The body of pregnant women becomes more sensitive, because they have to spend their immunity not only on themselves, but also on the future child. It is more prone to allergic reaction, to the effects of viruses and bacteria. For this reason, pregnant women often have a cough, which is a symptom of a disease or allergy. Treatment of a cough is simply necessary, because it can carry negative consequences. However, this treatment should be correct, because not all cough remedies can be used while the child is waiting.


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Cough during pregnancy: this is

cough medicines during pregnancy Cough is a reflex response to irritation of resp

iratory organs. If there was a cough, it means something in the body is unsuccessful, and you just need to contact the doctor about this. Usually we perceive cough as a symptom of colds, but this is not the only cause of coughing in pregnant women.

Causes of

  • ARI or ARVI;and what to do, when there is no cough after ARVI, is indicated in this article.
  • Bronchitis;
  • Inflammation of the lungs;
  • ENT diseases;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Allergy;what is the treatment of the allergy of nasal congestion with folk remedies indicated in this article.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Stress;
  • Smoking. From this article, you can find out if smoking is possible during a sore throat

It is very important to determine the cause, because it will depend on the treatment.

Species and features of the disease

cough in early pregnancy It is accepted to distinguish two types of cough: dry and wet. When dry, there is no separation of sputum from the respiratory system. If it is caused by viruses or bacteria, this kind of cough can be more dangerous, as pathogens and products of their vital activity are not removed from the bronchi and lungs. Dry cough usually occurs at the onset of the disease. Gradually, he goes into the wet, at which the woman can clear her throat, and with sputum the body gets rid of pathogens.

If the cough remains dry for a long time, and its character does not change, then it may be allergic. In this case, treatment should be completely different.

cough with teething How to cure cough with teething of molars is indicated in this article.

What to do when a baby has a wet cough without fever, is indicated in the article.

How to do inhalation for a dry cough in a child is indicated here: http: // detskoe-zdorove-g / kak-vylechit-suxoj-kashel-u-rebenka-luchshie-narodnye-sredstva.html

Especially dangerous are coughing spells that can developwith some diseases. Paroxysmal cough causes a significant tension in the muscles of the abdomen, spasms of the musculature of the uterus, which is unsafe for the unborn child.

Pregnancy is usually divided into trimesters, each has its own characteristics. Cough and its treatment during pregnancy also have features depending on the period.

The first trimester of

cough in early pregnancy treatment During this period, immunity is especially low, at the same time, the development of the basic organs and systems of the future baby. This is a very important and dangerous period. It is in the first trimester that a woman is most susceptible to the development of colds and infectious diseases. These can be diseases of the ENT organs, pneumonia, bronchitis. It is not unusual for cases of allergy during this period of pregnancy. All this causes a cough.

So, in the first trimester a pregnant woman is trapped by a triple danger:

  • Firstly, , the diseases themselves threaten the normal development of the fetus.
  • Secondly, , a symptom such as cough, is dangerous for muscle overstrain and increased uterine tone.
  • Thirdly, , during this period it is extremely dangerous for the fetus to use very many medications.
cough during pregnancy 1 trimester than to treat

Chamomile turn, sage - popular folk remedies that can be used in the first trimester. However, before using, it is best to consult the doctor

. In the first trimester of pregnancy, no potent drugs can be taken. Treatment should be gentle. It can be inhalation of herbal decoctions or essential oils and taking these broths inside, compresses and wraps and other recipes from cough at home. The choice of herbs should only be done by a doctor, since he can take into account their side effects and contraindications.

Most often in the first trimester, chamomile, sequin, sage is used. Of essential oils - mint, eucalyptus. For the compress it is good to use cabbage leaves, smeared with honey.

Second trimester

how to get rid of a cough during pregnancy It means 12-24 weeks of pregnancy. This period is calmer for a woman. Her body has already adapted to a new state, so immunity becomes higher, and the risk of colds and infections decreases. However, stress, GI disease, heart, allergic reactions can still cause a cough.

The future child is already a little stronger: his organs have already formed and only continue to develop, in addition, the fetus is already under the protection of the placenta. Therefore, viral infections are no longer so scary, and during this period, a wider range of remedies can be used for treatment.

The most dangerous in the second trimester are 14 and 16-17 weeks. Cough during this period can lead to impaired fetal nutrition and oxygen hunger.

how to get rid of a cough during pregnancy Hazards of the second trimester:

  • Fetoplacental insufficiency,
  • Risk of premature birth,
  • Wrong formation of the nervous system and bone tissue.

All these dangers can be triggered by an ordinary cough if it is not treated or does it wrong.

Third trimester

cough during pregnancy 2 trimester treatment The last trimester of pregnancy is the least dangerous for the fetus in terms of disease and the effects of medications. The placenta is already aging and becoming less permeable to both pathogens and medicines. However, my mother's illnesses accelerate the aging of the placenta, and therefore worsen fetal nutrition in the last weeks of development. Cough is a symptom. Most often in the third trimester, its cause is a cold. Treatment during this period is individual, as it is necessary to take into account a multitude of factors of the woman's condition, the fetus and the course of the previous weeks of pregnancy.

Treatment of cough

The most important thing in treating pregnant women is not to harm the fetus. Self-medication is unacceptable.

Strongly contraindicated many drugs. This prohibition is especially strict in the early stages, it is based on the fact that these drugs can cause severe flogging in the development of the child. Also, not all treatment procedures that are customarily prescribed for the treatment of various diseases are suitable for pregnant women.

What can not be pregnant

  • Antibiotics;
  • Such cough remedies as Linkas, Codelac, ACTS, Bronholitin, Pertussin;
  • Inhalation at high temperature;
  • Mustard;
  • Hot foot baths;
  • Physiotherapy.

Tablets and lozenges

than to cough cough during pregnancy Any cough medicine for a pregnant woman is selected with a current of minimum risk for the unborn child.

Solid dosage forms are tablets, lozenges and lozenges. One of the most common means for coughing during pregnancy is Mukaltin( an extract of an althaea).In addition, you can use extracts of other herbs, produced in the form of tablets.

For pregnant women, extracts of mother-and-stepmother, plantain are considered effective and at the same time relatively safe.

pills for cough with thermopsis in pregnancy

Tablets from a cough with a medicinal plant Thermopsis can also be used for pregnant

Prescribe to pregnant patients and tablets for coughing thermopsis with soda, which are usually called "From a cough".This plant has a good expectorant effect. The tablet also includes sodium bicarbonate, which dilutes sputum. However, it is necessary to take such tablets with care and taking into account individual characteristics, because large doses of thermopsis can provoke miscarriage.

Of drugs that depress the cough reflex is allowed Tusuprex in tablets.

From 14 weeks of pregnancy, if necessary, tablets and pills with the content of butamirate may be prescribed: Intussin, Stoptussin.

Lozenges and lozenges are convenient in that they not only help cough, but also soften the sore throat, improve nasal breathing with a cold. Most often these preparations contain extracts of sage, eucalyptus, plantain, chamomile. It can be: Travisil, Dr. Theiss.


cough syrup during pregnancy 1 term For the treatment of cough syrup can be prescribed. They can be based on the same herbs as in tablets, for example, marshmallows. Safe for pregnant women are the following:

  • Althea syrup( Muciltin analog with wet cough);
  • Licorice syrup;
  • Syrup Doctor Theiss.

It is possible to meet recommendations for the treatment of cough in pregnant women with the help of Gedelix, Bronchicum or Sinekoda. However, manufacturers of these drugs in the instructions warn that there is not enough clinical practice for this. Therefore, the doctor in each case decides whether to prescribe drugs.

Consequences and complications of

how to get rid of a cough during pregnancy

The usual cough, which seems quite harmless, can lead to complications - miscarriage, premature birth of

Cough itself and the disease that caused it can be dangerous. An ordinary cold without proper treatment can lead to complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia that require serious treatment.

Cough, especially severe paroxysmal, causes tension in the muscles of the abdomen and uterus, which can cause an increase in her tone and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Also, the tension in coughing can provoke a detachment of the placenta. It threatens with premature birth and hormonal failure.


In this video, even more recipes for cough during pregnancy:

To avoid unpleasant consequences, a woman needs to be attentive to herself, when a cough occurs, immediately consult a doctor and take all the recommendations for treatment seriously.