Desarterization of hemorrhoids - a painless solution to the problem of hemorrhoids

desarterization of hemorrhoids Desarterization of hemorrhoids: modern ways of solving the problem

A sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work and a number of other factors lead to the appearance of an unpleasant and painful disease - hemorrhoids, to get rid of it without the use of specialized treatment is very difficult.

Today the latest developments come to the rescue, among which the method of deserterization of hemorrhoidal nodes( Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation, HAL-RAR) is the most in demand.

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  • What is the essence of the
  • method? Advantages of the
  • methodology. Who is eligible for the procedure, and who does not?
  • Preparing for
  • procedure Procedure and technique for performing
  • What is needed and what can not be done after the operation?
  • Possible complications
  • Expert opinion
  • What ordinary people think
  • The cost of procedure

What is the essence of the method

The basis of the technique is to suspend the blood supply to problem sites - hemorrhoids. This can be done

by dressing.

As the blood flow slows down considerably, the supply of nutrients ceases, which results in the nodes being subjected to the sclerosing process.

It is noteworthy that the HAL-RAR technique is successful even in neglected cases, when no other treatment has a proper effect on the problem.

If applied in the early stages of the disease, the treatment will be faster, in most cases completely eliminating relapse.

There are several types of treatment in a similar way:

  • at the initial stages of formation of hemorrhoids;
  • in the late stages of the disease course.

If you seek help from specialists in the early stages of the disease, then it will be enough to conduct a transanal desarterization, HAL-RAR which involves bandaging the nodes.

In case if a person is seeking medical help with a neglected form, then a simple dressing will not be enough to get rid of the disease.

Here you will need specific measures of action - lifting the hemorrhoids. The essence of the method is that desarterization in this case is carried out together with transanal mucoplexy.

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There is a skin tightening, carried out due to suturing of the mucosa.

Advantages of the

methodology The popularity of the technique and at the same time its main advantage is that it completely excludes the operation in the usual sense of the word.

In addition, the merits of deserterization of hemorrhoids include:

  • the possibility of carrying out the procedure at any stage of the development of the disease;
  • there are no painful sensations that are unavoidable in the operating method of exposure;
  • there are no stitches and even small scars;
  • the time spent on the procedure is minimal - depending on the stage from 30 to 60 minutes;
  • rehabilitation is very fast - an average of 24-36 hours;
  • does not need to be in the hospital after the completion of all medical procedures;
  • excludes relapses;
  • there is a complete restoration of the lumen of the rectum.
desarterization of hemorrhoids

Instrument for deserterization of

No shortcomings directly related to the medical side of the issue have been identified. The only factor that can serve as a refusal to conduct a procedure is its cost.

Also, referring to specialists, a person should take an interest in what they have experience in carrying out desarterization of hemorrhoids, and also read reviews of people who have already passed through it.

It is important to remember that if the dressing is performed poorly, then the blood flow will not be stopped and the nodes will receive nutrients that will not allow the disease to recede.

To whom does the procedure apply, and who does not?

Indication for the application of the procedure is the immediate presence of hemorrhoids at any stage of their development.

The procedure for:

  • of people with weakened health is contraindicated;
  • pregnant and lactating;
  • of people who have paraproctitis;
  • patients with purulent or inflammatory processes in the rectum;
  • people with acute thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

If there are no contraindications, then you can safely seek help.

Preparation for

procedure Any intervention in the body requires special preparation. In the case of deserterisation, it begins with a complete examination, which includes:

  • ECG;
  • blood tests - general and biochemistry;
  • testing for sensitivity to anesthetics;
  • fluorography.

Also, the withdrawal of drugs that affect the processes of blood clotting. desarterization of hemorrhoids

48 hours before the start of the procedure, restrictions are imposed on products: rice, meal and butter are excluded. Dinner before the procedure and breakfast after it should consist of broth and weak tea.

One day before the procedure, a person is scheduled to clean the intestines, which can be carried out by taking special medications, or 4 hours before the manipulation, a cleansing enema is performed.

Preparatory actions also include shaving the perineum.

Procedure and technique of implementation of

The procedure is carried out in a hospital environment, but does not require full hospitalization.

A person comes to the hospital, 5 hours before the beginning, to go through the stage of bowel cleansing, if this is not done with the help of drugs.

Manipulation is performed as follows: a special device is inserted into the rectum - the anoscope, which is equipped with sensors on ultrasound and illumination. It allows to strengthen the pulsation of the vessels, which allows the specialist to more accurately designate the zone of the dressing.

Then, using a special window on the anoscope, the doctor bandages the hemorrhoidal nodes using a bioresorbable thread.

Further, if this is necessary, the procedure of tightening the internal nodes is performed, which allows to return the lumen of the rectum anatomically correct form without pathology.

The course of deserterization of hemorrhoids

As a rule, there are no relapses, but success largely depends on the expertise of the specialist, since you can not miss any site.

How to proceed with deserterization of hemorrhoidal nodes - visual video support:

What is needed and what can not be done after the operation?

The results of desartering The first few hours, an average of 2-4 hours the patient is in a hospital under the supervision of doctors. During this period, minor pain and discomfort may occur, so anesthetics are used.

After this period, a person can go home. The next 72 hours a patient should visit a specialist every day for examination and consultation.

The diet for this period should be as saturated as possible with fiber, and also eliminate acute, fatty and fried foods, as it can lead to constipation.

For 14 days from the date of medical intervention, bath or sauna visits are prohibited and hot baths are excluded.

Also prohibited:

  • take blood thinning medications;
  • weight lifting;
  • sex;
  • use of rectal suppositories;
  • staging of enemas;
  • sports( up to 30 days).

You have to walk a lot, walk in the fresh air. Lying is best on a bed of medium hardness.

Possible complications of

No procedure gives a full guarantee that there will be no complications and consequences for patients, but after desertering of hemorrhoids, such risks are minimal.

In rare cases, inflammatory processes, hematomas, reddening of tissues, bleeding from the rectum can be observed. In these cases, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs.

Expert opinion

Opinion of a professional.

As a doctor with 10 years of experience I can say - desarterization is today one of the best methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids, which allows not to interrupt work or rest.

It is important to carefully study the institution you are going to contact, as much of the success of treatment and subsequent recovery depends on the experience of the surgeon - the proctologist.

Victor Valerievich

What do ordinary people think

Reviews of patients who have been de-hartered hemorrhoids.

I turned to the doctors already at a fairly neglected stage of the disease - sedentary work, a sedentary lifestyle and not the desire to go to the hospital.

I learned about the method of knot ligation from my friend, I decided to try it, since the usual means and traditional methods of treatment had not helped for a long time. Already for 2 days I forgot about pains, which is very glad.

Serega, 45

After delivery, I encountered this unpleasant problem. It's clear, shy to tell and even more so go to see a doctor in the clinic.

I learned briefly that there is a method for quickly getting rid of hemorrhoids and decided to use it, since the baby is on artificial feeding.

I do not regret a minute - it took no more than a day. Now walks deliver only joy, and the pain and discomfort are forgotten, I hope that forever.

Alina, 30

The cost of procedure

The cost of the procedure is high - in different regions the price of deserterization of hemorrhoids is from 35 to 67 thousand rubles .hospital

Despite the high cost of manipulation, the result of its use in most cases is positive, without recurrences and complications, therefore it is necessary to apply for qualified medical care as soon as possible.

Desarterization is particularly effective at the initial and medium stages, so do not delay with the procedure.

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