The healing properties of aloe. Application of aloe in folk medicine

How to properly apply aloe for the treatment of various diseases, contraindications and useful advice - read this article.


  • Therapeutic properties of
    aloe and contraindications
  • Contraindications to the use of aloe juice
  • Application of aloe in folk medicine. Recipes for various diseases
  • Recipes of aloe juice for gastritis and other stomach diseases
  • Recipes for aloe vera juice with cough
  • Aloe vera juice recipes for raising the immunity
  • How to make aloe juice at home?
  • Preparations with aloe for external use and inside
  • Can I use aloe juice during pregnancy?
  • The healing properties of aloe: tips and reviews
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Among medicinal domestic plants, aloe, or the century-old, is especially popular. Many home have this plant, which is often called a doctor and uses its medicinal properties for healing from many ailments.

Therapeutic properties of aloe and contraindications

The healing properties of the plant doctor explains its interesting chemical composition.

IMPORTANT: The juice of aloe many vitamins - A , E , B vitamins , vitamin C , there are many minerals , amino , flavonoids , as it is rich in enzymes and with carotenoids .

  • Juice of the plant perfectly penetrates into tissues and works well at the application site
  • analgesic
  • The ability of aloe to fight with pathogenic microbes is due to its bactericidal properties, therefore it is used as wound healing and anti-inflammatory for many diseases of the oral cavity - stomatitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, as well as skin lesions - cuts, burns, non-healing wounds, ulcers
  • Aloe - is an excellent regenerating remedy. In addition to removing inflammation, it normalizes metabolism in cells, accelerates granulation processes in the wounds, thus significantly accelerates healing
  • Aloe preparations are actively used in cosmetology and gynecology
  • Aloe juice is famous for its antihistaminic properties: it will relieve the itchingand edema, so it treats allergic skin diseases( eczema, dermatitis)
  • Juice juice is useful in pathology of the digestive tract. It strengthens the secretory capacity of the digestive organs, acts as a strong stimulant in case of bile duct disorders
  • Aloe is shown in case of constipation, because it shows laxative action
  • Also shows diuretic action,
  • immunostimulating
  • appetizing

Contraindications to the use of aloe juice

Due to the fact that aloe is a strong biostimulator , its drugs are not prescribed for oncology, fibrous formations, polyps.

IMPORTANT: Because of the powerful stimulating action, aloe can not be used during pregnancy and during menstruation. In addition, aloe is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • exacerbation of severe infections,
  • severe liver and kidney pathology,
  • any bleeding( uterine, gastric, hemorrhoidal),
  • hypertensive disease.

Application of aloe in folk medicine. Recipes for various diseases

For appetite enhancement and normalization of the digestive processes , as well as for recovery of the weakened organism after the transferred diseases, it is recommended to take aloe juice.

RECIPE : Connect 150 grams of aloe juice, a glass of natural honey and 350 ml of fortified grape wine. This mixture should be insisted 5 days, drink 1 tbsp.l.before meals three times a day.

For weakened children is good such
RECIPE : In 100 grams of juice add a pound of crushed walnuts( kernels), 300 grams of honey and juice from 4 lemons. Drink a mixture of 1 tsp.three times a day before meals.

RECIPE : Runny nose is excellent for treating a doctor's juice. In each nasal passage it is necessary to dig in 2-3 drops for a week.

RECIPE : Sore throat is treated with rinsings with diluted warm water juice( 1: 1), after rinsing it is good to drink 1 tsp.fresh juice diluted in warm milk.

The aloe leaf quickly removes the toothache .

RECIPE : Perfectly helps aloe with pulmonary form of tuberculosis .100 grams of animal fat or conventional butter are mixed with 20 g of aloe juice, 100 ml of honey and 100 g of cocoa powder. This mixture should be taken orally in 1 tbsp.three times a day, washed down with warm milk.

RECIPE : For constipation, the folk remedy is a great help: 150 grams of cut leaves thoroughly crushed, pour 300 ml of warmed honey( not boiled!), Insist 24 hours, warm and strain. Take 1 the morning on an empty stomach.

RECIPE : Aloe is a good helper for ridding from herpes .Herpetic sores are lubricated with fresh juice 6-8 times a day.

For the treatment of of the long-healing wounds , erosions , ulcers and other skin lesions use ointment based on aloe.
RECIPE : An ointment is prepared as follows: mix fresh juice with honey in equal parts, add 1 tbsp to the prepared mixture.l.of medical alcohol( per 200 grams of mixture), mix thoroughly. Keep the ointment should be in the refrigerator.

Recipes of aloe juice for gastritis and other stomach diseases

Aloe juice has proven itself for the treatment of gastritis and other gastric pathologies( erosions, ulcers), and it is suitable for treatment of both hypoacid gastritis( with a decreased secretion of gastric juice) and with increased acidity.

IMPORTANT: With reduced acidity, aloe enhances the secretory function of the stomach, normalizes the digestive process, eliminates atrophic phenomena, improves the mucosal state. With acidity of , due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, the juice acts as an analgesic and healing agent.

Recipe for aloe with honey:
RECIPE : Harvested leaves of the plant are kept in the refrigerator for at least 10 days. After that they are ground to a gruel-like condition. Then mix with honey in equal parts. Take the drug for 1 tablespoon.three times a day, a course of 20 days, then do a 10-day break and you can repeat the course.

For gastritis, wine tincture with aloe is also prepared:
RECIPE : 500 grams of crushed leaves mixed with 500 ml of honey, heated mixture in a water bath and topped with 500 ml of grape wine, insist for a week. Drink tincture according to the scheme: the first 7 days - 1 tsp.three times a day, the next 14 days - 1 tbsp.3 times daily.

Recipes of aloe vera juice with cough

IMPORTANT: Aloe is a simple find in the treatment of protracted cough due to its active anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immunostimulating and regenerating properties.

Recipe with honey:
RECIPE : Mix natural honey with fresh plant juice( 1: 1).Take inside 1 tsp.3-6 times a day at least a week. Recipe with oil:
RECIPE : 1 tbsp.l.combine the juice of the century with 100 g of oil and 100 ml of honey, mix well. Twice a day take 1 tbsp.with a glass of boiled milk. The course of treatment is 5-7 days.

RECIPE : Take vodka, aloe juice and honey in equal parts, mix and insist 10 days in the refrigerator. Drink a tincture of 1 tbsp.three times a day. This recipe is also suitable for preventing colds in the winter( 1 tsp three times a day).

Recipes of aloe juice for raising the immunity

RECIPE : A good fortifying and immunomodulating agent is a mixture of aloe juice, lemon juice, honey and crushed nuts. All the ingredients are combined in equal parts - 200 g of each product. Take 1 tsp.three times a day before meals.
RECIPE : Make a decoction of St. John's wort( 20g of grass for 1 liter of water), cool, strain. Combine with 30 g of fresh aloe juice, 15 g of honey, 3/4 cup of grape wine. Drain everything in a bottle of dark glass, soak for 7 days. Reception for 2 tsp.3-6 times daily for three weeks.

How to prepare aloe juice at home?

In order to get a portion of medicinal juice, cut the most fleshy lower leaves of the plant, which is not less than 3 years, better 5-7.Then the leaves are washed, dried and placed in a refrigerator for several days.

IMPORTANT: Before cutting the leaves, do not water the plant for several days so that the nutrients in the leaves are as concentrated as possible.

The leaves in the refrigerator are cut into pieces and juice is squeezed through the gauze pouch.

IMPORTANT: This juice should be squeezed a little, for 1 serving, because the juice of aloe is most effective only in freshly squeezed form.

The leaves are best cut with a ceramic, not an iron knife, as the properties of aloe are somewhat lost upon contact with iron.

Preparations with aloe for external use and inside

Not only in popular medicine are the curative properties of aloe. Official medicine uses drugs with this plant healer to treat various ailments.
Pharmaceutical manufactures aloe extract - sabur ( dried juice).The drug is prescribed inside, and also used in solution for subcutaneous injections.

IMPORTANT: Doctors prescribe an aloe extract with intensive antibiotic therapy, with slow chronic infections to stimulate immunity.

Aloe extract solution is prescribed for pneumonia , for the treatment of festering foci in the body , in the form of inhalations with bronchitis .Aloe vera juice is added to phytopreparations containing iron used to treat anemia.

ointments and gels with the addition of aloe are applied externally with allergic, inflammatory skin diseases, as well as mechanical, thermal damage to the skin.

Can I use aloe juice during pregnancy?

Despite all the usefulness of medicines containing aloe, medicine warns about the dangers of their use during pregnancy and lactation.

IMPORTANT: Substances contained in this plant can provoke uterine contractions, resulting in abortion, that is, miscarriage. In addition, aloe can cause a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels.

Women in an interesting position are allowed to use aloe only as an external means - in the form of masks for the skin or to strengthen the hair.

IMPORTANT: Internal reception of pregnant women is prohibited even in the form of drops in the treatment of the common cold.

Therapeutic properties of aloe: advice and reviews

  • Before using the drugs with aloe, you need to consult a doctor.
  • Use for medicinal purposes can only a perennial( from 3 years old) plant.
  • Harvested aloe leaves can not be kept outdoors, they can only be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Aloe can not be taken after 19 hours, to avoid sleep disturbances.
  • Before applying aloe vera juice, it is necessary to conduct a tolerance test( apply a few drops on the inside of the forearm, assess the skin condition after 30 minutes - if there is redness and swelling, ie, an allergic reaction).
  • Because of strong stimulating properties it is impossible to apply aloe for the treatment of small children up to 3 years, even externally, since the active substances contained in the perennial are absorbed into the baby's body.


Valentine : At home, as long as I can remember, on the windowsill there always lives a century. We are treated constantly. Colds, runny nose, constipation - from all helps. Do not replace any pharmacy.

Michael : There was a case, coughed probably two months. Tore his liver with all kinds of medicines. For a week and a half got rid of the cough juice of aloe with honey. Really helps. It would seem, just a room flower. ..

Video: Aloe from gastritis

Video: What heals aloe?

Video: Aloe, recipes and applications

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