It is very difficult to treat a certain disease in children. Often, doctors prescribe medications based on the instructions, but do not notice certain contraindications. To prevent this from happening, it is very important for the parents themselves to carefully read the instructions and ask about everything the attending physician. Very often, in the treatment of viral diseases in children, medical specialists prescribe the spray Hexoral. But is it possible to use it for small patients, and in what dosage should it be used?

How does the instruction Geksoral Spray and features of its application are specified in this article.


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hexoral spray instruction manual for children

This medication is very popular for the treatment of the following pathologies:

  1. Symptomatictherapy of purulent sore throat , flowing heavily. This disease is characterized by a high temperature rise, fever, intoxication. To alleviate the condition of the child, it is necessary to use antibacterial therapy, which includes the spray Hexoral.
  2. Diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx .Taim pathologies include stomatitis, pharyngitis and gingivitis. All these diseases are characterized by the presence of an inflammatory process, with which Hexoral will enter into the fight.
  3. The medication is very popular in the field of pediatric dentistry .It is used to treat gum disease. Can be used as a prophylactic agent that blocks the penetration of infections into the socket of the teeth during their removal. Applied as an antiseptic before and after the implementation of surgical treatment in the oral cavity.
  4. Gecosral actively removes fungal diseases .During therapy, you can forget about candidiasis of the oral cavity.
  5. Pathologies of other organs of , which are characterized by a decrease in the body's defenses. Spray can be used as an additional hygienic.
  6. Without a drug, not one treatment of acute respiratory viral infections occurs in children to eliminate all symptoms.

In this article, you can read the instructions of the tablets Hexoral.

In the video - instruction on the use of the spray Hexoral:

The composition of Hexoral assumes the presence of an active component, which has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. The name of this substance is hexetidine. Thanks to him, it is possible to defeat the negative impact of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. This drug does not cause the formation of addiction to the effect of medicament in microorganisms. Has an easy analgesic effect.

Also the composition of the spray contains natural substances. These include:

  • peppermint oil;
  • eucalyptol;
  • menthol;
  • citric acid. hexoral spray children

The present substances have a therapeutic effect, eliminate inflammation and have a mild effect.

Spray Hexoral still contains 96% ethanol. Additional components of the drug are anise, clove and mint oil.

Side effects of

Because Geoxoral does not have a suction effect, but reacts only in the area where it was used, no special side effects were observed during therapy. It is extremely rare to have an allergy to the drug. If you apply this medication for a long time, then there may be a taste disorder.

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An overdose of the drug can occur only as a result of uncontrolled use of the drug by a child. But even with such events, Geoxoral enters the digestive tract, and then causes a vomiting reflex. This influence of the drug allows the body to clean itself. Since there is alcohol in the composition of Geksoral, it is not allowed to use it for all children. The expediency of using the drug is determined only by the attending physician.

On the photo-instruction on the use of the spray Hexoral for children:

hexoral spray for children

Instruction of

To obtain the maximum therapeutic effect, it is necessary to observe exactly the dosage indicated in the instruction.

Children under the age of

Such scarlet patients use the spray Geksoral instruction does not recommend because of the presence of alcohol. But in certain cases, doctors prescribe the drug in the amount of 1 inhalation. spray application for children up to 1 year

Children 1-3 years old

Assign the drug Hexoral to children over the age of 3 years. If you decide to use the medication yourself and apply it to such small patients, it can provoke intoxication and allergic reaction. In some cases, Geksoral is used in a dosage of 1-2 injections.

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Other ages

Take Hexoral spray is allowed for children over 3 years old. Spraying must be carried out in such a way that the aerosol tube is directed to the damaged areas. Press on the head of the balloon only in the case of its vertical location. Enter the necessary dose of the drug for 2 seconds, while the baby should hold his breath. The number of inhalations is 2-3.The duration of therapy is not more than 5 days.


You can buy the spray in any pharmacy, but only after the permission of the pediatrician. Costs Geoxoral is only 200 rubles.


  • Anastasia, 26 years old : "Our doctor advised us to spray Geksoral when my daughter had sore throat. This disease has been very difficult for us. Thanks to therapy with the help of Geksorala, my daughter was already feeling better for 3-1 days. She stopped crying, puffiness was gone, only a little redness remained, then a few days later it also disappeared. No side effects have arisen, we are very satisfied with the result. "
  • Tatiana, 35 years old: "I heard a lot about the effectiveness of the Geksoral spray, which I decided to try to apply it to my daughter who had tonsillitis. We performed the therapy, as indicated in the instructions, for 5 days, after which I did not observe any positive moments. I had to go to the polyclinic to prescribe a comprehensive treatment. "
  • Tatiana, 28 years old: "I used the drug for my son when he was 2.8 years old. Although the instructions prohibit the use of Geksoral for children under 3 years old, I consulted with a doctor and he gave me the go-ahead for such treatment. The positive effect was noticeable on the second day. My child began to feel better, the temperature was asleep, his appetite improved. As for the side effects, they were not, so you can use the drug for small patients, but in some cases only with the permission of the doctor. "

Spray Hexoral is a very effective medicine in the treatment of viral diseases in children. Due to its unique composition, it practically does not cause side effects. But Hexoral therapy should not last more than 5 days. In the absence of positive dynamics, more effective treatment should be used.