Uncomfortable and even painful condition - stuffiness in the ears often occurs suddenly. This phenomenon can be caused by a mass of causes, the information about which is presented below. Determine the factors of occurrence, possible consequences and treatment will help the information of our article.


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    • 1.2 Water entering the ear canal
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    • 1.5 inflammation of the Eustachian tube
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Why is

lays an ear cause and cure

Beforethan to solve a problem, it is necessary to understand the reasons for its occurrence. Ejaculation of the ear can be caused by various factors, many of which are completely natural. For example, if this symptom occurs during a flight on an airplane, this only indicates a change in cabin pressure. It's not worth worrying, the stuffiness will go away by itself when pressure normalizes. Such cases

are often noted in diving, especially when diving to depth with scuba.

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In addition to these purely physical causes of ear congestion, there are many physiological factors that cause such conditions. Most of them are quite harmless, but there are also serious problems in which it is vitally important to seek medical help.

Physiological grounds

  • Congenital anatomical deformations of the earpiece.
  • Inflammation of the eustachian tube.
  • Appearance of sulfuric plugs.
  • Water contamination.
  • Foreign object in the ear.
  • Side effects of taking some medications.
  • Otitis of different localization.

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Let's consider in detail the main causes of ear congestion and treatment methods.

It is quite natural that for an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to examine the doctor - an otolaryngologist, who will advise further measures. An important symptom is audible noise, headaches and other additional manifestations of the disease.

The video tells about the reasons why the ear lays and the treatment of this phenomenon:

Water entering the auditory meatus

Relatively simple phenomenon, usually not requiring extraneous interference. Water can get into your ear while swimming, diving and even just taking a bath. In this case, temporary deafness can be accompanied by a barely audible gurgling and some discomfort.

On the video - water ingress as a possible cause of noise in the ears:

Getting rid of water in the ear is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to lie on one side so that the padded ear is on the bottom. After this, it is necessary to perform several swallowing movements or yawns. After a while the water will flow out and immediately appear lost hearing.

Frequent cases of water entering the ear canal can be caused by an ear plug, which in itself can severely impair hearing or completely block the auditory canal.

Gray plug

The process of earwax is absolutely natural, because it prevents contamination of the auditory canal. At the same time, sometimes an excessive amount of sulfur can cause the plug to form. This phenomenon can be painful and almost always accompanied by hearing loss and sometimes head dizzy.

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Safely and quickly remove the sulfur plug is a specialist, but at home there are several methods. Use them with caution, so as not to damage the surface of the drum partition.

The video tells about the sulfur plug, as the reason why it lays the ears and nose:

How to remove the sulfur plug yourself:

  • In the clogged ear, pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and wait a few minutes.
  • Occurrence of hiss, slight burning and extraneous noise is quite natural, but the procedure must be stopped if there is severe pain.
  • Approximately 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to lie on the side opposite to the buried ear.
  • After the required time has elapsed, turn the head back and wait for the peroxide to flow out of the ear. There will be dissolved particles of earwax.
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure several times, carefully removing the remnants of the plug.

The video tells about the possibility of removing the sulfuric plug at home:

You can buy special pharmacy products to remove ear plugs. The algorithm for applying these tools is detailed in the attached instructions.

Foreign object

It is difficult not to notice a foreign object entering the auditory canal, because it is characterized by soreness and temporary loss of hearing. If an insect has entered the ear, it must be removed as soon as possible to exclude the possibility of damage to the drum partition, for which you can use a simple trick. In the ear, pour in a little peroxide or boiled water. For the same purposes, you can use warm vegetable oil.

After this, turn your head to ensure free outflow of fluid. Usually the insect will come out with the liquid, but sometimes the doctor may need help. Do not use hard and sharp objects, and cotton buds can usually only further poke the object into the ear canal.

The video tells about the foreign body as a possible reason why it hurts the nape and lays the ears:

Inflammation of the eustachian tube

This disease is otherwise called eustachyte, in the place of localization of the problem. The Eustachian tube is an important organ of the hearing aid, if its patency is hampered by mucosal edema, sounds simply do not reach the eardrum and the person does not hear them. The cause of inflammation can become past colds, runny nose and not treated otitis.

Treatment of eustachyitis should primarily be aimed at eliminating the cause of inflammation. When bacterial infection is prescribed antibiotics, and if the nature of the disease is viral, the optimal solution to the problem will help anti-inflammatory and restorative means.

Ignoring these anxiety symptoms can aggravate the situation and lead to a life-threatening disease - labyrinthitis .These are inflammatory processes in the inner ear, which often cause painless symptoms. Complications after labyrinthitis include a long list, ranging from complete deafness and ending with an abscess of the brain.

On video - inflammation of the Eustachian tube:

Anatomical features of

Often hearing loss and feeling of congestion can be caused by more serious diseases, as well as pathologies of the anatomical structure of the hearing aid. The reason for the obstruction of the ear can be even a curved nasal septum, therefore the examination and conclusion should be given only by a doctor - an otolaryngologist. The specialist will prescribe and treat, but the home methods here are not only powerless, but they can provoke further deterioration.

On the video - about the features of bad hearing:

Sharp loss of hearing, both in one, and at once in both ears can be provoked by disorders of the auditory center of the brain. This neurological condition can become a consequence of the transferred diseases, stresses or decrease in immunity. In any case, self-medication will not help, because often and from drug preparations there is no effect, so surgery will be required.

Immobilization in pregnant women

An "interesting position" often becomes the reason for the regular pawning of the ear. In addition to the above reasons and diseases, it can be caused by hormonal changes in the body, as well as a nonspecific manifestation of toxicosis.

Pregnancy is not a time for experimentation, so it is better to entrust diagnosis and treatment to a specialist. In the absence of objective reasons for concern, one can only advise several techniques that can temporarily "clear" the pledged ear. pregnancy lays the ear

Methods of reducing the stuffiness of the ears:

  • Swallowing movements, slow liquid drinking.
  • Mint chewing gum or lozenges.
  • Breathe in and out with a wide open mouth.
  • Small rest in a horizontal position.
  • Yawning with a closed mouth.

Hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman can often cause strange symptoms, most of which pass by themselves. If, after childbirth, the frequent stuffiness of the ear does not go away, perhaps you should look for another reason for these conditions.

If you are laid in your ears, you should not take it lightly. The absence of pain symptoms is a common reason for neglecting these conditions. Sometimes even an inoffensive and insignificant hearing loss can signal serious illnesses that need immediate action. Timely treatment will help to avoid the progression of the disease and prevent dangerous complications.