With the onset of cold symptoms, it is important to take adequate and appropriate measures in time to prevent the disease from spreading further. In the cold season, many people are cured of colds - in a large city, immunity is very few people have high resistance. A large crowd of people and a variety of microorganisms do their job: almost every person knows what the cold means. Than to treat the begun infection, we will consider this question in article.


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    • 2.5 Coldrex
    • 2.6 Antigrippin
    • 2.7 Fervex
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How to quickly remove the symptoms of colds

Symptoms of a cold can occur suddenly. It often happens that in the morning you are in excellent condition went to work, and already in the middle of the day felt bad. What are the signs that a catarrhal disease begins.

  • The head of begins to ache. Sensations are unpleasant and often knocking out of the working track.
  • The nose is laid by .It becomes difficult to breathe, with rapid movement, shortness of breath occurs.
  • The throat starts to hurt .Character characteristic perspiration appears in it. At this stage, lozenges or lozenges can still help. If you do not heal, then you will have to use more "heavy artillery" up to antibiotics.
  • Chills appear. It becomes cold, there is a characteristic weakness and a breakdown. I want to get under the blanket and sleep.

All these signs signal that a cold disease begins. It is necessary to take measures until the disease has passed into severe form or caused some complications.


What medications can quickly remove the symptoms of colds.


One of the most effective antiviral drugs for today. Excellent helps with ARI, ARVI, it is useful for influenza. As part of complex therapy, arbidol is used to treat bronchitis and pneumonia.


On photo-arbidol

It has a very fast action. If Arbidol is taken in the evening, you can go to work in the quite normal state in the morning.

Arbidol is also good because it has minimal contraindications. This makes it possible to use it for people with serious chronic diseases and allergies. It can be taken for children up to three years, but in a reduced dosage.

As a preventive against colds Arbidol is not taken. This remedy is exclusively for the treatment of a disease that has already arisen.


This is a soluble cold remedy in the form of a powder. There are several components in its composition, the main one of which is paracetamol.


On the photo-terrafle

Teraflu is strongly recommended to take, while simultaneously observing bed rest. In this case it is very likely that the medicine will put you on its feet literally in one day.

Powder is incompatible with drugs such as antidepressants and beta-blocker blockers. In addition, there are contraindications for people with alcoholism, diabetes. You can not take it for pregnant women and children under 12 years.


One of the effective drugs that quickly relieve the symptoms of colds. In the composition of Anaferon, special antibodies are identical to natural antibodies. These antibodies of protein origin strengthen and activate the immune system.


On the photo-anaferon

Anaferon can be taken with children. And for them, the drug is designed in a special dosage. You can take it even to babies. These tablets have no contraindications, are almost safe. The drug perfectly strengthens immunity, including, and in "healthy" periods, and not only during illness.


This fast-acting cold medicine perfectly copes with pathogens. Kagocel is not suitable for pregnant women and toddlers under 12 years of age. Also, sometimes an allergy occurs on the drug.


On the photo-kagocel in tablets

Effective in case of cold caused by the flu or ARVI, copes with herpes. And here's how to take Kagocel to an adult with a cold, and how to do it correctly is indicated here in the article.


This powder perfectly copes with cold symptoms caused by disease-causing viruses. Headache, weakness, joint aches, chills and fever are removed by Koldreks quickly and permanently. Eliminates, among other things, from the stuffiness of the nose.


On photo-coldroom for the treatment of cold

Be careful when buying this product, it has quite serious contraindications. Among others, Coldrex can not be taken by pregnant women, children under 12 years old, people with liver diseases, diabetes, glaucoma, heart pathologies.

If you use Coldrex to relieve cold symptoms, keep in mind that as soon as you feel a tangible relief, you should stop using the drug. The maximum number of days that you can drink the drug - 5. Overdose is fraught with serious complications of the liver. In general, it is highly recommended for treatment with Coldrex that you first consult with your doctor.

ginger from a dry cough How to use ginger from a dry cough, and how effective this tool is, is described in great detail here in the article.

But what is the best remedy for the common cold at home, and how to apply it, is described in great detail in this article.

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Perhaps you will also be interested in knowing whyhoarse voice after a cold.


Many doctors consider this agent to be one of the best in the modern market of anti-cold products. The drug very quickly removes the symptoms of cold: it relieves headache, lowers temperature, helps with chills.


On photo-antigrippin

Antigrippin can be taken only after 15 years.

Warning: Treatment with Antigrippin is effective only in case of a cold caused by viruses. Against bacterial disease, the drug will not help.

Antigrippin is stopped immediately after the condition improves, as there are serious side effects in overdose.


This soluble powder removes extremely cold symptoms very quickly. Many people checked this on themselves, and they are already going to the pharmacy purposefully for Ferveks. The drug can be taken as an independent remedy for getting rid of cold symptoms, and as part of complex therapy for the treatment of influenza.


On the photo-fervex for adding to tea

FERVEX is not suitable for people with renal insufficiency and individual sensitivity to its ingredients. During lactation, the drug is also not recommended.

You can not combine FERVEX with alcohol: side effects and complications in this case can be quite serious, up to severe liver damage.


This modern preparation has a good antiviral as well as immunomodulatory effect. Can be used, including, and as part of complex therapy. Permitted for admission to children after 7 years. It can be taken as a preventive measure in the period of seasonal epidemics. But how to use Amiksin for influenza and orgi, and how this remedy is effective for this disease, is described in this article.


In the photo amixin in tablets


This is a drug that helps to relieve the symptoms of a cold caused by viruses. Reliably relieves all unpleasant symptoms: including headache, fever, chills, aches, sore throat.


On the photo-ingavirin in tablets

Suitable only for people after 18 years old, children can not take it. It is advisable to start taking Ingavirin immediately, as soon as you notice the first signs of a cold, in which case it will be especially and effectively guaranteed.

Home remedies

honey for colds Which of the simple home remedies will help to quickly and reliably remove catarrhal symptoms.

During the beginning of a cold, it is good to take medicinal decoctions. As a raw material, dried flowers of chamomile, linden, mother-and-stepmother are suitable. All these plants are sold in a pharmacy, you do not have to procure yourself.

These plants can be used to prepare healthy tea and medicinal decoctions, make compresses, inhalations if necessary. They have an antibacterial effect and relieve inflammation, relieving the symptoms of colds.

Other remedies:

  • Honey is a wonderful natural remedy for raising immunity. And taken with hot tea, it can become an excellent antipyretic.
  • Raspberry jam - many people know this delicious medicine. Drink tea with this sweet and useful product - jam has antibacterial effect and strengthens health.
  • Wiped cranberries, cranberries and other useful berries can also help to cope with the symptoms of the disease. They have a lot of vitamin C, raising the level of immunity.
  • Vitamin C can also be taken in pharmacy form - in the form of tablets and tablets.
    vitamin C

    On the photo - sources of vitamin C

  • The nettle infusion will raise immunity and saturate the body with vitamins. In addition, nettle has a tonic effect and antimicrobial. Excellent, it also removes inflammation.
  • Linden tea - a remedy for colds, it is known even in ancient times. The lime drives away the temperature, kills germs, relieves inflammation, and possesses diaphoretic action.
    lime tea

    On photolip tea

  • Aloe juice can be used for instillation in the nose. It perfectly heals the runny nose, and destroys microorganisms that cause sputum production. But how is the treatment of aloe for nasal congestion in a child, very detailed in this article.
    aloe juice

    On the photo of aloe for the prevention of colds

  • Onions and garlic are well-known "wrestlers" with microbes and viruses. You can cut these spicy vegetables into slices and put on a silver platter near the patient's bed. Their ethereal substances can quickly clean the premises of bacteria and microbes, maintaining a useful microclimate in it. But how to apply onions for colds, and how to do it correctly, is described in great detail in this article.
  • Onion mixed with honey is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent with the effect of a natural antibiotic. How to use onion juice from the common cold to children, and how to do it correctly, is described in this article.
  • Eat citrus fruits. They have a lot of vitamin C, and besides, these fruits perfectly quench their thirst.

Cold usually occurs when a person's immunity is weakened. That is why, along with getting rid of the symptoms of the disease, it is important to raise the level of immunity.


What other methods can help us cope with the symptoms of the common cold.

If there is still no temperature, then you need to try to warm up the body properly. To do this, a warm bath or shower is suitable. Immediately after the water procedures, it is necessary to wipe dry, change into warm clothes and go to bed, taking an antiviral drug.

During treatment of a cold, it is recommended to drink as much as possible warm drinks. You can use tea and herbal decoctions for this. Morse and juices are also useful.

On video, how quickly to relieve the symptoms of a cold:

If the throat hurts, then warm milk with a piece of butter dissolved in it and a teaspoon of honey will help to remove unpleasant sensations. This remedy is safe and suitable for children.

Lemon, rubbed with sugar - a tasty and useful medicine. It can be added to tea or eat yourself.

Do not try to immediately get rid of cold symptoms if they are not yet very pronounced. At first, the body itself is able to destroy the disease, and by its early intervention we only weaken its strength. It is necessary to help the body only when he himself clearly can not cope.

We conducted an overview of the most effective means and methods for relieving the symptoms of the common cold. As you can see, the assortment of medicines and home methods is wide enough, everyone will find the optimal for themselves. If the removal of cold symptoms does not help, and the condition worsens, do not try to heal yourself further, it is safer and more reliable in this case to see a doctor for examination and clarifying the diagnosis.