Cough - a reflex action of the body that helps cleanse the airways. Everyone faces this syndrome, and, cough can be completely different.

Unproductive dry cough - the most severe and exhausting. He does not bring relief to the patient, only it causes additional inconveniences. Appears suddenly, has a paroxysmal character, can begin at any time, even during a night's sleep.


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Causes of dry cough

Causes of dry cough can be any rotovirus diseases - from the common cold to bronchitis. Dry cough is often noted with developing pneumonia.

Important: dry cough is necessary not only to control, but also to treat - otherwise, the attack ends with vomiting and there may be a rupture of the mucosa in the bronchi.

Folk recipes: drink and compresses

Treat non-productive dry cough with medications - usually doctor

s prescribe those that promote the formation of sputum. But no less effective and grandmother's recipes for cough - will help decoctions and compresses.

cough treatment with herbs

Birch juice will perfectly help with prolonged dry cough

Broths that can quickly and effectively save a patient from dry cough:

  1. Recipe for figs with milk from cough. Should take in equal parts milk and mineral water, heat and drink during the day. You can take one fig fruit and boil it, pre-cut into 500 ml of milk( boil no more than 10 minutes).The daily dosage of such a drink should not be less than half liter and more liters.
  2. what herbs help with coughing Honey with anise. You need to take 50 grams of honey and a teaspoon of anise seeds, pour it all in a large glass of water( 300 ml), boil for 20 minutes. Then the broth is cooled / filtered and can be eaten on a tablespoon every four hours. Note: if the patient has an allergy to honey and / or anise, then this drink is contraindicated. Ginger with honey from cough will also be very useful.
  3. Dry healing mixture. It is necessary to mix a pinch of dill seeds, two tablespoons of sugar and 30 grams of licorice root( it needs to be ground with a blender or in a meat grinder).The resulting dry mixture is stored in a refrigerator. Take as follows: half a spoonful of the mixture pour 100 ml of hot water, stir until the sugar is completely dissolved and drunk in small sips. Number of receptions per day - 3. Important: the obtained drink is not filtered, it is necessary to swallow dill seeds and licorice root particles.
  4. Herbs and berries from dry cough Birch juice. It will perfectly help with prolonged dry cough, in a glass of juice you need to add a little hot milk( about 50 grams), stir and drink in small sips. Such a drink can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Raspberry / Viburnum. Instead of regular tea, it is better to drink during broth days a decoction of twigs( !) Raspberries and viburnum - it can be cooked in free proportion.

Many healers offer compresses with a dry, non-productive cough - it's really effective, especially in combination with the use of the above-described "cocktails".But it is necessary to remember:

  • it is impossible to put compresses at the raised temperature;
  • should receive a procedure approval from a cardiologist if there are heart problems;
  • children to one year of contraindications are contraindicated. But how to do compresses from cough for children, you can learn from this article.

The most effective for dry cough are the following recipes:

  1. Dilute a small amount of boiling water a tablespoon of dry mustard powder, moisten the medicinal herbs from cough in the resulting napkin mixture and attach to the top of the chest. The duration of the compress is a maximum of 20 minutes.
  2. Cabbage leaf finely cut with a knife, not cutting into small pieces, put a little honey on the surface of the leaf and put everything to the top of the chest, warm it. Duration of the procedure - from 3 to 8 hours( it is better to do this at night).
  3. Mix vodka, honey and sunflower oil in equal proportions, put the mixture on a napkin and fix it on the back in the interscapular area. This compress should be done at night.

the adult does not have a cough and runny nose What to do when an adult does not have a cough and runny nose, is indicated in this article.

What kind of treatment is needed, when a 5-month-old cough in a baby is indicated in the article.

How to treat an allergic cough in adults is indicated in the article here: http: // bolezni-g /kashel/ allergicheskij-lechenie-u-vzroslyx.html

Recipes of

lollipops Dry non-productive cough can be quickly "cleaned" with. .. candy. Just not the usual candy from the store, but cooked at home. Here are just a few recipes:

  1. Burnt sugar. The easiest method of making candies is to put an arbitrary amount of sugar in a frying pan, put on a strong fire and wait until it starts to melt. Then add a little to the herbs for cough odes( get a liquid gruel) and mix thoroughly until the sugar is completely dissolved / baked. The resulting mixture can be poured in forms, or can, in the absence of the latter, simply lay out with a teaspoon on a dry / clean plate of "drop".Burnt sugar with a dry cough - a fairly effective tool.
  2. Thymus. Lenten with thyme not only warns the onset of an attack of dry cough, but will also have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is necessary to take a glass of ready-made broth from thyme, add to it three tablespoons of sugar and put on fire cook. After boiling constantly stir and cook until the droplet of the product, lowered into a glass of water, does not lie on the bottom.
  3. Milk candy. Prepare the burnt sugar according to the above recipe and at the moment of its full readiness to lower the mixture with a teaspoon into iced milk - the candies will freeze almost instantly and have a pronounced milky taste.
herbs from dry cough

Lollipops with a milk taste - a pleasant medicine for a dry cough

Please note that you need to take candies also dosed - for example, every 3 hours one piece( slowly dissolve) or with an onset of dry, unproductive cough. The most effective use of candy at night - cough quickly ends and sleep will be restored. From this article it becomes clear , what lollipops from coughing can be during pregnancy.

Please note: treatment with candy alone will not give the desired effect, they need to be included in complex therapy.

Recipes for inhalation

best cough grass

With a dry cough it is desirable to use nebulizer, not steam inhalation

Inhaling is another effective method to get rid of a prolonged dry cough. Please note that it is more convenient to perform the inhalation procedure with the help of professional equipment - a nebulizer. But if there is not one in the house, then use a teapot - a jet of healing steam will flow directly into the respiratory tract. For inhalations, you can use:

  • collection of herbs from cough a decoction of thyme;
  • decoction of sage;
  • collection of mother-and-stepmother / oregano and mint;
  • honey water;
  • water with the addition of a few drops of essential oils( in this case, oil cloves and eucalyptus).

Inhalations should be carried out according to the following rules:

  • not earlier than 30 minutes after active movement or walk in the fresh air;
  • patient should be absolutely calm, breathing is normal;
  • the breath becomes deep and mouth, exhale - nose;

Remember that after inhalation, the child should not drink / eat and actively move.


For more information on how to treat a dry cough in a child - see video doctor's advice:

Dry cough, if it is not a sign of pneumonia, is effectively removed at home. It is important to consult with your doctor and get permission to perform these procedures and then recovery will occur within a week.