Vaccination against influenza is a necessary preventive measure, which involves the introduction of a drug into the body. It forms immunity to the influenza virus. Thanks to vaccination against influenza it became possible to reduce the risk of complications and avoid a fatal outcome. After all, as people know, people do not rush to the hospital at the first signs of a cold, and, consequently, their body remains open for the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.


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Vaccination against influenza is divided into two large groups - live and inactivated.


live influenza vaccine

To make such a drug, you need to use natural components in a weakened form. But it has a lot of flaws. The special difficulty is that not only have to get, but also save their lives. The difficulty is manifested in reducing the virulence of the strain

of the virus to the minimum mark.

This is an important condition for ensuring safety. To the merits of living vaccines can be attributed a pronounced ability to form immunity, which will be able to fight the flu. However, every year it is necessary to update strains to cause certain difficulties. In addition, live vaccines are incredibly expensive. Today, this version of the vaccination is not used as a preventive measure of influenza.


This variant of the vaccine is classified into several types:

  1. Whole-virion .In their composition, it is possible to find inactivated highly purified unresolved influenza virus virions.
    all-virion vaccines against influenza

    On the photo-all-virion vaccine against the flu

  2. Split vaccines. They can find destroyed inactivated influenza viruses. Due to the highest purification the vaccine contains viral proteins and lipids of the chicken embryo.
    split vaccine

    On the photo-split vaccine

  3. Subunit .In their composition, two surface virus proteins, hemagglutinin and neuraminidase can be detected. These components are very important for creating a lasting immunity, which can give an excellent rebuff infection.
    subunit vaccines

    In the photo - one of the subunit vaccines

Of the presented versions of vaccinations against influenza, the whole virion is considered more reactogenic, especially for small patients. But subunit vaccines are less reactogenic.

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Today, getting a flu shot is not a problem. In the Russian market there are many famous manufacturers who can be trusted:

  1. Microgen .Its production is handled by Russia. The manufacturer produces such vaccination options as influenza allantoic live dry, inactivated liquid and Grippol.
    influenza vaccine microgen

    On the photo-vaccine against influenza Microgen

  2. Fluuriks .This product came from Belgium, and its production is engaged in GlaxoSmithKline.
    flu vaccine

    In the photo - Fluarix

  3. vaccine Grippol plus .This is also a domestic product, manufactured by Petrovax Pharm.
    vaccine against influenza Grippol plus

    In the photo - vaccine against influenza Grippol plus

  4. Influvac .Production of this vaccine is in the Netherlands, and produces Abbott Products Ltd..
    influenza vaccine

    In the photo - Influvak

  5. flu vaccine Agrippal .This is an Italian representative, his manufacturer is Novartis.
    vaccine against influenza Agrippal

    On the photo - vaccine against influenza Agrippal

As for the cost of the vaccine, it differs in view of the time of the year, the region and the special setting conditions.

And this rift for one dosage can sometimes take large limits:

  1. Grippol - 150 -200 rubles.
  2. Grippol plus - 150 - 250 rubles.
  3. Influvaq - 250 - 350 rubles.

Injection technique

Inoculate, usually in the shoulder, in the deltoid muscle zone. It is concentrated in the upper third of the brachial muscle. After this, it is forbidden to wet the injection site within 24 hours. Otherwise, it can cause inflammation on the skin. In addition, after the vaccine, doctors warn that there can be no talk of alcohol. But this information is untrue.

Drug is introduced in the form of drops, which dig in the nose. Most often, this version of the vaccine is used by children who are afraid of injections. In this case, the body's response to pathogenic microorganisms is weaker than when using injections. Hence the unpopularity of this method of vaccination in modern times.

On the video technique of introducing the vaccine against the flu:

In the case of vaccination, small patients who have never before been given a preventive drug and did not get the flu, are vaccinated twice. Between them should take a break in 30-35 days. In this case, the dosage should be 2 times less than that of an adult.

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  • Anna, 34 years old: "In the garden of my daughter was vaccinated against influenza. For these purposes, the preparation Gripol Plus was used. I got acquainted with the information on the Internet, so it turns out that this version of the vaccine is one of the most popular and effective today. The vaccine was made into the shoulder with an injection. As it should be, the day did not wet the pen. After inoculation the child behaved as usual, no consequences and complications were seen. Flu in the winter also did not hurt. But here it is difficult to say what has worked - the vaccine or its persistent immunity. "
  • Oleg, 25 years old: "When I was still at the institute, I remember how we were sent for a flu shot. Then we were offered the drug Agrippal. I did not regret that I did not take the inoculation. Just this year there was an epidemic of flu in our area. But I was carried away. I do not know if it's a vaccine, or the virus has not reached me. After the vaccination, I had a slight rise in temperature, but I did not do anything, but my next condition returned to normal. "
  • Inna, 52 years old: "I am actively growing in the fall from influenza. I'm getting ready beforehand, and not as they are running headlong in December, when the epidemic is already on the threshold. I've been using Inffluvac for several times. He was advised by a doctor, as he effectively fights many influenza viruses. And it's not one year that he saves me. After the introduction of the vaccine, I did not notice any other symptoms. In addition, I will say more, because this drug is used by my daughter and granddaughter. Of course, even vaccinated people are not immune from the flu. But here everything depends on how the organism manifests itself. "

It is important not only for children but also for adults to carry out a vaccination against influenza. Today, in the modern market, there is a large assortment of popular and effective drugs that exert increased resistance to different strains of influenza. It is important to vaccinate not during an epidemic in the winter, but in the fall. Otherwise, it is difficult to guarantee a positive outcome.