Angina is a common disease among children and adults. Here you can read what symptoms are manifested in angina. Today it is not so easy to find a medicine that would effectively eliminate all the inflammatory processes taking place in the oral cavity. But the majority of doctors in the preparation of treatment regimens for angina, stomatitis and various injuries of the mouth appoint a drug such as Stopangin. The main advantages of this medication are its effectiveness, low price, and also an absolute safe effect on the body.


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The effect of

the cost of stopangin spray for most growths

The Stopangin has an antiseptic effect, it is applied topically. In addition, doctors recommend the use of medicines for fungal infection of the mucous membrane. The presence of analgesic and enveloping effect allows you to actively use th

e drug in medical practice. The resulting effect persists for 10-12 hours.

Use Stopangin is recommended for the following pathologies:

  1. Pathological process that develops in the oral cavity: inflammation of the tonsils, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, periodontal disease, alveolar lesions.
  2. Fungal diseases of the oral cavity and larynx.
  3. Stopangin can act as an additional complex for angina therapy.

But the drug should not be used in all cases. Do not prescribe Stopangin in the presence of an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the medication, patients under the age of 8 years and during pregnancy in the period of bearing the child in the first trimester.

On the treatment of angina during pregnancy in early terms can be read here. Treatment of angina in the second trimester is described here.

The medication is well tolerated. But there are situations when the patient has a burning sensation in the area of ​​treatment of the drug. It is very rare to have an allergy, and during the ingestion of the spray, vomiting is formed. Stopangin effective remedy for colds for all ages

If you experience any side effects, they all leave the human body very quickly, so it is not necessary to cancel the drug. The spray contains ethyl alcohol, so after using it within an hour, you should not drive and work with potentially dangerous mechanisms.

The components

Active hexetidine .It has antiviral, fungicidal and antibacterial effects. In addition, its content in the drug can have a minor anesthetic effect, enveloping the affected area of ​​the mucosa. Hexetidine acts as a substitute for thiamine, which exerts its influence on the growth of bacterial flora. Another major component inhibits the synthesis of substances that form the protective shell of fungi.

Methylsalicylate is a component whose purpose is to reduce the effect of the cyclooxygenase enzyme. As a result, it is possible to stimulate blood flow to damaged sites and accelerate the process of recovery. In addition, the component has a local irritant and anti-inflammatory effect.

The combination of essential oils medicines has a mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and also reduces the feeling of discomfort when coughing.

The output of all components is carried out with saliva. They do not pour into the total blood flow and are evenly distributed over the surface of the mucous throat and oral cavity.

On the photo - Stopangin spray:

stopangin spray for adults

How to use

Spray is not recommended for inhalation. For this reason, he does not recommend using it for the youngest children, because they are not able to resist the foreign object in the mouth. The spray should not fall on eyes. You can take the medicine locally in children if there is no risk of uncontrolled ingestion.

It is compulsory to monitor the patient's condition after using Stopangin. If within 3 days the condition worsened, the temperature rose, there were incomprehensible reactions, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor to determine the subsequent appropriateness of using the medication.

The video tells about the treatment of sore throats with medicines:

Instruction for adults

If the doctor has prescribed a drug for adult patients, then it should be applied no more than 2 times a day. Make sure that the procedure is followed after eating and between meals. Before using the medicine, it is necessary to remove the cap, after connecting the applicator. To begin with it is necessary to execute 2-3 pressing, only so it is possible to fill the sprayer with a solution. When will apply the spray, it is worth holding your breath, and after irrigating the affected area. Upon completion, the applicator should be washed in warm water. The duration of therapy should not exceed 5-7 days. Also for treatment, you can use gargle with soda and salt in angina. You can also rinse your throat with chlgexidine in angina. Here about this in more detail. cure for sore throats for adults

Method of use for small patients

The entire preparation process is similar to the previous version. Number of injections 1-2.Do this manipulation should be 2 times a day. Another spray can be used to lubricate the oral mucosa. For this purpose, it is applied to a cotton swab and misses the affected areas. Duration of therapy is 5-7 days. In the treatment of angina in children, instead of Stopangin often designate Bioparox. By reference, you can read about other drugs for the treatment of angina in children. application of a spray from the throat for babies


You can buy this drug at any pharmacy, sell it without a prescription. The cost of Stopangin is 240 rubles.


  • Irina, 24 years old: "A year ago I was sick with angina. Since it was leaking in an easy form, I did not want to go to the doctor. Has addressed in a drugstore where to me have advised preparation Stopangin. I applied it 2-3 times during the day. Within a few days I managed to overcome the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, and the process of food intake became possible. I use this remedy also for the treatment of stomatitis, which is not so rare in me. "
  • Svetlana, 34 years old: "I used this drug to treat my daughter's cough. At night, she was sorely tormented by a dry cough. Already after 3 days of use, sputum began to separate, and night sleep returned to normal. No side effects were noted, I will now use Stopangin in the case of inflammatory diseases, because it can be used for both adults and children. "
  • Igor, 23 years old: "This drug helped me get rid of stomatitis. I found it on the Internet and according to the reviews it was very effective. What surprised me pleasantly is the low price. I applied the spray 2 times a day for a week. All the symptoms of stomatitis began to go away, my health improved, I began to drink and eat like an ordinary person. "

Stopangin is a very effective remedy for eliminating various inflammatory processes in the mouth and throat. Use the product is allowed for children and adults. Before treatment with this drug is worth consulting with a doctor, although side effects occur very rarely, and if they do, but leaving very quickly. Also, read how it is possible to treat quinsy at home with folk remedies. To treat angina, you can also use a local antibiotic. Perhaps you will also be useful information about the treatment of purulent sore throat in adults.