Today, many people are very inattentive to their health. So during a strong weather, they can go out without a hat. As a result, there are various diseases, among them ear inflammation. When the ear blew, the patient begins to attend severe pain. Mostly it has a shooting character.

If you do not take any action to stop it, then a number of other symptoms begin to occur that prevent a person from fully eating, sleeping, working. In order not to miss the moment and start timely therapy, it is necessary to know the symptoms of pathology.

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    Ears and a sore throat

    If there is inflammation of the ear as a result of its purging, the person is treated with rather unpleasant symptoms. It is very important to recognize them in time to prevent the development of severe consequences.

    When the ear blew, the patient may notice the following symptomatology:

    • feeling of stuffiness;
    • monotonous noise in the ears;
    • is a shooting pain that gives to the jaw and whiskey;
    • hearing impairment.

    Sometimes this symptomatology is supplemented by an aching in the muscles, pain in the neck and shoulders. When the affected ear is very sore, and the fluid flows out of it, it indicates that the disease is progressing. Take any action is possible only after the diagnosis is accurately established. If there is swelling of the ear, then this problem can be solved even at home. When there is a purulent process, the treatment should be performed by an ENT doctor.

    The inflammatory process in the ear develops against a background of low immunity and local hypothermia. If the ear has blown, then it is likely that after a while there will be otitis. This pathological process is considered the most common. Various pathogenic microorganisms can influence its development, which, as a result of hypothermia, is activated and begins its work. the ears blew heavily

    In case of external diffuse otitis, it is possible to see a narrowing of the lumen of the ear lobule. In this case, the patient discovers that he has a putrid smell from his ear. There is also a pain in the ear, which is of a pulsating nature. With otitis media, the symptomatology is diverse. More often than not, patients note the discharge of fluid from the ear canal, shooting pain and swelling. If the disease is at an early stage, then a person can listen to your voice and experience extraneous noise in your ears. Often erysipelas is transferred to the organ of hearing. Such pathogenic microorganisms as streptococci and staphylococci can affect this. These symptoms are manifested in the form of puffiness, redness and soreness of the entire auricle.

    These same microorganisms in case of hypothermia can affect the development of furunculosis. Patients feel pain in the ear, which will spread to the teeth, neck. At the same time painful sensations with each hour only grow. Also their intensity rises during conversation, chewing and goat. Thus, the patient can not fully eat, work. From this they lose weight. On the ear and in the auditory can ripen furuncles. But it's not so easy to see them. Determine their availability only by the physician.

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    The outer ear can then hit fungi of a microscopic size. With this inflammation, otomycosis is diagnosed. Symptomatic has the ability to build up. The patient experiences severe itching, stuffiness and sensation of fullness of the auditory canal.

    It is extremely important to recognize the above symptoms in time. The fact is that they do not just prevent a person from fully living, bringing a lot of inconvenience. So with adequate therapy, the patient's condition will worsen, leading to the development of a number of complications.

    On the video, it blew out the ear what to do:

    Symptoms in a child

    Most often the ear blows has in children. The fact is that they are walking in the cold season, without even noticing during games that the hat can be drained and the ear remains open. But the pathological process under consideration is also characteristic of younger children. Parents should immediately react to the symptoms and consult a doctor.

    You can distinguish the pathological process for such symptoms: blew out one

    • breastfeeding refuses to breast;
    • digestion occurs, diarrhea is observed;
    • the child is disturbed by a dream, he feels depressed;
    • temperature ratings rise to 39-40 degrees;
    • when feeling on the tragus, there is soreness;
    • the kid always tries to scratch the ear with his hand, rub it against any surface.

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    Consequences of

    If you know for sure that the cause of the symptom is the result of what has blown the ear, it is important to begin the therapy in the first stages. Otherwise, it can lead to the development of internal otitis media. The first thing can be catarrhal inflammation. And if you do not eliminate it in time, then there will come a purulent form of the disease. You also need to be prepared for the fact that it takes more than one month to treat this complication. When you have chilled your neck besides the ear, the pain will only increase. In time, untreated treatment will lead to loss of motor activity, muscle spasms and inflammatory process. at the doctor

    If the inflammatory process has a rapid development, then even a common cold, affecting the ear, can lead to the development of severe complications. As a rule, the inflammation can go beyond the outer and middle ear. Thus, the defeat will be done to the inner ear. This leads to an increase in the lesion of the vestibular apparatus and the development of hearing loss.

    When the focus of inflammation spreads into the intracranial cavity, which leads to the development of such serious complications as meningitis, encephalitis and mastoiditis.

    If a skull and brain are affected, a person may become disabled. In severe pathology, a fatal outcome occurs.

    The ear can blow out not only in cold weather. Often this occurs when traveling in public transport or in a car with open windows in the summer during the heat. After that, the next day or closer to the evening, the patient feels unpleasant symptoms in the form of itching and pain. If you do not take any action, the pain will increase, and the inflammation will begin to progress and begin to affect other parts of the ear.

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