Cough and runny nose are the constant companions of an acute respiratory viral infection. Treatment of acute respiratory infections is not limited to drug exposure to pathogens - it always includes methods of local therapy that removes the appearance of colds and the accompanying discomfort. These methods include inhalation - the inhalation of an aerosol, enriched with special medicines or other useful substances. For their implementation, inhalers are used, various models of which are widely represented in online stores and pharmacies. From this article you will learn about how they work and what to look for when choosing a device for home use.


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cough and cough inhaler

The inhaler is an electrical device whose positive effects and safety have been proven for decades of use. He comes to the rescue not only with ARVI treatment, but also with ch

ronic respiratory system ailments - obstructive bronchitis( read how to treat obstructive bronchitis at home), bronchial asthma, chronic sinusitis( find out if it is possible to treat chronic maxillary sinusitis without a puncture).The device itself is quite primitive and consists of several parts:

  • compressor;
  • air tube;
  • mask;
  • in the case of a nebulizer - nebulizer camera.

Despite the fact that in the world therapeutic practice inhalers have been used for several decades, in our country they have appeared and have begun to gain popularity relatively recently. For this reason, many of our compatriots do not fully understand the difference between the device of different types of devices.

The video tells what the inhaler consists of from cough and cold:

Types of

There are several types of devices intended for home use:

  1. Steam - the simplest inhalers, acting on the principle of evaporation of drugs. The essence of the procedure from childhood is familiar to all of us - in the absence of special devices before it was conducted, bending his face over the container with hot water and covering his head with a towel. The method has certain advantages - it helps to soften the cough, to achieve liquefaction of phlegm, warms the nasopharynx. At the same time, it has a number of drawbacks - hot steam therapy is contraindicated at a body temperature exceeding 37.5 ºC, there is a risk of getting a mucous burn, not the most pleasant sensations of inhaling hot steam. In addition, the temperature at which evaporation occurs, creates a restriction for many drugs. We can not fail to mention such a lack of steam as its inability to penetrate deep enough, so the area of ​​exposure of the steam inhaler is limited to the upper layers of the respiratory system. In addition, the steam often leaves behind a feeling of dryness in the throat and nose. The apparatus mainly uses herbal infusions and essential oils, often contraindicated in the treatment of diseases such as asthma or allergic rhinitis. Here you can read about the treatment of allergic rhinitis folk remedies. steam inhaler
  2. Compressor ( jet) inhalers or nebulizers. Unlike steam, the compressor does not have a thermal effect on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, which reduces the risk of burns to zero. The purpose of its use is inhaling medicines to patients. This form of treatment is often the most acceptable, since it assumes high digestibility of the drug and no side effects. The merits of the compressor nebulizer include that it can use any form of medicinal substances: mineral water, saline solution, herbal decoctions, essential oils, as well as special solutions for nebulizer therapy. It describes how to do inhalation with saline solution when coughing. Here you can read about the treatment of a cold with saline using a nebulizer. Also read what else you can add to the nebulizer with a cold. The aerosol cloud in these devices is formed by the operation of the compressor, so the device has a high noise level and large dimensions. Reviews about the compressor inhalers are predominantly positive and confirm their effectiveness. On the photo - compressor nebulizer: compressor inhaler
  3. Ultrasonic inhalers or nebulizers have the same advantages as compressor ones, but the list of their advantages also includes the ability to create a large cloud of fine mist, for which inhalation it is not necessary to wear a mask. This is very important in the treatment of groups of patients, such as young children, people of advanced age, and people weakened by prolonged illnesses. In an ultrasonic inhaler, the aerosol is formed by vibrating the radiator plate, so that the size of the particles produced is extremely small. This advantage gives them the opportunity to penetrate into the deep and remote regions of the bronchi and lungs, bringing to them so necessary for the speedy cure of the substance. Ultrasonic nebulizers are quiet, small, adapted for convenient transportation. The patients' feedback indicates that this is the optimal and effective type of nebulizer, suitable for both adults and children. ultrasonic inhaler
  4. Mesh-nebulizers or electron-mesh inhalers .The most modern version of the device, functioning at the expense of low frequencies. Features of these devices allow using them for inhaling hormonal and antibacterial drugs, mucolytics. The ES-inhaler allows the spraying of substances noiselessly and quickly, while ensuring the high dispersity of the therapeutic fog. Mesh-nebulizers

The advantage of nebulizers in front of a steam inhaler is the speed of exposure: in a matter of minutes they are able to saturate the patient's body with the required amount of the drug. If to compare this method of influence with more traditional - syrups, tablets, injections, then it ensures the absence of negative consequences and reduces the possibility of overdose many times.

How to choose

According to feedback, when choosing a device for home use, the purpose for which it is purchased is of primary importance. If this is a recurrent use in ARVI, as well as treatment of an ordinary cough and a cold, then you can stop at an inexpensive compressor nebulizer. The availability and efficiency of this type of instrument makes them the most popular among the family of inhalers.

The video tells how to choose a cough and cough inhaler:

If there is a question of purchasing a suitable nebulizer for children from cough and cold, then it is better not to save and think about buying an ultrasound or ES-inhaler. Their design features allow you to do without the use of masks, to which the kids often treat extremely negatively. After two or three attempts to hoist a compressor nebulizer with a crying and crying mask on the child, many parents return to the question of buying more modern, albeit more expensive, children's models. Noiselessness of the device can be appreciated at its true value during day and night sleep of the baby, and its portability allows to take the device in travel and on a summer residence.

For the treatment of an adult with bronchial asthma, doctors recommend stopping at the compressor and EC-inhaler.

Prices for inhalers in Russian online stores

Model name Type Price
B.Well WN-117 Compressor 2410-3360 р.
B.Well WN-118 "Miracle steam" steam 2370-2990 p.
Frei NE-SM 1 mesh-inhaler 2876-3710 p.
Microlife NEB 100V compressor 1547-2220 р.
Omron NE-C801 compressor 1100-1720 p.
Omron NE-U17 ultrasonic 56285-58000 p.

How to use the

Using the inhaler assumes strict adherence to the instruction, which describes all the features of the model. Nevertheless, there are general rules, the strict observance of which ensures the safety and effectiveness of treatment, and also extends the service life of the device:

  • is not recommended for use in an inhaler of essential oils, herbal infusions, mineral water, unless instructed;
  • can not be turned on with an empty drug chamber;
  • after carrying out the manipulation it is necessary to wash the device and boil those parts of it that are capable of withstanding this procedure( information to look in the instruction);
  • in the case of a steam inhaler must check the steam temperature on the hand, even if the device has built-in regulation;
  • it is important to strictly observe the dosage of the solution for nebulizer therapy.

Here you can read what can be poured into the nebulizer for the treatment of the common cold.

The video describes how to use the inhaler from a cough and a cold:

Numerous reviews on the devices confirm that a person who at least once tried to be treated with an inhaler quickly feels the effectiveness of the procedure and subsequently always tries to resort to this method of treatment. The link details the inhalation of a nebulizer with laryngitis in children. Also read about inhalations when barking cough in children.