Treatment of a cold should be started immediately after the first manifestations of the disease were discovered. In addition to pharmacy products, alternative folk remedies can be used. Today, there are quite a few plants that effectively fight the common cold. These include the root of ginger. When it is used in the first hours of cold manifestation, it is possible to recover as quickly as possible.


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    • 2.2 Treatment of wet and dry cough
    • 2.3 with pine nuts
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Benefit of

ginger for colds Treatment with ginger makes it possible to obtain excellent results, since pWalls has extremely unique properties. Spice peculiarity is that the composition contains a complex

of useful components and vitamins. For example, it contains a product such as essential oil. It is she who has a pronounced antibacterial effect. Excellent cope with infectious processes.

Still the root of ginger is rich in such components as gingerol, shokaola, tsingerol. And thanks to vitamins B and C it is possible to strengthen immunity, which several times increases success in the fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

Are there any contraindications to

Using any folk remedy for the treatment of colds, special care must be taken. Ginger is no exception, as it is forbidden to use it for people with gastrointestinal problems, hypertension and various ailments that are at the stage of exacerbation. Applying ginger, you must observe the utmost care of pregnant women, as well as parents in the treatment of children.

If you can defeat the disease

ginger and honey

If you drink tea from ginger on a regular basis, then you can be absolutely calm, because you do not feel a cold. Even during the epidemic, the likelihood of getting sick will be very low. And if you get sick, then with the help of ginger you can very quickly return to the previous form and successfully defeat the disease.

Ginger is a specific remedy that successfully cures a cold. And this is not because the spice is a rare ingredient, but because it is this product is sharp and spicy taste. The root of ginger in the treatment of colds has simply a magical effect, since it helps to defeat the disease and instantly suppress symptoms.

Recipes of

Today, there are many ways to prepare a medicine to treat colds based on ginger. And this is not just one tea.

Classic recipe

Prepared for this recipe tea should be consumed fresh. To do this, take the main product and grind it with a grater.10 grams of gruel is 200 ml of boiling water.

ginger and tea for colds

On the photo - ingredients for tea with ginger

Send it all to the brewer and wait 10 minutes. Giving a drink flavor and flavor can be with honey, lemon, oranges. The peculiarity of this drink is that it is important to use it immediately after it has been cooked. Strengthen the effect of the drink can be with the help of such spices as cloves, turmeric, black pepper.

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Treatment for wet and dry cough

If a cold is accompanied by a productive cough, then you can consume ginger in its dry form to treat it. To do this, simply place it in a cup and pour warm milk. To give a drink taste will help honey or turmeric.

ginger and turmeric

On the photo- ginger and turmeric

And to get rid of dry cough, you need to take the juice of ginger, combine with lemon juice and honey. Adult patients take the drug 20 ml 5 times a day, and children dilute 10 ml of the drug with 30 ml of water.

With pine nuts

ginger with pine nuts

Pine nuts are an excellent way to strengthen immunity, and sat down to combine them with ginger, you can get one of the most effective means against infection.

It is necessary to combine 200 g finely chopped ginger with the same amount of honey. Transfer the mixture into glass containers. This will become a preparation for the preparation of a medicinal product.

To brew tea, gently take 20 g of the mixture, add in 200 ml of boiling water. Then put 20 g of pine nuts. Set on a plate, two hundred to a boil, cool, filter and take as regular tea.

Against sore throat

To eliminate pain in the throat, you can take a piece of ginger and dissolve it. Since its composition contains essential oils, they will soften the sore throat.

Still to remove a sore throat it is possible by means of a solution for a rinse. It is necessary to take 20 g of powder and pour 200 ml of water. Stir on the stove for 10 minutes, cool and apply for rinses several times a day.

On video how to cook ginger for cold:

inhalation for colds

Inhalations Cold symptoms can be treated with inhalations using ginger. Apply this method of therapy is prohibited for pregnant women and children under 6 years. Take the steam inhaler and place a few drops of ginger aether into it. Inhale fumes for about 5-7 minutes.

Do not get upset, you sat down you do not have a special device for inhalation. For this, you can take a basin, pour hot water in it and add 5-6 drops of ginger aether. Set the head over the container, place a warm handkerchief on top and absorb the pairs with the nose for 10 minutes.

You can buy a special lamp for aroma treatments in the pharmacy. It is filled with ginger aether and include during the day. Thus, you can significantly accelerate recovery.

On video, how to drink ginger for cold:

Foot baths

foot baths Ginger is a plant that is characterized by excellent heating properties. When you use it, you can warm the sodden feet. For this purpose, you need to use the powder of ginger.

It is diluted with warm water to form a pasty consistency. Grate the mixture in the legs. You can use it before you are going out.

Hot bath

You can quickly deal with a cold with a hot bath with the addition of ginger. It is necessary to take a ground product in an amount of 80 g and add boiling water to it. Set on fire, simmer for 3 minutes. Send the mixture to the bath and stay there for no more than 20 minutes. To take a bath is forbidden at the raised temperature and diseases of heart and vessels.

Treatment of rhinitis

You can overcome the common cold with the help of a product for which you can take ginger juice and sugar in equal proportions. Mix and drip into each nasal passage of 2 drops. Such a medicine can be used even in the treatment of sinusitis. You can even use the drops even for children, but only before this, lightly dilute with warm water.

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Alcohol tincture

To do this, take the main product, grind it on a grater. Pour 40 g of the product with 100 ml of vodka. Keep until the tincture turns yellow. Take 2-3 times a day for 10 ml.

alcohol tincture with ginger

On the photo - alcohol tincture with ginger

Ginger is an effective plant in the treatment of numerous diseases, especially colds. On its basis, you can prepare tea, take a bath, soar your legs and gargle. In addition, all these recommendations can be used not only for treating colds, but also as prevention.