Herbion is a drug that has antibacterial and immunomodulatory effects. The drug is most often prescribed to children for the treatment of dry cough. Here you can read the causes of perspiration in the throat and dry cough. For sale, Gerbion in a pharmacy of two types, taking into account the presence of an active ingredient - plantain and primrose. Each of them has its positive effect, therefore, it should be prescribed by a doctor.

Since Gerbion is produced in two forms, the composition and pharmacological effect of each type of product is different.


  • 1 Based on the plantain

    • 1 Based on the plantain
    • 2 Based on the primrose
    • 3 Composition
    • 4 How to take
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      • 4.2 For small patients
      • 4.3 For pregnant
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Based on the plantain

This syrup has two activesubstances - plantain extract and mallow. They contain vegetable mucus, due to which the

syrup spreads evenly throughout the inner surface of the throat, enveloping it and protecting it from stimuli provoking a cough. In addition, the medicine has an antibacterial effect. herbion from dry cough based on plantain

Based on the primrose

The composition of this preparation contains an aqueous extract of the root of the primrose. It exerts an expectorant effect, dilutes thick sputum and stimulates expectoration. Even in the composition there is an extract of thyme. Its elements exert an expectorant and bronchodilator effect. Incoming menthol is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory component. The vegetable origin of the medicine makes it possible to have a soft effect on the body and is easily tolerated by both children and adults. herbion from dry cough based on primrose

Composition of

First let's consider the Herbion based on the plantain. It contains the following substances:

  • liquid component based on plantain leaves - 1.25 g;
  • liquid component based on the inflorescence of mallow - 1.25 g;
  • ascorbic acid - 65 mg;
  • additional items.

The syrup based on the primrose has the following composition:

  • liquid root extract of spring primrose - 1.03 g;
  • liquid herb extract of thyme - 2.06;
  • levomentol 0.62 mg;
  • additional items.

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How to take

The dosage of the medicine can be different. Here it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient and the type of syrup used. herbion from dry cough based on primrose how to apply


How to treat dry cough in adults? If it is necessary to eliminate dry cough in adults, then Herbion with plantain extract will come to the rescue. Take it should be 10 ml 3 times a day.

Treatment with a syrup with primrose extract should be 3-4 times throughout the day, and the dose to be solved is 10 ml. Therapeutic course lasts 10-20 days. Here you will find a list of drugs for dry cough for adults.

For small patients

How to get rid of a dry cough in a child? Medicinal syrup, where the plantain or primrose appears as the main substance, is taken as follows:

  1. Patients 2-7 years in the amount of 5 ml 3 times a day.
  2. Children 7-14 years of age 5-10 ml 3 times a day. herbion for children

Treatment with syrup is done after a meal, the required amount is taken inside and washed down with water. The duration of therapy is 10-20 days.

For pregnant women

Taking medicine is allowed to eliminate dry cough and at the time of pregnancy. But before using it is necessary to get permission from a doctor. To use a syrup on the basis of plantain in the amount of 2 spoons 5 times throughout the day. If the reception is conducted using Herbiona based on the primrose, then take 2 spoons 4 times throughout the day. After all, drink with water.

In the photo - herbion from dry cough instructions for use:

herbion from a dry cough instructions for use


The cost of the drug is determined by taking into account its constituent components.

Name of the medicine Price, rub.
Herbion Escolus gel


Herbion with plantain in the form of syrup 221
Herbion with primrose in the form of syrup 223
Gerbion based on ginseng 350mg n30 caps. 243

Herbion Ginseng Caps.


Here you can find instructions for the use of Herbion from a damp cough.


If for some reason you can not accept or purchase Gerbion, then you need to familiarize yourself with preparations that are similar in effect and composition.

  • Mukaltin .This medicine is used to treat respiratory and lung diseases. Doctors prescribe for pneumonia, bronchitis. Promote a rapid spitting of the sputum due to its expectorant effect. Mukaltin
  • Bronchrete .The presented preparation allows to eliminate all manifestations of the respiratory tract disease. After a full course of therapy, you can forget about the cough and the unpleasant sensations caused by it. Bronchipret
  • Syrup Kusa .This medicine doctors appoint for symptomatic treatment of patients who have a place of cough of different origin. Viral and bacterial infections of the respiratory tract and asthma are also included here. Syrup Kusa Syrup may be prescribed as adjunctive therapy to people who have been diagnosed with rhinitis, pharyngitis. Also, the drug is allowed to eliminate cough in people caused by constant smoking.
  • Wiks Active. I use the medicinal preparation in the treatment of pathologies of the respiratory system. Also, Wix Active is recommended for the use of viscous, hard-to-separate sputum mucus-purulent in nature. Based on this, it can be concluded that the drug effectively cures the symptoms of the following ailments:
    • acute and chronic bronchitis;
    • pneumonia;
    • bronchial asthma;
    • bronchial blockage of a plug of viscous mucus.

    Viks Active
    Another medicine may be prescribed for the therapy of paracetamol overdose.

  • Bronchosan .This syrup is effective in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which is characterized by an unproductive cough or cough with a difficult spitting of phlegm. It is allowed to treat adults and small patients. Bronchosan has a positive effect on respiratory diseases, occurring in a chronic or acute form. The efficacy of the drug is proven in the complex therapy of pneumonia. Bronhosan
  • Tos-Mai .The drug is actively used to treat people who have been diagnosed with diseases of the lower and upper paths. During therapy, it is possible to eliminate dry irritating cough. Another Tos-Mai is used before diagnosis, for example, before bronchoscopy. Tos-May
  • Pectoral .The medicine is in demand when treating diseases of infectious and inflammatory origin. In the course of treatment, it is possible to overcome cough and to remove hard-to-recover phlegm. Pectoral
  • Altemix Broncho .Healing syrup is taken with a dry cough for the caked expectoration and softening of the irritating effect of the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx. The medicine is prescribed for diseases of the respiratory system, taking place in acute or chronic form, and accompanied by a cough with a difficult exit of phlegm. Altemix Broncho
  • Bronchoton .The drug is actively involved in the complex treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, whooping cough. Effectively eliminates cough and promotes rapid sputum discharge. Bronchoton
  • Muccoplant. Syrup is prescribed for diseases of the respiratory system, taking place in acute and chronic form. These include:
    • bronchitis;
    • pneumonia;
    • bronchial asthma;
    • lung diseases associated with occupational activities.

    syrup Bronchitis


  • Svetlana, 34 years old: "My child is 5 years old, he had usual cold symptoms at first, so I was not particularly wrapped up. After it began to press an unbearable dry cough, and especially in the mornings. I went to the hospital, the doctor advised us on Herbion based on plantain. We take 4 times a day. The child liked it very much, so there was no problem with the reception. The treatment lasted 2 weeks, after which my baby began to feel much better, the cough disappeared. "
  • Christina, 24: "Somewhere 2 years ago I had bronchitis. Dry cough just tortured me. The doctor prescribed effective therapy, which included Gerbion on the basis of primroses. After 3 weeks I managed to overcome my illness. Presented medicine is very effective, because cough began to appear less and less often and then with phlegm. "
  • Tatiana, 28 years old: "My daughter fell ill with bronchitis. Watching her cough was just unbearable. This dry cough just strangled her. I have long known about the positive properties of syrup Herbion, so I consulted with a doctor. He allowed to take it throughout the day 3 times. After 4 days, sputum began to recede, and my daughter felt relieved. The course of treatment took 15 days, after which there was no trace of the disease. "

Herbion is a very effective remedy for coughing. Use it as an additional therapy. In the course of treatment, it is possible to soften the mucous membrane, to eliminate the cough and to withdraw phlegm. If you are looking for something else you can heal a child's dry cough, then read about inhalations.