The problem of increasing tonsils in a child has been encountered by every parent. This phenomenon can not be called a separate pathology, since it indicates the pathological processes that occur in the body of the crumbs. Different factors can affect the increase in tonsils. After the cause of the pathology has been determined, it will be possible to proceed to its treatment, the purpose of which is not simply to eliminate unpleasant manifestations, but also to suppress the underlying factor.


  • 1 Symptoms
  • 2 reasons
  • 3 If red throat
  • 4 If enlarged lymph nodes
  • 5 Treatment
    • 5.1 Preparations
    • 5.2 Folk remedies
    • 5.3 Propolis
    • 5.4 sugar and lemon juice
    • 5.5 Kerosene
    • 5.6 Rinse
    • 5.7 packs
    • 5.8 Infusions and decoctions
    • 5.9 Opinion of Komarovsky

Symptoms of

enlarged tonsils in a child

To understand that tonsils are enlarged, it is easy if you know the following clinic:

  • lymphoid gland changed its size, what becomesnoticeable when probed;
  • pain in the nasopharynx;
  • difficulty in swallowing food;
  • dysfunction in the respiratory system;
  • poor sleep;
  • red irritated throat;
  • temperature rise.

In addition to the presented symptoms, the child's condition worsens dramatically. He develops weakness, irritability arises, and yet he is unable to breathe through his nose and mouth. Often there is a seizure of inexplicable fear. The kid moves little, he does not want to play, and he does not drink much of the liquid.

Causes of

If the child has a high fever, this indicates an acute form of sore throat. In this case, the temperature can rise to 38-39 degrees. In addition to the growth of tonsils, there is a sore throat, which is worse when swallowing or eating.

An increase in tonsils, not accompanied by a rise in temperature, may also indicate the presence of catarrhal angina. It is this form of pathological process that occurs without fever. With its severe form of flow, the temperature can only rise to 37.5 degrees. It is not always possible to detect it at once, since it is possible to notice this symptom only on condition that you hold your hand for a long time on the forehead of the baby.

On video-enlarged tonsils in a child:

An increase in tonsils without a rise in temperature can get a number of other diseases:

  1. Ulcerous-film angina. This defeat of the tonsils by bacteria, which is characterized by the presence of ulcers with an oily plaque. Pathology proceeds in a mild form, without raising the temperature with the normal general condition of the patient.
    ulcerative-membranous angina

    Ulcerative Filamentous Angina

  2. Fungal tonsillitis and pharyngitis .With these diseases on the tonsils is noticeable cheesy plaque. Most often it is taken for pus in angina. When fungal affected tonsils in young patients, symptoms such as pain, swelling in the throat. In this case, its general state is normal, and there is no increase in temperature.
    fungal tonsillitis and pharyngitis

    Fungal tonsillitis and pharyngitis

  3. Chronic tonsillitis during exacerbation. It is often taken for angina due to the fact that on the tonsils are concentrated white or yellow stoppers resembling abscesses. And although the tonsils are increasing, the general condition of the child is satisfactory.

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Why there are white dots on the tonsils, but the throat does not hurt, is described in detail in this article.

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How is acute and chronic inflammation of the tonsils treated in children and by what means,is described in detail in this article.

If the red throat is

If the child has a red throat and enlarged tonsils, then this is a clear sign of infection. Influences on its development can such viruses and microbes:

  • meningokoki;
  • streptococci;
  • pneumococci;
  • of staphylococci;
  • adenovirus;
  • herpes;
  • enterovirus.

And here there are such symptoms as a red throat and an increase in tonsils can with the chronic form of rhinitis, sinusitis and caries. These are foci of infection that are concentrated around the glands.

Another reason for the pathological process can be cold air, which the child did not breathe through the nose, but through the mouth. It instantly affects the throat, leading to the development of inflammation.

If the enlarged lymph nodes

If the child has lymph nodes on the neck and the size of the tonsils has changed, then this is a sign of a viral or bacterial infection that has affected the entire body. Pulling with a hike to the doctor is not worth it, otherwise you can not avoid serious complications.

Treatment of

Hyperemia of the tonsils can occur in three stages. The first two can be cured with conservative therapy, but the third stage requires the surgeon's intervention.


As for medicines, the following can be prescribed for the treatment of pathology:

  1. Furacilin. This antimicrobial agent, through which it is possible to stop and inhibit the multiplication of harmful microbes. Use Furatsilin necessary for rinsing the mountain. Do this several times a day to stop the inflammatory process. But how it is necessary to wash the nose of Furacilin to a child is described in detail in this article.


  2. Tonsilgon ( and how it is worth using Tonzilgon for inhalations by Nebulizer, will help to understand this article) or Tonzilotren( and here are analogues of Tonzilotrena, is very detailed in this article).The products in question contain exclusively natural ingredients. They can be used by children from 1 year.has a powerful antiseptic effect, due to which it is possible to stop edema and inflammation, to normalize the work of the respiratory tract.


  3. Silver nitrate .With this solution, you can cure pharyngitis and other inflammatory processes that occur in the throat. Rinsing involves 1% or 2% silver nitrate.
    silver nitrate

    Silver nitrate

  4. Ultrasonic treatment .It is often used in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis, which causes hyperemia of the tonsils. This method is considered quite effective, since it allows to avoid surgical intervention. When using ultrasound, tonsils are cleared of pus, inflammation is stopped and the healing process is accelerated.
    ultrasound throat treatment

    Ultrasound throat treatment

Folk remedies

The pathological process with enlarged tonsils in a child can be cured with the help of proven non-traditional medicine.


Take raw materials in an amount of 20 g and chalk it chop. Add to it 100 ml of alcohol. Wait 3 days until the agent is infused. Babies can use the rinse aid. They need to be made as fashionable more often, and most importantly before eating. And here is how the polyps are treated in the nose with propolis, is described in great detail in this article.

propolis for the throat

Propolis for the throat

Sugar and lemon juice

This remedy strengthens the defenses of the body and promotes a quick recovery. To teach an effective medicine, you need to connect 20 ml of lemon juice and 20 g of sugar. The product is consumed 3 times a day. But how to use a lemon for a cold, is described in detail in this article.

Sugar and lemon juice

sugar and lemon juice

After taking it, you can reduce the sore throat, bring down the temperature.


This is another popular product in the treatment of enlarged tonsils. It is used to treat tonsils once a day for 10 days. To treat affected areas, it is necessary to moisten a stick wrapped in cotton wool in kerosene, squeeze and lubricate the sore spot, pressing the tongue with a spoon.


Rinsing can be used to treat a sore throat. It is through this manipulation that most bacteria in the larynx can be eliminated and pain reduced. For these purposes, use a decoction of chamomile, sage, salt water, a solution of boric acid and furatsilin.


Rinse the throat

To get the latter, you will need to dissolve the tablet in 100 ml of warm water.


With enlarged tonsils, compresses have an excellent effect. To do this, you have to brew the sage's broth, filter it and dip a scrap of gauze, bandage or fabric into it. Attach to the throat, and lay over the food film, warm scarf.

compresses on the throat

Compresses on the throat

Infusions and decoctions

For the treatment of enlarged tonsils, infusions and herbal infusions are often used. There are several effective recipes:

  1. Take 20 g clover, add 200 ml of boiling water. Wait 30 minutes, filter and gargle.
  2. Carefully wash the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother, get juice from them, add the onions to the juice in equal proportions, and then red dry wine. Apply to rinse.
  3. You can skip the garlic through the garlic, and then mix with the powdered sage. All this pour 1 liter of boiling water. Keep on the steam bath for 25 minutes. Then leave for 45 minutes and filter. Take 50 ml 3 times a day. You can also use it to rinse your throat.

Opinion of Komarovsky

Famous pediatrician Komarovsky in the treatment of hyperemia of the tonsils gives special attention to abundant drinking. Parents, as a rule, themselves impose on him a drink of a drink, forgetting that the pathological process in the crumb varies taste. In this case, it is necessary to let him drink what he wants. To conduct treatment all the same costs or stands by means of conservative methods. Do the doctor advises only in severe cases, when the pathological process begins to affect adjacent tissues or there is a risk of complications.

On video-enlarged tonsils in a child and Komarovsky's opinion:

Tremors of tonsils is a symptom that can indicate the development of several types of disease. For this reason, treatment can begin only after a fundamental factor has been identified. The fact is that for each disease there is a scheme of therapy, which allows to stop inflammation and alleviate the general condition of the child.