Today, pharmacies are simply overcrowded with various compounds that help to cope with nasal congestion in children. But it's not easy to choose, because it's necessary to drip drops taking into account the individual characteristics of the child's organism and the course of the disease. The best option for today is Nazivin, whose properties we will consider in this article, while nazivin instructions for use for children are mandatory for parents to study.

What is the price of children's drops Nazivin, you can learn from this article.


  • 1 has the effect
  • 2 required dosage and usage rules
    • 2.1 For babies up to a year
    • 2.2 From year
    • 2.3 How many days to drip
    • 2.4 Applying spray
  • 3 Price
  • 4 Reviews
  • 5 Comparison with other drugs
    • 5.1 With Nazol
    • 5.2 With Vibrocil
    • 5.3 With Otrivin
  • 6 What to do if the remedy does not help
  • 7 What happens if the child is injected with
    adult preporat
  • 8 Cheap analogs

The effect of

instructions for children

has represented drug oxymetazoline. Due to this, Nazivin has a vasoconstrictive effect. So use the medicine locally, it is possible to reduce the inflammatory process of the nasal mucosa, removing its swelling and discharge from the nasal cavity. If the instructions and dosages are followed, nasal breathing can be restored.

Restoration of aeration of the paranasal sinuses helps to eliminate edema, as well as to protect against the development of bacterial complications. The most dangerous are sinusitis, sinusitis and otitis media.

If the drug is used topically at the dosages indicated by the instructions, the mucosa will not be irritated, nor is its redness. In addition, Nazivin does not have systemic influence. Positive effect is noticeable after a few minutes. The effect will last for 12 hours.

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Necessary dosage and usage rules for

Use Nazivin only topically in the nose. Due to its unique composition and safe effect, the medicine is prescribed not only for adults, but also for children.

For infants up to the year

For patients up to 4 weeks of age, the drug should be applied 1 drop in each nasal passage 3 times a day. When crumbs from 5 weeks to a year, then you can drip 1-2 drops in each nostril 3 times a day. nazivin for children under one year

From year

If the child has already turned a year, then use Nazivin in the amount of 1-2 drops 3 times a day.

In the photo - H azivin Sensitive: nazivin sensitiv

How many days drip

There is always the question of how many days you can drip Nazivin to a child. To maintain the exact dosage of the medicament used, there is a graduated dropper, on which the number of drops is noted. If the child's age corresponds to 1 drop, then the medication is worth up to 1.

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Nasivin should be treated with Levine for 3-5 days. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly follow the dosage indicated above. Do not exceed the norm without the knowledge of a doctor. If you use the drops longer than the specified rock, then you get addictive and you can not get a positive effect from Nazivin.

The video shows how many days you can drip drops in your nose:

Spray application

This form of the drug can be used to treat the common cold in patients whose age has not yet reached a year. If your baby is not yet 4 weeks old, then one injection should be applied to each nostril 2-3 times a day. At the age of 5 weeks to a year, 2 injections should be performed 2-3 times a day. nazivin for children


You can buy a drug that relieves nasal congestion in any pharmacy and without a prescription. It is worth a child Nazivin only 165 rubles.


  • Margarita, 34 years old : "When the child had a runny nose, I immediately began to wash her nose with saline. But he allowed only to quickly remove the mucus, but to cope with nasal congestion it was possible only Nazivin. I used the drug for only 3 days and such an unpleasant symptom as the runny nose disappeared. "
  • Elena, 25 years old: "I have been using Nazivin for a long time to treat a cold in a daughter. During this time, no side effects have arisen. Although my girlfriend's situation is reversed. When they used the drug, her son had a very bad headache and a burning sensation was felt. "
  • Veronica, 45 years old : "Nasivin children perfectly copes with stuffy nose in my grandson. He is 5 years old, but the trips to the garden in the cold season always end in the fact that he is sick. I tried a lot of drops: Pinosol, Otrivin, but we could not get such effect as from Nazivin. It's enough for us to swallow the baby's nose 3-4 days, as the cold immediately recedes. "

Comparison with other

preparations With

nasole Nazole is a nasal preparation that has a mild vasoconstrictive effect. It is produced specifically to treat colds in small patients. With such treatment, it is possible to very quickly eliminate the common cold, the cause of which is allergies, colds or viruses. In the event that the child has a stuffy nose, Nazi does not help, then you can try this remedy.
Nazole as an analogue of nazivin

If to speak about Nazivin, it also has a vasoconstrictive effect, but also actively fights with swelling of the nasal mucosa, allowing to facilitate breathing. In the role of the main component is hydroxymetazoline hydrochloride. It is he who removes the swelling of the mucosa, and, unlike Nazola, effectively removes accumulated mucus. Nazol or nazivin children that it is better to dig in the water.

With Vibrozillom

Let's consider first the Vibrocillus. This spray very effectively and quickly cures nasal congestion. He is allowed to use for any colds. Vibrating can be applied in the form of drops for newborns and in the form of a spray for older children. This medication is considered to be the most optimal for the elimination of pediatric rhinitis. Do not use it to children who have a tendency to allergies. Answer the question that it is better to vibrate the vibrozul or nazivin for children only after having tried both methods.

Nazivin influences very quickly and strongly, powerfully acting on the delicate mucous membrane of the nose. If you choose between these two drugs, then follow the child's age.

With Otrivin

Nazivin, in contrast to Otrivin, has a smaller percentage of the main component in its composition. For this reason, Nazivin has a safe influence for children, while his effectiveness is not reflected in any way. Otravin

What to do if the remedy does not help

As it was mentioned before, the duration of treatment by the presented remedy should not exceed 5 days. If during this period, relief has not come, then it is worth to see a doctor. He after the examination of the child will be able to draw a conclusion about the advisability of further use of Nazivin or the appointment of another drug. Take independent decisions in this case is not necessary, otherwise you can hurt the baby.

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What happens if the child is injected with an adult preporat

To use an adult Nazivin for the treatment of pediatric rhinitis is not recommended, well, if there is such a situation, before use, dilute the drops with purified water in a ratio of 1: 1.

Cheap analogs

Analogs - this is a great way to save money and at the same time get the desired result. The cheapest analogs of Nazivin include:

  1. Nesopin - 84 rubles. Nesopin is an analog of Nazivin
  2. Xylen - 28 rubles.
  3. Rhinostop - 17 rubles.
  4. Rinonorm - 89 rubles.
  5. Fornos - 120 rubles.
  6. Nazol - 140 rubles.
  7. Fazin - 102 rubles.

Nazivin is a drug for the rapid elimination of a cold in a child. The effectiveness of its use has been proven for years and many moms are satisfied with such treatment .If you strictly follow the instructions and do not exceed the duration of therapy, the entire treatment process will pass quickly, and side effects will be absent.