfectly fight with developing in the hemorrhoids nodes blood clots. Yes, and use them safely and conveniently.

Nikolay Kuznetsov, proctologist, Omsk

After congenital cramps, the cones got out, even to sit it was painful. I was advised by candles and ointment Gepatrombin G. Two weeks later the itch passed, the bumps dissolved. Candles can even be taken to the hospital, I advise.

Nastya, 33, Rubtsovsk

My working life is connected with heavy physical exertion. Hemorrhoids tormented me constantly, I tried all the folk remedies. Helped for a little while. And recently the doctor has written out Gebryolone from a hemorrhoids. Candles are easily introduced, quickly act. I forgot about the pain, itching. The cracks have healed.

Ivan, 74, Novokuznetsk

Candles with heparin for today are an effective and inexpensive medicine for hemorrhoids and other diseases associated with the formation of thrombi.

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