The choice of medication depends on the nature of the cough. In diseases accompanied by a productive cough, expectorants are shown. The most popular medicines in the form of syrups. They are easy to dose, they are pleasant to the taste, and with proper application they are able to quickly eliminate or alleviate such manifestation of bronchitis, tracheitis or acute respiratory disease as a cough.

From this article you can find out which cough to take Ambroxol.


  • 1 application features
    • 1.1 drugs reflex action
    • 1.2 resorptive
  • 2 direct action Adult
    • 2.1 reflex action
      • 2.1.1 Althea drug
      • 2.1.2 Licorice with Thermopsis
      • 2.1.3 Elixir Codelac Broncho
      • 2.1.4 Plantain and coltsfoot
      • 2.1.5 Coldrex Broncho
      • 2.1.6 Pertussin
      • 2.1.7 Tussamag
    • 2.2 Direct resorptive and combined action
      • 2.2.1 Amtbrine
      • 2.2.2 Pectoral
      • 2.2.3 Eucambal
  • 3 Preparations for children
    • 3.1 Natural origin
      • 3.1.1 Gedelix( extract of ivy)
      • 3.1.2 Doctor MOM
      • 3.1.3 Licorice root
      • 3.1.4 Pertussin
      • 3.1.5 Fluid

Features of application

syrup for cough-use in case of severe cough in a child

Wet cough, which is called productive is not as painful as dry. It can not be blocked. The goal of therapy is to facilitate the phlegm withdrawal. To do this, use syrups, tablets, suppositories and others, including folk remedies, the action of which is directed to:

  • stimulation of mucus production by bronchial tubes( secreto-motor drugs);
  • sputum liquefaction( secretolithic or mucolytic agents).

If with thick and viscous secretions mucolytic drugs are prescribed for the dilution of sputum, a liquid secret should only help to get out of the bronchi. You can not simultaneously use mucolytic and expectorant drugs. However, there are combined means. Usually, treatment presupposes the use of such drugs. But they can not be used simultaneously with antitussive drugs.

In turn, expectorant syrups( expectorant syrups) are divided into drugs:

  • of reflex action( excite cough and vomiting center to increase mucus production in the bronchi);
  • direct resorptive action( irritate directly the bronchial mucosa to enhance mucus secretion).

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Reflex action drugs

This group of expectorants includes drugs that stimulate the vomiting center. The most vomiting does not occur, except in overdoses. The active substances lead to an increase in the peristalsis of the epithelium. This group includes syrups, which contain extracts or essential oils of such plants as:

  • mother-and-stepmother;
  • plantain;
  • licorice;
  • oregano;
  • thermopsis;
  • elecampane;
  • althea. althea.

The most famous syrups of this group include herbal preparations from the extract of althea medicinal. They are excellent stimulants of the motor function of the respiratory tract. Natural substances in their composition have a minimum of contraindications. But they do exist. Usually this is an individual intolerance. Sweet syrups should be carefully taken to people suffering from diabetes. Alcohol in the composition of drugs also introduces some restrictions on the intake of syrups.

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Resorptive direct action

The main task of these drugs is to remove the accumulated viscous sputum from the bronchi. The composition of the agents includes:

  • enzymes with the properties of sputum liquefaction( ribonuclease, trypsin);
  • substances containing sulfur( acetylcysteine, carbocysteine);
  • synthetic derivatives of natural bovine( bromhexine and ambroxol).

This group of medicines is known for such syrups as:

  • "Bromhexine" 2
  • "Ambroxol" Ambroxol
  • "Gedelix" Ambroxol

They have a pronounced mucolytic and expectorant effect.

When choosing a medicine, always consult a doctor. Otherwise, a well advertised tool from an effective assistant can turn into a serious problem.

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For adults

Modern pharmacy increasingly refers to the gifts of nature. Most syrups are based on medicinal herbs. Many products are produced in several forms and concentrations. A syrup has a number of advantages over other dosage forms. These include:

  • high suction speed;
  • easy to use;
  • easy dosage.

Consider the most popular syrups that help with productive cough.

Reflex action

Althea medicinal

Brownish thick phytopreparation with a peculiar smell and sweet taste in pharmacies are sold in bottles of dark glass. It is used on a tablespoon 4-5 times a day after meals, diluting with a small amount of warm boiled water with a productive cough. Syrup is recommended for ENT diseases, accompanied by a cough with phlegm, which is poorly separated.

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Licorice with thermopysics

Its main difference is a combined action and vegetable origin. As the name suggests, the active ingredients of the syrup are licorice and thermopsis. In addition, in its composition, it has: potassium bromide and ammonium, sodium benzoate. Alcohol syrup is diluted with water when taken. Ulcer disease is a serious contraindication to drug treatment. Restrictions also apply to pregnant women. Because of alcohol, alcoholics can not take it. Sugar in the composition of the drug may adversely affect the condition of people suffering from diabetes.

Elixir Kodelak Broncho

The composition of ambroxol and glycyrrhizic acid in the composition of the product gives a good effect in the treatment of a wet cough with difficulty in sputum discharge. They are treated both adults and children, but only older than 12 years. Expectorant syrup has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is also used as a mucolytic.

Elixir Codelac Broncho

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Plantain and coltsfoot

During 2-3 weeks of treatment with phytosyrope, there are significant improvements in bronchi. Adults prescribe the drug 3-4 times a day in an amount of 1-2 st.spoons. Syrup is contraindicated in pregnant, lactating mothers, children under 6 years. Do not use it and with a stomach ulcer.

Coldrex Broncho

A secretion-acting syrup with the smell of anise and the taste of licorice. Of the natural ingredients it includes tincture of red pepper, camphor, anise oil and levomenthol. The active substances are also sodium cyclamate, dextrose and benzoate. Take the drug every 3 hours for 2 tsp. Syrup dilutes sputum and promotes its excretion. syrup Coldrex Broncho

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A well-known product is suitable for both adults and children. An expectorant and mucolytic action is provided by the extract of the herb of thyme, on the basis of which the syrup is created. It reduces the viscosity of sputum and positively influences the activity of cilia of ciliated bronchial epithelium. Sputum begins to move faster to the exit, and potassium bromide, which is also part of the drug, suppresses the cough reflex. During pregnancy and during lactation the drug is not taken. Heart failure is also a serious reason to abandon Pertussin. The daily intake for adults is 30-45 ml. It is divided into three methods. syrup Pertussin

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Another vegetable syrup based on thyme. It refers to bronchodilators and expectorants. Produced in two forms: with sugar and without sweeteners. Adults take only 2-3 tsp.three times a day. cough syrups

Direct resorptive and combined action


The popular extract of licorice root became the basis for this phytopreparation as well. The medicine has an expectorant effect. Glycyrrhizin in the syrup acts as a catalyst. The substance positively affects secretion in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Amtersol-cough syrup

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Syrup of Swiss origin with popular in folk medicine plantain extracts, thyme, primrose and senegy has a double action: it softens dry, irritating cough and promotes sphagnum expectoration.


Syrup contains extracts of plantain and thyme, is characterized by expectorant and secretory effect. It is indicated for symptomatic treatment of a cough of different nature. It dilutes sputum and reduces the intensity of dry cough, eases a wet cough. Eucabal

Preparations for children

Syrup is the most common form of release of expectorants for the treatment of children. Most people prefer to choose medicines of natural origin. Please note that some children's syrups should not be given to children until two years of age. This is especially true for mucolytics. Side effects from their use can be more than good. The list is as follows:

Natural origin

Gedelix( ivy extract)

Phytopreparation from the extract of ivy helps to clear phlegm and facilitates coughing. It can be taken even by pregnant women. His children, like any other drugs, should be given cautiously. Even natural ingredients can harm a baby. Menthol is a part of the syrup. It can cause a spasm of the larynx. Other components( eucalyptus and anise) can also contribute to the appearance of an allergic reaction. But if the child does not have individual intolerance to the components, he is prescribed to children of 10 years for 5 years, 5 ml three times a day, children 4-10 years - 2.5 ml 4 times a day. For patients younger than 4 years, syrup is given 3 times a day for 2.5 ml.

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Doctor MOM

Anisovy sweet taste of syrup like children. They perceive it as a treat. It works in a complex way. It is used as an expectorant, mucolytic and anti-inflammatory drug. As a part of the medicine, there are more than 10 different plant components. This is a popular cough remedy. Prescribe the drug three times a day for children from 3 years in a dose of 0.5 tsp.for admission, children 6-14 years of age, the dose is increased to 0.5-1 tsp. Doctor MOM

Licorice root

Syrup is used to treat cough in adults and children. Sweet liquid babies take with pleasure, but it should be remembered that an overdose can lead to unpleasant, and even dangerous consequences. Licorice root, for example, can cause vomiting. Children from 12 years give three times a day 1 tsp.means, 2-12 years - 0.5 tsp.syrup, diluted with water. Liquorice root


Another universal inexpensive and effective cough remedy, known from childhood. The drug can be taken from two years. In this case, you must adhere to the recommended dosage. Pertussin


There are two forms of this syrup release - for adults and children. They differ in the concentration of active ingredients and in their aromas. Banana 2% syrup has a pleasant sweet taste, and is designed for younger patients, caramel 5% syrup is for older children. Fluditik

Expectorants help to get rid of cough, if properly taken. Even the most harmless means should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. This is especially true for young children. During treatment for a cough, do not forget about such elementary things as plentiful drink, regular airing of rooms and humidification of air. They are effective in many cases not inferior to syrups and other medications.