Three-year age of the child with his admission to the kindergarten. Acclimatization in a new place and with a new team is accompanied by catarrhal diseases. Often you can hear complaints from moms for a persistent cough and runny nose. Moreover, there are cases when a child is sick several times a month. And from rhinitis, he suffers most often. How to properly treat it at this age is told further.

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    runny nose in a child 3 years how to treat

    Basically, the runny nose does not require serious treatment, therefore, observing certain conditions for caring for the baby during the period of the disease and applying known medicinal and folkmeans you can successfully eliminate it.

    It is possible to alleviate the child's illness by creating the necessary conditions:

    • to keep the air temperature in his room from 18 to 22 0С;
    • increase the level of humidity in the room to prevent dryness in the nasal passages;
    • before the sleep of the baby pillow must be put in such a way that his head and shoulders were raised. Due to this, mucus will not accumulate and wake it during sleep;
    • from the age of two it is necessary to teach the child to properly clean the spout, warning him to blow his nose one at a time, first with one, and then with the second nostril. Cleansing the two nostrils at the same time may lead to the development of acute otitis ;
    • tell the baby that you can not delay the mucus in yourself, so that the infection does not get deeper into the nasopharynx;
    • to change to him more often handkerchiefs, so that he wipes the nose with dry handkerchiefs;
    • if the crumb himself can not clean the spout, then help him do it with an aspirator or a rubber pear;
    • give him to drink as much warm water or other drinks as possible. If he does not want to eat, do not force him to do this forcibly;
    • affectionately address to the kid, play and entertain him, so that he is distracted from the disease.

    The video tells how to treat a runny nose in a child 3 years:

    Therapy tools

    For the treatment of children at the age of three from the common cold, pharmacists offer a variety of medications. And also there are alternative methods of treatment in the form of physiotherapy, inhalation and foot baths.

    In the clinic they can prescribe a course of physiotherapy:

    • by ultrasound;
    • using a laser;
    • magnet;
    • UFO.

    At home, they will be completely replaced by inhalations, which can be done in the old manner above the pot or with the help of a purchased nebulizer. Acquire it is necessary in accordance with the age of the child and the most frequent disease.on the link you can read how to choose an inhaler for a child. Better if it comes with two masks: for children and adults. Then it will be possible to use the product with the whole family.

    Devices for ultraviolet irradiation can eliminate for 4 procedures. They are also good at quartz room.


    inhalation of a child with a cold

    With the help of special devices, the drug is sprayed in the form of an aerosol and penetrates deeply into the nasopharynx. Duration and the desired treatment regimen is selected according to the instructions. The agent for infusion into the device is prescribed by the doctor based on the diagnosed disease. Nebulizer can be used even for newborns. And children of three years of age will enjoy using it more than drinking other medicines or using drops for the nose. Only before starting to use it is necessary to explain to the child how to use it correctly. On your example, demonstrate the baby putting on a mask. To use it you need certain solutions, various formulations.

    Effective and affordable for use is 0.9% saline. It can be replaced by high-alkaline water "Borjomi".But before pouring into the device, they must be heated to a temperature of 300 ° C.This tool will help the child get rid of accumulated crusts in the nose and eliminate the feeling of dryness.

    For the treatment of serious diseases accompanied by an acute cold, Lazolvan or Ambrobene is prescribed. With the help of them you can dilute sputum and take it out. One portion of the medicine is diluted with the same amount of saline and poured into the nebulizer. Such therapy should last no more than five days. Children 3 years at a time appoint 1 ml of the composition. The procedure is repeated twice a day. Under the link in detail it is described, with what to do inhalations at a cold a nebulizer.


    To relieve a severe runny nose, but it can not be cured by vasoconstrictive drugs. They, acting on the nasal mucosa, cause vasoconstriction, and after that the edema decreases, because of which the air could not freely enter the nasal passages. The mucus becomes less fluid and does not irritate the mucous. These include:

    • Nazivin - contains 0.05 mg of oxymetazoline. Its capacity has a convenient pipette - dispenser, with which you can accurately dose the medicine. For toddlers of three years it is necessary to dig in 1 drop in each nostril three times a day. Here you can read the instruction on the use of Nazivin for children. Nazivin
    • Vibrocil. Drops in the nose Vibrocil for children have anticongestive and anti-allergic effect. It is digested two drops in each nasal passage 4 times a day. Nazivin
    • Otrivin is xylometazoline. Children's drops Otrivin removes puffiness, improves breathing with nasal congestion and adnexal sinuses. Applied 2 times a day for 2 drops in one nasal passage. Nazivin

    The course of treatment of vasoconstrictive drops should not exceed a week.

    To keep the mucous membrane dry, moisturizers are used. Most of them contain sea water, so gently clean the aisles of mucus, without irritating their walls. Popular are:

    • Aqua Maris contains a large amount of minerals and salts. A completely natural product that can be used even in infants. It is applied four times a day at the same intervals, two drops are injected into one nasal passage. Here you can read more about the application of nasal drops of Aqua Maris. AquaMaris for children
    • Saline has a local effect, does not have a bactericidal effect. Most often it is used for complex treatment. Eliminates manifestations of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the nose. Its active substance is sodium chloride. It is used two or three times a day. Bury one time in each pass. Salin
    • Akvalor contains minerals and natural ingredients. They need to do the lavage of the nose. The minimum amount of drug use per day is four times. If this is the initial stage of the disease, then you can do more washing. It can be used for nasal hygiene, so the duration of use is unlimited. 8

    Moisturizers can be used as needed, these dosages may vary depending on the complexity of the disease.

    On the video - treatment of a common cold in a child of 3 years:

    Folk methods of treatment

    At home without medication, the common cold is treated in all possible ways that are known from grandmothers.

    With a strong nasal congestion, the juice of the home flower - the Kalanchoe - is often saved. It is necessary to tear off a sheet from it and squeeze out a little juice. Then it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2.Collect half a pipette and drip the baby. When instilled, the child will sneeze intensively, and at the same time all accumulated mucus will come out. Just do not bury too much medicine so as not to injure the mucous membranes. It is better to supply drugs in the nose a little, but often. home-flower juice - Kalanchoe

    Runny nose in the initial stage will help to eliminate honey .It is necessary to give a child a piece of honeycomb or zabrus. The kid should chew it for at least five minutes. If the moment of the beginning of rhinitis is missed, then you can drip a mixture of honey and beet juice in a 1: 1 ratio. Each nasal passage is treated three times a day, digging in 1 - 2 drops. Honey from the common cold in children

    Inhalations without a nebulizer can be carried out over hot potatoes. This recipe is familiar to everyone from childhood. How to breathe over a potato with a cold? For the procedure, the root should be boiled and letting the baby breathe it in pairs, covering the dishes and its head with a dense cloth. This tool can be replaced with ordinary hot water with the addition of essential oils - pine, eucalyptus or fir and breathe in their vapors. All these steam procedures the child should spend under the supervision of the parents, so that he does not burn himself.

    For the final decision on the choice of funds, it is still worth asking for help from a pediatrician. Three years is a dangerous age in which any disease can turn into acute, and sometimes as a result of improper treatment, acquire chronic forms. And that this does not happen it is necessary to carry out preventive measures, one of which is the hardening of a growing organism. Also, read what to do if the child does not have a runny nose. Here you will find the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky, whether it is possible to walk a child with a cold. Perhaps you are also interested in whether the rhinitis is infectious without fever.