Many parents have encountered this simple, but at the same time extremely effective drug. Dry cough medicine: the mechanism of its effect, the principle and scheme of admission for children and adults, as well as the cost and reviews - all read in our article.


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The unique formulation is optimally suited for muculatory action. All components are most useful and help to sputum. If the cough is too dry, the drug will help to loosen it and make it easier to expectorate.


Useful components

  • Licorice root extract has long been famous for its antitussive effect. Thanks to him, we can expect a noticeable improvement in two or three days. Has a stimulating effect on the secretion of pulmonary epithelium, which helps to eliminate sputum. Extract of licorice root
  • The roots of the are equally important in the su
    ccessful fight against coughing. Its functions are: anti-inflammatory and bronchosecretory, which means that it helps sputum release and reduce its viscosity. In parallel, this component fights inflammatory processes in the bronchi and, despite a relatively weak effect on microorganisms, more successfully helps the rapid regeneration of the affected mucous membranes. the roots of the altake
  • Anise oil is a good antispasmodic, moreover it has bactericidal properties. Characteristic smell of the mixture is due to this component.

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anise oil

  • Additional chemical compounds : sodium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride and sodium benzoate help to slightly change the acidity of the mucosa. Alkaline effect has a mulaltic effect and promotes the fastest withdrawal of sputum from the bronchi and lungs.

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Thanks to almost completely natural composition, cough mixture is specially prescribed for young children( from 1 year), and also during pregnancy and feeding( after consulting a doctor).Contraindications for the drug, of course, is, but they all refer to the individual intolerance of the acting components and allergic manifestations.

You can not take medicine for patients who have suffered organic heart damage: myocardial infarction, myocarditis and pericarditis. With care appoint to patients with various concomitant diseases of the kidneys and liver. Here, the decision must be taken for each case separately. Severe obesity can also be attributed to the contraindications of this medication, as well as diabetes( requires a doctor's consultation).

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Do not take the medicine without additional medications, the most effective means is achieved precisely in the complex therapy of cough. When treating such diseases, the patient must ensure a constant intake of warm liquid( tea, compote or simply water).This is extremely important for the successful excretion of sputum.

Adverse events are relatively rare, but if you feel nauseated after taking the medication, there is a rash, vomiting and upset stomach - you need an urgent refusal of the medicine. Further treatment can be discussed with a specialist.

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Indications for use

  • Dry cough.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Bronchopneumonia.
  • Tracheitis.
  • Asthmatic manifestations.
  • Tuberculosis.

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The fastest result is the treatment of a damp cough. With a dry cough, it is necessary to give the medicine time to act on the bronchial secretion and form a sufficient amount of sputum. It is not advisable to take both antitussive drugs at the same time. This can have the opposite effect and cork sputum in the bronchi. The optimal combination will be observed if you take the medicine during the day, and at night use an antitussive drug. Any combination of medicines must be agreed with the attending physician.

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On the video - children's dry medicine for cough:

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Form release and prices

Dry cough medicine is available in single-dose portion packets. You must raise it in a glass of warm boiled water. To small children it is possible to reduce a single portion to half a glass. The cost of one serving of medicine will range from 9 to 15 rubles.

On the photo - instruction for the use of children's dry medicine for cough:


Sold product also in vials. Thus, it is possible to provide comfortable treatment for an adult or a guaranteed intake for a long time. Dilute the medicine with boiled water to the mark on the container. Before use, shake the liquid slightly( sediment may form). Store best in the refrigerator for no more than a month in dilute condition. Before use, slightly warm the medicine to room temperature.

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dry infant cough syrup

The cost of such a drug will be slightly higher, but also very democratic and affordable for everyone - from 100 rubles per bottle.

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  • Children from one year to six teaspoons three to four times a day after meals.
  • Children from six years to 16 - a dessert spoon three to four times a day after meals.
  • Adults and children from 16 years: one tablespoon four times a day.

Dry cough medicine is an excellent tool, affordable and effective. It helps to loosen a dry, painful cough and quickly withdraw phlegm from the lungs and bronchi. It is used in complex treatment and has proved itself well among expectorants of a wide spectrum of action. A fairly significant advantage will be its affordable cost, and the priority for caring parents will be the natural composition of the drug.

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  • Marina, 33 years old: "As an independent drug, I did not take dry cough syrup for children, but after having had pneumonia it was prescribed as an additional remedy. Personally for me, "pleasant anise smell" is not very impressive, but this is probably the only claim to the drug. With a cough he coped with a solid "four", and given its cost, it is impossible to desire more. To my children, I sometimes buy it instead of synthetic cough syrups. They drink it quite willingly, and the action is especially effective if one catches a cold at the beginning of development. "
  • Olga, 24 years old: "For the first time, I was hospitalized with a child just before my first birthday. Complex bronchitis, which he could not cure at home. After a course of two antibiotics, we returned home, but continued to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor. One of them was dry cough syrup. At first, I was skeptical and wanted to buy another drug( more expensive, and, therefore, more effective).The pharmacist dissuaded, saying that practically the whole composition is natural, and we took enough chemistry in the hospital. In general, we bought this medicine and thanks to it completely got rid of a cough. The little son at first did not drink it very willingly, but then got used to it and opened the mouth itself. Now in the home medicine chest just in case there are a few sachets, let's not be useful ".
  • Svetlana, 36 years old: "I myself am a doctor, although not a pulmonological profile. I often come across the opinion of patients when they perceive affordable medicine as obviously ineffective. This is fundamentally wrong, many expensive and "effective" drugs actually have significantly cheaper analogues with a virtually identical composition. Dry cough medicine is a proven remedy that has a good mucilage effect. Pneumonia or strong bronchitis to treat it, I would not advise, but that's to remove the residual effects or cope with ARVI or a slight cold is quite possible. "