In the arsenal of the first aid kit, there are many drugs for all occasions. One of the most indispensable in the treatment of various types of cough is a special syrup "Prospan".The maximum natural ingredients and good efficacy long ago gained popularity among similar drugs."Propane" is often recommended by pediatricians for the treatment of children of the first year of life, because he has no contraindications for age. More information about its medicinal properties, application and cost can be found from the information of our article.


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Natural components of Proscane have a good mucalt effect, help dilute sputum and eliminate it naturally. Syrup can be taken with a dry and wet cough, children with birth and pregnant women, as well as during lactation. Here you can see what other cough syrups are for infants. By reference, y

ou can see which syrups are taken from cough during pregnancy.

On the photo - cough syrup Prospan:

cough syrup

Syrup composition:

  • Ivy leaf extract, dry equivalent of 7 mg per 1 ml of syrup. Ivy Leaf Extract
  • Purified water.
  • Potassium sorbate.
  • Citric acid.
  • Sorbitol solution 70%( sugar substitute).
  • Resin is xanthan.

In addition, the drug has an antimicrobial and antispasmodic effect. Although the syrup is sold without a prescription, it must be agreed with the attending physician. Usually taken in accordance with the instructions, focusing on the patient's age.

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How to use

instructions for the use of cough syrup

  • From birth to the year - 2.5 ml twice a day.
  • 1 to 5 years: 2.5 ml three times a day.
  • From 5 to 10 years - three times a day for 5 ml.
  • For children from 10 years and adults: 5-7,5 ml three times a day.

Indication for the use of the syrup "Prospan" is a complex therapy in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs. There are practically no contraindications to the drug, except for individual intolerance of the drug components and allergic reactions to fructose.

Side effects include a temporary laxative effect and the aforementioned individual allergic reactions. Due to the fact that the drug does not contain sugar, it is possible to use in diabetes. In the case of a triple excess of the recommended dose, symptomatic manifestations are observed: vomiting, diarrhea, which occur after the cause is eliminated.

Features of application

acceptance of cough syrup

  • Reception before meals. Maximum absorption of active ingredients occurs on an empty stomach.
  • For children up to a year the syrup is diluted with a small amount of warm boiled water.
  • Before use, the vial is shaken a little. The preparation contains natural substances that can give a slight turbidity and sediment.
  • The drug is stopped after two to three days after the disappearance of cough symptoms. If you cancel the medicine earlier, the disease can again progress.
  • The course of taking the drug - no more than a week. If at the end of this period there are no improvements, a second examination is needed to find out the possible causes of the symptoms.
  • Store in a cool place for up to a month in the open.
  • Shelf life of the drug is 3 years.


syrup from cough is taken as a complex, and in conjunction with other medicines

For the price category, the product is in the middle category. How much is the drug? Relatively high cost in comparison with chemical mukaltichnymi drugs is largely due to the content of natural substances. In pharmacies the syrup "Prospan" can be purchased approximately in the range from $ 5.4 to $ 6.1.For one course of admission for an adult, two bottles may be needed.

The release form

"Prospan" is produced not only in the form of syrup, although it is this consistency that is most convenient for the treatment of children. Is:

  • "Prospan" effervescent tablets( the age of the patient is from 4 years), and also awning in tablets
  • ready-made solution in sticks, recommended for children over 12 years and adults.

More recently, the drug "Prospan" drops that can be used for inhalations and inwards for better effect in cough treatment in complex therapy.

Good expectorant for treating cough - syrup "Prospan" has already won a consistently positive reputation in the complex therapy of bronchitis and pneumonia. The medicine enjoys the confidence of pediatricians and parents, and most importantly - it really effectively cures cough, both dry and wet. A good analogue to chemicals, and thanks to its natural composition can be used from birth and not prohibited during pregnancy and lactation. Here you can read from which cough syrup helps Dr. Mom. Here it is described, with what cough to take StoDal syrup. Read also how to stop a strong cough in a child at night. Here you will find recipes for the treatment of laryngitis in children by a nebulizer.


  • Natalia, 53 years old: "Prospan bought a granddaughter with bronchitis. Folk remedies no longer helped and we were sent to the hospital. It's good that the doctor took responsibility, left us at home under his control. We took propanum together with antibiotics, it helped better than the previous remedies. The cough was gone almost a week later, we treated the residual effects ourselves. "
  • Nikolay, 43 years old: " We bought a daughter for the treatment of a severe cough, even a diagnosis of bronchitis was made. The treatment was complicated by pregnancy, which she was already quite difficult to tolerate. Most drugs are contraindicated, but home methods have not worked. Thanks to "Prospan" bronchitis still did not prove to be true, but the cough was gone. "
  • Anna, 24 years old: "The first teeth of the child were cut by all the rules of the" horror film ": high fever, runny nose, restless nights and just a nightmarish cough. Our district pediatrician advised the hospital, but we refused for a number of reasons and decided on home treatment. High temperature was brought down only by paracetamol suppositories, then the gum was smeared with a special analgesic gel( I do not remember the name, we bought three of them until we found the optimal gel), but with a cough, we were helped by "Prospan".We removed the symptoms relatively quickly, but the tooth waited another three days. I myself made a reminder, which means can be used further. Better, of course, that it does not come in handy, but just in case the emergency reserve has already been collected. "
  • Vladislav, 35 years old: " As an experienced mother of three children, I often go to a drugstore and almost became a pharmacist myself. With the eldest daughter we had to get up to the hospitals and try many medications, so I brought up the twins more consciously. Early hardening and walks in any weather helped to strengthen immunity, but, unfortunately, nobody is insured against troubles, that's why with sons we were also sick, although not so often. It was pleasantly surprised the appearance of a new, in comparison with the childhood of the eldest daughter, the preparation "Prospan".He perfectly helped us to cure bronchitis at the age of five months without antibiotics, and in two years to transfer pneumonia( yes, in the hospital, but with minimal losses).The absence of "strawberry, orange or raspberry" taste and aroma pleased, like the natural composition. Our pediatrician also said that "Prospan" is not addictive, so we only buy it. A good substitute for synthetic substances, and the cost is adequate. "
  • Katya, 28 years old: "During pregnancy I took only" Prospan ", a painful cough took place literally in a week, even though the time was already pretty, and even wanted to be saved. A wonderful remedy, pleases a small list of contraindications and the possibility of taking children to a year old. "