Sometimes it is possible to observe at oneself or the child such an unpleasant and symptom-causing symptom as bleeding from the ear. The reasons for this phenomenon can be several: from simple and quickly eliminated to quite serious. In this article we will consider this question and find out why bleedings come from the ears. We also learn how to eliminate this dangerous symptom in an adult and a child.


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In adults

Why the blood from the ear can go to an adult, we learn.

Otitis of the middle ear in the acute phase is a common cause. Note that if it is, indeed, otitis, then there will be an admixture of pus in the evolving blood. In this case, bleeding will be accompanied by acute shooting pain, obstruction of the ear, possibly - temperature.

The rupture of the eardrum also entails the release of blood from the ear. As a rule, the perforat

ion of the membrane occurs as a result of purulent otitis, and is accompanied by strong painful sensations.

  • Millingitis .This is called an inflammation of the ear membrane. Meningitis leads to severe pain, and as a result of bursting small capillaries on the membrane - and to secrete blood mixed with serous fluid. It is impossible to make this diagnosis independently, since the symptoms of myringitis are similar to those of otitis. myrrhitis
  • Injury. You can not exclude the likelihood of injury to the ear canal: the appearance of scratches, abrasions. Sometimes even an inaccurate cleaning of the ears may lead to such a trauma, since the skin inside the auditory canals is very tender and delicate. If the cause is in a minor injury, the blood will be allocated in a very scarce amount, and will soon stop. In case of a more serious injury, a visit to the doctor is mandatory: inspection, ear washing, antiseptic treatment, and other measures to stop possible complications are necessary.
  • Perforation of the tympanic membrane .Although rare, but the rupture of the membrane happens. Most often this occurs as a result of purulent otitis, or foreign matter entering the ear cavity. Perforation is accompanied by severe pain, and a noticeable decrease in hearing.
  • Sometimes benign formations may appear in the auditory canals. They burst, resulting in exudation from the ear from the ear with blood. Often, such secretions have an unpleasant putrefactive odor. Headache and dizziness, too, are the companions of this pathology. problems with ears
  • Auricle in the ear canal is the likely cause of bleeding from the ear. This happens when the boil breaks: out comes pus with blood. Very strong and sharp pain will accompany the appearance of discharge from the ear in this case.
  • Carcinoma is a malignant tumor located in the ear. This reason happens infrequently, but that, however, for completeness of the picture it is necessary to say about it. In this case, bleeding will be frequent, but there will be no painful sensations. When carcinoma is started, hearing is greatly impaired, and an unpleasant smell appears from the ear.

All listed reasons for the appearance of blood from the ears may well be the causes of this ailment in a pregnant woman. In this case, special requirements are imposed on health, therefore a visit to the doctor is necessary.

On the video - what causes the appearance of blood from the ear and what to do about it:

In children

head trauma in a child

What causes can cause the appearance of blood from the ear in the child.

  • The craniocerebral injury , which the child can get "on the spot" during an active game leads to the appearance of an ear bleeding. Even if the injury was so light that it caused only a minor injury, the blood can still go. And in any case, an examination with a doctor is necessary in order to rule out the serious consequences of trauma.
  • Perforation of the tympanic membrane due to circumstances of an external nature. Children can put in the ear and a pencil and a wand to, for example, eliminate the itching. Sometimes such actions lead to a rupture of the membrane, and, of course, blood goes off. Along with bleeding in this case, the level of auditory perception will also drop significantly.
  • Sometimes a child may appear in the ear boil , after the rupture of which from the ear canals are pus and blood. If the cause is in the furuncle, the child will complain of ear pain, and the area around will strongly inflame and redden.
  • This disease, like myningitis , can also cause blood from the ears. Meningitis is an inflammation of the tympanic membrane, characterized by severe pain, high fever, and the formation of a blister with a serous fluid in the ear. After the vesicle bursts, blood and exudate begin to flow from it through the ear canals.
  • Ear candidiasis is the probable cause of blood from the ears. Many factors lead to the onset of fungal disease in the auditory canals. The most frequent - a long reception of antibiotics, which suppressed normal microflora of the body, and weakened immunity. problems with the ears of the child
  • Well, the most common cause of bleeding from the ear in children is a different kind of otitis. In general, the appearance of blood leads to otitis media of the middle ear. This disease is also accompanied by severe ear pain, the appearance of weakness, dizziness, other unpleasant and anxious symptoms. The immediate help of the doctor is required, since the otitis is developed into purulent, and meningitis is possible there.

Sometimes, though not often, the appearance of blood is associated with oncology problems. Various tumors that have arisen in the ears, in the head, can press on the blood vessels. Small vessels can not withstand pressure and burst. As a result, you can observe blood from the ear in the child. To exclude the possibility of this terrible reason, be sure to visit a doctor, perform all the prescribed examinations.

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Emergency care

If blood flows from the ear, before taking a doctor, you can take some measures that will help ease the patient's condition and, at the same time, do not harm.

Fold the sterile bandage in several layers, and attach it to the bleeding ear. If the blood from the ear is caused by trauma, and the latter is clearly visible, you can treat the wound with peroxide. You can also make a turquoise gauze, moisten it in peroxide, and insert it into the bleeding ear to eliminate the infection.

If the blood is caused by a furuncle located not far from the ear aperture, it is necessary to treat the bursted tumor with boric alcohol, and remove the remaining pus from the gauze with a swab.

If the causes of bleeding are not clear, it is better to wait for a doctor, removing only streaks from the outside of the ear.

Medication Therapy

Let us find out which medications can be useful for eliminating various causes of ear bleeding.

If bleeding is caused by a fungal infection, antimycotics are needed:

  • Clotrimazole;


  • Candibiotics( but what are the contraindications for candiobiotic, described in this article);


  • Pimafucil et al.

To perform antiseptic treatment of the ear, drugs such as:

  • Chlorhexidine( like rinsing mouth with angina chlorhexidine, will help to understand this article);


  • Miramistin( how to use Miramistin with laryngitis in children, will help to understand this information), etc.

They will be useful, including with trauma, and with furuncles, and with external otitis.

If the blood is caused by otitis media, ear drops containing the antibiotic will be needed:

  • Ear drops Otinum;


  • Otofa( how to use ear drops of Otofa, described in this article);


  • Otypax;
  • Normax, etc.

If blood is caused by inflammation, antipyretic drugs may be needed:

  • Nurofen;


  • Ibuprofen and the like.

Antibiotics of directed, pronounced action are necessary for purulent otitis. Suitable agents include:

  • Ceftriaxone;


  • Amoxicillin, etc.

How to treat

We will find out which methods will help to cope with the elimination of ear bleeding.

If blood from the ear is due to some external soft tissue damage, then the external auditory organs are usually flushed. After that, in the ear canals are laid quilted turundas with an anti-inflammatory agent, and the abrasions are lubricated with greenery to exclude the possibility of suppuration. If the bruise is of sufficient magnitude, then a cold compress for removing the edema will not interfere.

In the event of an injury resulting in the appearance of blood from the ear, the patient should be provided with peace and immobility in order to exclude the possibility of damage to the internal organs prior to medical examination.

Until the hemorrhage stops, the doctor gives the patient appropriate help, consisting in the introduction of vasoconstrictive drugs and drugs that improve blood clotting. In case of severe trauma, the neurosurgeon and the neurologist are needed. And if a rapidly increasing internal hematoma is detected, urgent surgery is prescribed. Also, if bleeding from the ear is caused by trauma, the patient must definitely take antibiotics to exclude the possibility of developing a bacterial infection and inflammation.

On video, what to do if the ear shows blood:

If the blood from the ear is the result of otitis, the treatment will be appropriate for this disease. The patient is prescribed antibiotics, antifungal and antihistamines to relieve mucosal edema. Most often with this disease, the main form of drug therapy is ear drops, which possess all the above-described properties.

If bleeding is accompanied by an earache, local anesthetics are prescribed. In many ear drops, for example, there is a component such as lidocaine, which can quickly relieve pain.

Otitis in the chronic phase can be treated with physiotherapy. Simultaneously, it is necessary to eliminate the foci of infection that led to the development of a chronic disease.

physiotherapy for the ear

Physiotherapy for ear

If bleeding from the ear caused a foreign body to enter the auditory canal, it must be removed, but only in the medical office. If the small object was deep enough, and there is no way to get it from outside, an operation is performed under general anesthesia. The presence of a foreign body in the ear canal not only causes bleeding and affects auditory perception, but also leads to inflammatory processes, purulent otitis, and other serious consequences.

In case the blood from the ear is caused by tumors, the oncologist deals with the treatment of the patient and the elimination of this problem. Perhaps, too, will need to be surgical intervention.

You need to take this problem as closely as possible. The proximity of the auditory organs to the brain makes the latter very vulnerable in this case. If the purulent otitis or other inflammatory process is not cured, the infection can spread to the brain envelope, causing meningitis. Ask for medical help if you notice blood from your ear: the sooner adequate treatment is provided, the faster you will forget about this problem.