Today, people who have upper respiratory tract diseases often get into the therapist's office. Moreover, not only adults, but also children suffer from such ailments. The most common manifestations of colds are cough and runny nose. Defeating such symptoms is possible with the help of various medications, but a quick effect can be achieved with the help of inhalations. This procedure involves the inhalation of hot steam. To carry it out, a special device called nebulizer is used. It is distinguished by its safety and convenience. The most popular nebulizer remains the compressor company Omron.


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inhaler omron for children

The main advantage of inhalations isthat dru

g solutions with steam are sent directly to the respiratory tract and begin to have a positive effect. Due to the fact that the medicinal particles do not affect the gastrointestinal tract, nebulizer inhalations have no side effects. The compressor type of the device has the maximum effect, because under pressure, air through a medicinal liquid sprays it into small particles. Due to their small size, they are capable of affecting even the lowest parts of the respiratory tract. Compared to other nebulizers, for example ultrasonic, the compressor Omron has a certain disadvantage, which consists in the fact that the device can not function without a current source.

As for the positive qualities, the presented device can boast the following:

  1. In the construction of the Omron nebulizer there are virtual valves. Thanks to them, the device can be used in the mode of natural breathing, in other words, the medicinal solution will be given only during the inhalation of a person.
  2. Compared with ultrasonic nebulizers, the compressor Omron allows you to do inhalation with the use of various medications, even such as antibiotics and hormonal medications. The work of the inhaler implies the breakdown of the medicinal liquid into small particles.
  3. The device has a light weight and is easy to use.
  4. Treatment of the common cold using a nebulizer Omron can be performed with an elevated temperature regime.
  5. Comes with a variety of nozzles, thanks to which the device can be used to treat colds in children and adults.
  6. The low cost of the device, as a result of which everyone can purchase it.

On the video - inhaler Omron for children:

What is the

device For the compressor nebulizer Omron is characterized by small dimensions, and its design assumes the presence of two parts. The first part is a compressor, thanks to which it is possible to blow out fresh air. A tube comes from the compressor, which leads to the nebulizer. It is presented in the form of a small plastic cup with a plug. It connects to the face mask.

Thanks to this simple design, the Omron compressor nebulizer can be used by anyone. It is easy to assemble and turn on. To make the device able to earn, you need to dial the necessary amount of medicine in a glass, connect the tubes and press the button. Then you will notice the steam coming out of the mask.

On video - inhaler for cough and catarrhal Omron:

This indicates that the Omron is working correctly. Thanks to the system of virtual valves, the medicine is given when the patient begins to inhale. It is also possible to regulate the flow of the jet, as a result of which the device can be used by both children and the elderly. Also, virtual valves allow achieving economical consumption of the medicine. In a set with a nebulizer there are two masks of various sizes, a tube and nasal cannulae.

Indications for use

asthma in a child to use an inhaler Omron

Nebulizer Omron is actively used for inhalations, due to which it is possible to eliminate various colds, inflammation of the respiratory tract and allergies. Get a positive effect on inhalations possible with the following diseases:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic cough( here the symptoms and treatment of an allergic cough in a child are described);
  • ARVI, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngotracheitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis;
  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • cystic fibrosis.

Which solutions can be used

The Omron device allows to achieve a positive effect when using any medications. The only exception is the oily solutions and herbs of medicinal herbs. Get the maximum effect is possible, provided that the nebulizer is filled with a ready-made solution. If not, then you can prepare the medicine yourself. It is necessary to dilute the drug with saline solution. Most often the doctor prescribes the following medicines:

  • antiallergic medicines - Kromogeksal, for the treatment of the common cold also use Cromohexal nasal spray;Cromohexal;
  • medications that dilate the bronchi: Berotek, Berodual( here inhalations are described with a dry cough nebulizer with berodual), Salamol;
  • mucolytics and expectorants: Ambroxol, Lazolvan( here indicated the ratio of Lazolvan and saline for inhalation) or Ambrobe;
  • antibiotics: Fluimucil, Dioxydin;
  • hormonal agents that help to remove inflammation: Pulmicort;Pulmicort;
  • is an alkaline or saline solution.

How to use in adults

In order for inhalations with the Omron nebulizer to have a positive effect, you need to know the instructions for use. It assumes the following action plan:

  1. A careful study of the instructions, approval of the doctor for manipulation.
  2. Fill the device with a special solution used for inhalation. You can dilute them with saline, and also carry out steam procedures with the help of mineral water.
  3. To perform manipulation in the free-breathing mode, do not take deep breaths, otherwise there may be a fit of coughing.
  4. Position the nebulizer chamber in an upright position, and the patient must take a comfortable position for him.
  5. Inhalation through a nebulizer Omron is necessary every 1-2 hours after ingestion of .The duration of manipulation is 20 minutes. After such treatment it is necessary to have a rest a little.
  6. After handling, rinse thoroughly the mask and all other parts of the appliance.

On the Omron inhaler for children and adults:

What is prohibited during the procedure

Although it is very simple and easy to use the Omron nebulizer, there is a number of actions that are strictly forbidden:

  1. Use medicines without the approval of a doctor.
  2. Do not dilute the preparation with water.
  3. You can not fill the compressor nebulizer with oil solutions, pharmacy syrups and herb brands.
  4. Do not use expectorants before you breathe fumes.
  5. It is forbidden to treat people with impaired cerebral circulation prone to nosebleeds and insufficient heart function.
  6. During operation, do not cover the compressor.

A medicinal liquid for inhalation can be obtained on the basis of saline solution while observing the antiseptic rule. For these purposes, do not use tap water, boiled water. You can use a syringe or pipette to fill the device with a solution. The container in which the solution is prepared must be previously disinfected by boiling.

The finished solution can not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours. Before carrying out the manipulation, the liquid must be brought to a temperature of 20 degrees. omron inhaler for children and adults

Application by small patients

Generally, steam procedures do not provide pleasant sensations to small patients. But thanks to a modern instrument from the company Omron promotes the fact that the kids are happy to breathe in pairs. Thanks to the small size and ease of use, kids like to breathe through the mask, blowing steam. For such patients, the company produces special devices in the form of bright attractive toys. In addition, you can use a nebulizer Omron even for infants. During such treatment, cough and inflammation quickly go away. Manipulation is allowed even to children at a temperature of 38 degrees.


Anyone can purchase this amazing device at the pharmacy. The cost of a nebulizer Omron is 3600-8500 rubles. It all depends on the model of the selected device.


  • Irina, 34 years old : "I am very satisfied with the device I purchased. I bought it for my daughter when she had a violent cough. She agreed to do the procedure the first time. Thanks to various attachments, you can use a nebulizer to treat cough and cold. I sometimes just spray room temperature around the room when the baby rhinitis. The effect is very impressive. The number of procedures on day 4-5, and the duration of therapy for us was 5 days. "
  • Stanislav, 45 years old: "Nebulizer Omron is an excellent device. I conduct manipulations with the use of Borjomi in the treatment of cough, a cold. I add a couple of drops of Rotocan to the water. Such a large number of attachments allows the appliance to be used by the entire family member. What I do not particularly like is the noisiness of the work. But this is typical for all neblaisers, and so there are no more complaints. "
  • Karina, 24, : "My son was diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor assigned us steam inhalations using a nebulizer. I purchased a device from Ormon. This device is not very much like it, since it is allowed to use it even for small children. It is very easy to use, easy to assemble. The course of therapy was a week for us, during this time all the symptoms of the disease were suppressed. "

A variety of medications have been developed for the treatment of colds. But today steam inhalations are popular, for which the nebulizer is used. If you want to quickly and qualitatively carry out inhalations, then pay your attention to the device manufactured by Omnor. It is inexpensive, evenly distributes the solution particles and can be used for children. Perhaps you will be useful information on how to treat bronchitis with a nebulizer. If you need to cure rhinitis, then read what you can pour into the nebulizer from the cold.