Cough is a pathological process that can arise for any reason. It is classified into two types - dry and wet. When a productive cough is felt, "play" during a cough, but when dry - it is dry, which leads to irritation of the inner cavity of the throat and lungs.

Quite often cough is a symptom of a serious ailment. If it is not treated, then it can go into a chronic form and cause serious complications. To prevent this from happening, the Pulmicort drug for inhalation in children was actively used today.


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The pulmicort is an inhalant that is actively used in the treatment of cough caused by bronchitis, obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma. For this drug, as for all others, their testimony and contraindications are inherent, which must be taken into account without fail

when prescribing the drug to children.

Use Pulcicort stands for the treatment of such diseases: pulmicort for inhalation

  • obstructive pulmonary disease in chronic form;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • maintenance therapy for glucocorticosteroids;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • allergic contact dermatitis;
  • vasomotor and allergic rhinitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • non-allergic asthma;
  • red lichen planus;
  • nasopharyngitis and pharyngitis;
  • emphysema;
  • upper respiratory tract infection;
  • chronic cough without etymology.

How to use and dosage

For adults, their daily dosage should not exceed 0.5-4 mg. If the disease has an exacerbation, the dosage can be increased. At the initial stage of treatment, it should not be above 2 mg.

But for children, Pulmicort is prescribed for inhalation, but only on the condition that they are already six months old. Initially, the dosage will be 0.25-0.5 mg. The doctor can increase it up to a mark of 1 mg a day.

For video pulmicort for inhalation:

With daily dosage of the drug, which does not exceed 1 mg, perform one inhalation before bedtime. When the daily vine is more than 1 mg, it is divided into two procedures - in the morning and in the evening. Children who are not yet 12 years old, a day must perform 1-3 manipulations with 1 ml of Pulmicort 0.25 mg / ml. Since a single dosage should not be more than 2 ml, then for the inhalation the drug should be diluted with saline in a proportion of 1: 1.

If it is a question of maintenance therapy, then the children should be inhaled when using the drug in the amount of 0.25-2 mg / day. When choosing a dosage for inhalation, it is necessary to choose the minimum amount of medicine with which you can get a therapeutic effect.

How to use and how often

The medication should be taken in consideration of what caused the cough. If you want to stop coughing with acute laryngotracheitis, then inhalations should be performed in the morning and evening for 3 days. As the main treatment, the medicine is prescribed for a long time. pulmicort for inhalation

When treating laryngitis, Pulcicort's bronchitis is used for a short time. This is such an emergency measure. Inhalations are made within 2-3 days. You can apply the medicine for sputum discharge, if you alternate it with saline.

For emergency therapy of attacks of dyspnea, it is worth using Pulmicort and Berodual. At what these preparations for inhalations it is necessary to alternate with an interval of 30 minutes. Initially, the nebulizer is stopped by spasm using Berodual, and then Pulmicort inhalation.

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The cost of the drug in question is determined taking into account the amount of active substance in the preparation:

  • 20 doses of 500 μg / ml will cost 1,300 rubles;
  • 20 doses of 250 mcg / ml - 900 - 1100 rubles.


If you did not get the Pulmicort, then you can perform inhalation with the help of Budenit Steri-Neb .Its cost is 480-750 rubles.

the weeklit Steri-Neb

Budenit Steri-Neb

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  • Irina, 23 years old: "Pulmicort is a real salvation for our family. The fact is that my nephew was ill with bronchitis. At the same time he had a terrible cough. At first, it was dry, but on the child's noses the child could not fully sleep. Also, he had attacks of suffocation. When we reported all these symptoms to the doctor, he decided to include a drug such as Pulmicort into the therapy regimen. He himself appointed us the necessary dosage. Treatment was carried out in conjunction with other drugs. Positive dynamics began to be traced as early as the next day. The number of inhalations was 2 per day. After a full course of therapy, which lasted 7 days, the kid finally felt relieved. He began to sleep normally, eat, play, his irritability disappeared. "
  • Maxim, 42: "With the help of Pulmicort, my daughter was able to get rid of a cough that became a complication of the flu. At first, my wife and I did not attach much importance to him, since he was dry and rarely appeared. But every day its intensity increased, resulting in the first 2 nights the daughter was forced to sleep sitting, because a dry cough literally strangled her. When we went to the doctor, he appointed us Pulmicort. We used it 2 times a day for 10 days. Of course, our treatment was complex, but I want to talk directly about the effect that can be obtained from using Pulmicort. The very next day my daughter began to feel much better. Her cough began to transform into productive, she slept more quietly at night, even if lying down. When we have completed the full course of therapy, no symptoms of coughing are left. "
  • Anna, 29 years old: "My child was diagnosed with pharyngitis last year. This disease for us was a real test. The point is that it is characterized by a dry and painful cough. He prevented the crumb from sleeping and playing, as a result of which he became whiny. Used Pulmicort for inhalations once a day, before going to sleep at night. Already after 3 days, the cough went to decline, and my boy began to behave more calmly. "

Pulmicort is a medicinal product that has now gained wide popularity in the treatment of cough of various origins. This is a universal tool that can be used to treat adults and children. If you follow the dosage correctly and follow the doctor's recommendations, there should be no side effects from such treatment.