For many people, coughing does not seem to be such an important symptom yet, that they start treating it. But such a statement is incorrect, because at times it is cough that indicates the presence of a certain ailment. To effectively eliminate it, you need to determine the cause of the cough and direct all efforts to eliminate it. To combat cough today actively use this version of traditional medicine, like burnt sugar.


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    • 1 What is the effect of

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syrups The effect of

burnt sugar from cough

Burnt sugar is an effective and proven tool for years to eliminate a cough caused by a cold, angina or viruses. To apply such a folk remedy is not worth it in case of severe infectious disease, the main symptoms of which will be a strong cough and a rise in temperature. Also, a positive effect on this remedy

is not obtained with a painful cough that is a symptom of whooping cough or other infectious disease.

Burned sugar makes it easier to condition with productive cough, improving sputum discharge. But applying it in this case is not always reasonable, otherwise you can earn even more choking in the throat.

The video tells how to prepare burnt sugar from a cough:

The presented medicine is very much like children, which is very difficult to give any cough medicine. And so it is enough to make sugar out of sugar and offer a useful candy to a small patient.

Many people do not trust the effectiveness of traditional medicine, but burnt sugar is proof that non-traditional methods can work wonders. After 3 days, the patient's condition improves significantly. Thanks to the burnt sugar it is possible to eliminate the pain in the throat and shorten the coughing spells.

For children it is possible to pick up other variant of reception of a medicine besides lollipops. Just give him some water, in which the burnt sugar is dissolved. The effect of such sweet therapy should be positive.

There are no special contraindications to admission. Exception is made by patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.

It is advisable to use burned sugar in an unproductive cough, which became a symptom of pharyngitis, tracheitis and laryngitis. In this case, the person can not clear his throat, but the amazing properties of the burnt sugar allow the dry cough to pass into the wet one. With a productive cough, all microbes and viruses will leave the nasopharynx and the respiratory tract. It is the occurrence of a damp cough that will indicate that recovery is coming. burnt sugar from cough in the form of sugar candies

What are the ways of preparing

? The process of preparing the medicine does not involve anything complicated. All that is necessary for this is sugar, a spoon, a frying pan. If it is necessary to eliminate cough in children, but it is advisable to give the medicine from 2 years. As the burnt sugar has a safe effect on the body, it is allowed to apply it even to pregnant women.

You can obtain this medicine in several ways, while preparing it immediately before use. Only a fresh product has the maximum amount of nutrients. Using the following recipes, a variety of dosage forms can be obtained from burnt sugar: lollipops, syrup and a semi-liquid medicine. To prepare any composition, you need to take a tablespoon of granulated sugar.

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Here you can see the recipe for milk with a banana from a cough.


To get such tasty and useful lollipops for children with their own hands, you need to use the following recipes:

  1. Heat the sugar in a frying pan or pan, while stirring constantly. As a result, you should get a thick caramel. The color of sugar should vary from light amber to brown-caramel. At the end of cooking, pour caramel into molds that do not have corners. Then the lollipop during the resorption will not be able to injure the oral mucosa. To dissolve candy is necessary during an attack of a cough. burned cough sugars for children
  2. You can get milk-caramel candy if already melted caramel is placed in a glass with cold milk. Due to the difference in temperature, the candies begin to form air bubbles. To dissolve the lollipop must be very careful not to get injured.
    burned cough sugars with milk

    In the picture - steps to prepare caramel

Paste-like medicine

When the patient's dissolution of hard caramel causes a number of unpleasant sensations, the burnt sugar from cough can be used in semi-liquid state. At the end of cooking, it is necessary to lower the butter, cream and a small amount of water into the caramel. The result of the culinary masterpiece will be a pasty drug dainty, effectively eliminating coughing attacks.

Prepared medicine should be consumed in small pieces when coughing 3-4 times a day. After intake, wash with water.


sugar cough syrup

Burned sugar from cough is most like to use as a syrup. To prepare it, you can use the following recipes:

  1. A medicinal drink in the form of syrup perfectly cope with bouts of coughing. To get it, you need to add 250 ml of water at the last cooking stage( the melted sugar becomes caramel color).Bring the liquid to a boil and allow to cool. Store the product in a refrigerator in a glass container. You need to consume the syrup immediately, as soon as you have a fit of cough. It would be nice to combine such treatment with the intake of vitamins and trace elements.
  2. Already ready caramel pour a glass of warm water and add juice ½ half a lemon. After this, you can put a spoonful of honey. This tool, in addition to fighting the cough, is an excellent preventive against the ingress of bacteria and viruses into the respiratory tract. Lemon is often used in folk medicine. Here you will find a recipe for ginger with honey and lemon from cough.
  3. Prepare caramel pour 250 ml of water and juice of one onion. Since this medicine does not have a particularly pleasant taste, one should drink it every throat every half hour. Onions can be used in other recipes. For example, you can make a bow with honey from a cough for children. Melt the sugar with sugar and pour a glass of water. Bring the syrup to a boil, allow to cool and add 3 spoons of vodka. Burnt sugar with vodka from cough. Use in the amount of a tablespoon 5-6 times a day. Get a steady expectoration effect of this syrup can be provided, if you add a burned sugar herbal decoction. sugar candies with thyme from a cough
  4. Such herbs as plantain, thyme, licorice root, althaea root have an effective influence. To make such a syrup, you need to take a tablespoon of herbs, pour them with 200 ml of hot water. Infuse the medicine in a water bath for 15 minutes. When the medicine has cooled, it can be filtered, diluted with a glass of water. Melted sugar add to the broth. Before using, the broth must be shaken. Storage of the medicine can take no more than 2 days. Eat adults by ½ cup, children 12-14 years - ¼ cup, 7-12 years - 2 tablespoons, 3-7 tablespoons - 1 spoonful. The number of receptions will be 3-4.

Burnt sugar is a remedy that effectively fights against coughing both in children and adults. You can apply it in various forms, the weight depends on your personal preferences. If everyone will keep it right, then after 3 days all unpleasant symptoms will leave you. Here are described folk remedies for coughing bark. The link describes the treatment of cough in the infant with folk remedies. If it is necessary to cure tonsillitis, then the treatment of tonsillitis with folk remedies at home is described.