An unpleasant condition of nasal congestion is familiar to everyone, but when this symptom is supplemented with constant swelling of the nasal sinuses in the absence of mucous secretions, this should seriously alarm.

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Most people are a bit prejudiced about the constant stuffiness of the nose, considering it unimportant. Often, this symptomatology is observed with insufficiently cured ARVI or influenza. It's another matter if there are no visible reasons for such conditions, and the stuffiness of the nose goes for a week or more. In this case, you just need to understand the possible causes and direct all the forces to eliminate.


  • 1 Why does it happen
  • 2 Unusual causes of
  • 3 Nasal congestion in children
    • 3.1 How to avoid this

Why this happens

lays a nose without a runny nose

The reasons for this unpleasant condition can be many, but if you identify the "culprit", then further treatm

ent will be much easier,therefore it is better to get acquainted with possible sources of nasal problems.


  • Banal ASVI can also pass without mucus secretion, the body should be cured of the infection, then the obstruction itself will pass.
  • Polyps and adenoids .The growth of these formations in the nose is not uncommon, especially in childhood. Treatment in this case involves surgery or laser correction.
  • Curvature of the nasal septum .But this usually affects adults, but the final diagnosis and treatment will be written only by a specialist.
  • Allergic reactions .The intake of antihistamines prescribed by an allergist, in this case, is simply a magical effect.
  • Drying of nasopharyngeal mucosa .Occurs usually at night and can be the cause of snoring. Eliminated by moderate air humidity and regular lubrication of the nasopharynx until the symptoms disappear.
  • Some ENT - diseases in various stages( exacerbations, neglected diseases, complications after the transferred diseases).This can be the beginning of sinusitis, as well as other serious conditions. It is impossible to delay in this case, in particular, if the symptoms were accompanied by high fever.

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The video tells about the reasons for which you can lay a nose without a cold:

Treatment should be aimed at the primary source of problems, lightheadedly to such symptoms can not be treated in any case, as possible complications can seriously damage health. This may be a loss of smell, the transition of diseases to the chronic stage, constant headaches and even insufficient blood supply to the brain. Avoid all these terrible consequences will allow timely access to a competent profile specialist.

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Uncharacteristic causes of

Along with the obvious factors of this condition, there are a few rare manifestations of congestion of the nose without discharge.

Rare Causes of

  1. Toxicosis in pregnant women .Otherwise it is also called "rhinitis of pregnant women."The reason should be sought in the hormonal imbalance, which one way or another manifests in all women in an "interesting situation."It is one of the manifestations of "classic" toxicosis, accompanies the entire pregnancy and completely disappears without a trace just after birth. Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare, but the well-being of such "lucky" people can only be sympathetic. lays a nose without a rhinitis Toxicosis in pregnant women
  2. Reaction to alcohol .A good deterrent that does not allow excess libations to spoil the next day. Also usually accompanied by a "dry" nasal congestion and interfering with normal breathing. Does not require treatment and passes by itself.
  3. Foreign object in the nose .This is more true for children, and the difficulty is that the child, as a rule, is at the age when he can shove a small toy into his nose, but still small enough to explain independently what happened. If you have any suspicions that the baby is suffering for this reason, do not hesitate or try to remove the foreign object yourself. Referring to specialists in any case will help to get proper help, and by inept actions on their own you can drive the subject even further.

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Any uncharacteristic reactions of the body should not be ignored or written off to chance. Such a complex "mechanism" as a human body often signals, therefore, about more serious problems or their possible development. Timely appeal to specialists for proper medical care is necessary in any case.

The video tells why it constantly lays a nose without a cold and how to fight it( treatment):

Nasal congestion in children

A separate topic is a stuffy nose without a cold in children. The main symptoms are the same as in adults, but that is typical for young children, to accurately achieve an answer that bothers the baby is very difficult.

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Causes of

  • Cold and viral diseases. Catarrhal and viral diseases in children
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Foreign object in the nose.
  • Curvature of nasal septum.
  • Polyps and adenoids.
  • Drying of the mucous membrane.

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Which methods of treatment have already been written below, but special attention should be paid to the possible prevention of such symptoms.

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How to avoid this

  • Regular walks and airing of the room .Create a normal air humidity in the house and the problem will go away by itself. Do not overdo it and make a tropical climate, it is enough just to properly set up the ventilation. Buying a special moisturizer will help with the chronic stage, and for periodic saturation of the necessary moisture, spraying and drying wet towels on the radiators will suffice. Walking and airing the room from nasal congestion

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  • has the possible allergen release .With the advent of the child in the house should establish a regime of dry and wet cleaning, get rid of the centenary carpets on the wall and regularly shake out the walkways. Often the cause of allergies can be pets, even an innocuous hamster or a parrot. Soft toys need to be washed often, and it is better to clean them up at best, at least until the child is very tiny, there will not be any benefit from them.
  • Hardening and rational nutrition .On these basic "whales" and keeps immunity and health of the baby. It is not necessary to strive to extremes and engage in "walrus" from the diapers, but here the contrast shower and moderate physical activity have not prevented anyone.
  • Regular hygiene of the nasal sinuses .If there is such a problem, you need to take care of this as well. Washing with sea water gives a good result and sometimes even equates to sea rest. If the child is too small, you can use a spray nozzle, which is usually sold in the kit. A grown-up baby can be trained to flush the nose with a special teapot. The ingenious invention will be of good service both for colds and for prophylaxis.

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Drying and stuffiness of the nose without visible manifestations of the common cold is a serious symptom, which can not be neglected. Avoid the possible consequences of preventive care, and should treat only a doctor of a special profile( ENT or allergist).

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Do not engage in self-medication, especially try to independently diagnose a child. Any uncomfortable condition can be a sign of a much more serious illness, so the best option is to seek medical help.