La Roche Posay cream for face care with couperose and vascular asterisks

la roche posay from couperose Couperosis is a pathology of small vessels of the skin, which manifests itself in the form of "veins" in certain areas of the body. Usually manifested on the face and extremities.

May occur as an "independent" disease or be a sign of other diseases in the body. It is necessary to take tests and check the liver and exclude a disease like rosacea.

Couperosis develops due to dilated capillaries located close to the epidermis. Under the influence of individual characteristics and predisposing negative factors, they can burst and leave an imprint on the body.

In this case, come to the rescue cream La Roche Posay series Rosaliac( CC, ar Intense, XL Riche) perfectly masking defects, including the spider veins.

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  • The main thing - the causes and symptoms of
  • Creams of La Rosh Pose - the first acquaintance of
    • Rosaliac ar Intense - the best among the best
  • Composition and indications for use
  • Pharmacological properties
  • Therapeutic effect
  • How to use the cream
  • Opinion of buyers and professionals
  • The cost of products

The main thing is the causes and symptoms of

The only reason for the appearance of couperose is not, but there are a lot of provoking factors. In addition, this pathology can develop on the basis of vascular disease and be inherited. The environment also affects the health of the skin and its structure. In addition, with age, it becomes thinner and becomes defenseless.

The main causes of the disease:

  • negative effect of sunlight, frost and wind;
  • smoking;
  • alcohol;
  • the city smog.

If the skin is regularly subjected to sudden temperature changes, the risk of developing couperose increases. Many do not betray redness, writing off everything for an individual feature or allergy.

Beating the alarm is very late, when the areas with defects increase in volume. Only the doctor's patients will know about their pathology, which in any case should be treated. couperose on the face

The main signs of the disease:

  • vascular sprouts most often appear on thin, overdried and dehydrated plots;
  • skin is often exposed to irritation and inflammation;
  • reddish bands are most often found on the face, thighs, buttocks, calves and on the hands;
  • they can be seen on the face when washing, often they appear around the nose, on the cheeks and eyelids.
Collagen is a necessary substance, which normally resides in the skin and gives it elasticity. If there is none there or the amount is minimal, the skin becomes fragile, small capillaries burst, forming a spider veins.

Cream La Rosh Pose - first acquaintance

Organic cream La Roche Posay is a unique product of the French manufacturer, which guarantees excellent quality and multi-functionality Rosaliac ar intense.The most important thing in the care of sensitive skin is to choose the right composition of the product and create the optimal protective barrier. Otherwise, new vascular sprouts may appear, which will spoil the appearance.

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Cleanse the skin with only soft cosmetic products, such as foam.

The texture of Rosaliac cream from La Roche is a translucent, white emulsion that is quickly absorbed. This will take less than a minute, after which there will be no fatty traces. The smell is light, unobtrusive and pleasant. A non-sticky, ultra-light texture does not cause severe discomfort or itching. Gradually, the dryness decreases, all layers of the epidermis are saturated.

The product has a completely organic composition, does not contain parabens and does not cause an allergic reaction. The complexion is equalized, bright vascular asterisks are eliminated. Already after the first application of a cream of La Rochet Posy, the complexion becomes healthy and the skin calms down. The cream helps to eliminate side effects from the use of drying cosmetics.

Rosaliac ar Intense - the best among the best

The cream of La Roche Posay Rosaliac ar Intense also affects the protective function in the deep layers of the epidermis, strengthening it. It prevents redness and is ideal for thin and sensitive skin.

It is considered a product of innovative development. Thanks to its action, it is possible to effectively strengthen fragile vessels, provide the necessary nutrition and protection from sunlight. There is protection from all negative factors, including radiation.

The cream comes in a compact, convenient and tight package-tube, which is easy and convenient to use. You just need to lightly press it and squeeze out a thick mass on the finger or sponge. The contents of the package are 50 ml.

Composition and indications for use

The cream of La Roche Pose is a versatile and suitable for all skin types. It is created on the basis of thermal water from the source of La Roche-Posay and has the property to smooth the surface of the skin, permanently restoring its radiance and comfort.

Vitamin E, which is part of this tool, strengthens the structure of the epidermis and prevents the emergence of new stars. The extract of the leaves of the amber tree from Madagascar masks skin defects, heals microtrauma and heals inflammations. This product contains the most important natural antioxidant - selenium.

La Roche Cosmetics has an enhanced formula designed for topical application to affected areas. It is expressed in the ability to instantly adapt to any type and tone of the skin and is enriched with the natural ingredient ambofenol.

After regular use of this product, the skin heals and gains radiance. Another plus of the cream is that it is an impeccable foundation for make-up( foundation).

It has a corrective effect on the problem skin with redness, acne and other defects. The drug is prescribed as a complex treatment for couperose, for an intensive fight against the cause of this ailment and its consequence.

La Roche Cosmetics

Pharmacological properties of

Getting rid of couperose is a very difficult process. The skin consists of several layers, the upper one is called the epidermis and it is peculiar to it to be regularly updated. For the drug to produce a result, it must penetrate into the deep layers, where the bursting capillaries are located.

La Roche Posay cosmetics affect the quality of the skin and its texture. What is important, protects and prevents the emergence of new vascular asterisks.

Regardless of the intensity of inflammation and the manifestations of spider veins and redness, the cream effectively masks them. At the same time the skin tone is leveled, and the components of this product actively nourish and moisturize it.

At the same time, there is protection against the harmful effects of sun and frost. This drug is an excellent alternative to foundation and daily skin care.

Therapeutic effect of

The cream of La Roche Posay Rosalic ar Intense and XL Riche instantly levels the skin tone, while correcting the areas with redness. cream from couperose

When used properly, it does not fall into a lump. There is neutralization of visible defects and redness. If you choose this tool as a treatment, you will have a long-term corrective effect on any part of the body.

In the process of using the Rosh Pose cream, the skin becomes soft and tender. Provides full protection from sunlight and the harmful effects of frost.

Another important plus is saving. A thick and concentrated mass is consumed gradually, because only one drop is enough to treat the area with redness. Also the maximum protection from UV-rays SPF 30 is made.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "
Unlike other skin care products, this cream does not leave greasy marks and does not cause a feeling of stickiness and itching. As a result, dehydration is eliminated, and irritation and inflammation ceases to bother.

How to use the cream correctly?

Beautiful face When using cosmetics La Roche has its own rules and features. It should be applied daily, preferably before going to bed on a dry and cleansed skin.

The result is already the next day - an unusually soft and smooth skin. At night, the cream will "calm" it, and the vascular setochka becomes invisible. If you use it regularly, the problem with couperose in a few weeks will be resolved by itself. And vice versa, if you stop using it after 2 weeks.the asterisks will again be visible.

The method of use is almost identical to conventional skin care products. It should be taken on a droplet and applied to the affected areas, distributing to the cheeks, chin and forehead. In order for the cream to be absorbed and leave no greasy marks, it should be shaded with circular motions. For convenience, you can use a sponge or brush.

Opinion of buyers and professionals

Reviews of doctors and consumers who use cosmetics La Roche Posay, in particular creams of the Rosaliac series.

Until I found out about Rosaliac ar Intense, I in most cases recommended radical treatment for patients with couperose. Recently began to hear positive reviews about this remedy from patients and their relatives. I paid attention to the skin condition before and after applying the cream and I have to agree - he really cures redness.

Sergey Veniaminovich, dermatologist

Recently discovered on the face around the nose and on the cheeks red shelves. Immediately appealed to the doctor, he diagnosed "couperose" and recommended to me a special tool that will treat him - La Roche Posay. At first I did not believe in the positive effect of this cream, but over time my attitude towards him changed. It not only corrects defects of a skin, but also well humidifies it on all surface.

Olga, 44, Saratov

For a long time I did not like the complexion and red spots that periodically appear. I tried a lot of various ointments, but I could not get a healthy complexion. The skin instantly reacts to the sun, frost and wind.

I accidentally found out about the new cream of La Roche Posay Effaclar and decided to try it. The effect was manifested in a few days - the red spots on the cheeks were almost invisible, and after 3-4 weeks they completely disappeared.

Irina, 32, St. Petersburg

The cost of products

The price of La Roche Posay creams in Russia's pharmacies is 800-1000 rubles, and in Ukraine this product costs within 450 grivnas, you can buy cosmetics of La Roche by visiting the official website in Ukraine and Russia respectively.

before and after applying the cream

The products must be ordered on the manufacturer's website. This will not only protect against poor-quality products, but will also guarantee the authenticity.

If you follow the updates of the site, you can have time to purchase the goods on the stock.

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