Complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system will be most effective when using special procedures - inhalations. A great advantage of these methods will be the possibility of home use. To do this, it is enough to buy a special device, the action of which is based on the evaporation of active substances and the inhalation of the patient's aerosol. Inhalations in the complex therapy of inflammatory processes guarantee an excellent result and significantly shorten the duration of treatment. Steam inhalers how to choose one of the


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  • 3 Principle and use
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Types inhalers

steam inhaler for children

Unlike stationary models from the physiotherapy room of the polyclinic, home inhalers for cough and cold are distinguished by portable sizean

d not less efficiency. To choose the ideal inhaler for individual use, you first need to determine the main types of this useful device.

What are the

  1. Steam is affordable and great for treating upper respiratory tract. The principle of action is based on the inhalation of hot steam, this is a kind of improved design of the grandmother's method, when inhalations are carried out over a pot of boiled potatoes or herbal mixtures( here you can read how much you need to breathe over the potatoes).On the photo - steam inhaler: steam inhaler
  2. Compressor is already more advanced design, its mechanism of action on the respiratory system is much more complicated. When inhaling - expiring patient inhaler produces a special aerosol from the inside of the substance. Active components of inhalations can be absolutely any suitable solutions for this purpose, which greatly facilitates the selection of universal equipment for the treatment of the whole family. On the photo - the compressor inhaler for children: Compressor inhaler for children
  3. The ultrasonic is an innovative product on the domestic market. Under the influence of high-frequency radiation, the active substance disintegrates into minute particles and, when inhaled, gets deep into the pulmonary system. The device has a high degree of effectiveness in the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia, but is not suitable for the administration of certain drugs, for example, hormones or antibiotics. Ultrasonic inhaler for children
  4. Electronically mesh ( mesh inhalers for children and adults) in which a drug passes through a vibrating membrane and forms a special aerosol. In principle, it differs from previous models in the practical quiet operation, compact size and versatility. With this type, you can do inhalations from any medicine. It also has the highest cost among the above options. Electronic - mesh for children

Description of the steam model

In this article we will talk about the first version: steam inhalers. Despite the innovative developments - ultrasonic and membrane MES - inhalers, the steam version is still popular and enjoys a stable demand.

Advantages of

First of all, it is caused by the main advantages:

  • Affordable cost;
  • Ease of use;
  • Good efficiency;
  • Possibility of warming up the nose;
  • Additional heating.

It is not necessary to write off some of the contra-indications and drawbacks in the operation of the device, which should also be taken into account when purchasing.

On the video - usage prohibitions:

Cons of using

  • Do not use on small children;
  • Additional thermal effect is undesirable in certain diseases;
  • Not recommended for vascular diseases, especially the "stars" on the face;
  • Do not use many medications;
  • It is not used at elevated body temperature.

On the side of the steam model of the inhaler is ease of use and affordable cost. Despite some drawbacks, this option is widespread and in demand, so many manufacturers are focused specifically on this segment of the market.

The video tells how to use a steam inhaler for children:

Principle of operation and use of

The liquid placed in the main container of the inhaler has a certain temperature. In the simplest devices, hot water is used, in which medicinal substances are added. When evaporated, hot air vapors rise through the tube and enter the patient's oral cavity and nasal cavity.

Models are more difficult to offer artificial heating of the solution temperature, as well as its regulation. This will allow children to use such procedures. For this, the temperature of the liquid should not be above 40 ° C( warm wet inhalation).For the youngest, the most useful are simply wet procedures when the temperature of the liquid is around 30 ° C.

Can a nebulizer treat a cold

Find out if a nebulizer can cure a runny nose.

Reviews of the nasal spray Snoop: http: // lechenie-n / snup-sprej-nazalnyj-instrukciya.html.

Here you can see how much the Ingalipt spray costs.

Algorithm for carrying out

  1. Liquid and medicinal substances are poured into the inhaler, according to the doctor's prescription.
  2. Use a special nozzle to inhale the air vapors obtained.
  3. If necessary, the water is heated by the control of the inhaler or simply updated mechanically.
  4. The periodicity and duration of the session is determined on an individual basis. Usually it's 10-15 minutes twice a day.

The video tells how to use a steam inhaler:

Observing some important rules, given below, you can get a really effective result.

Nuances of procedure:

  • It is advisable to carry out inhalations not earlier than an hour after eating.
  • Do not eat and drink after the procedure for at least half an hour.
  • During a session it is undesirable to talk or distract.
  • After the procedure, you can not go outside for at least half an hour.

Effective solutions

The number of procedures and the concentration of medications can be determined only by a professional, but traditional medicine also offers many useful and effective prescriptions.

Salt or soda

Optimal for children, creates a unique "sea air".You can use ordinary table salt or sea salt, soda, mineral water.

Essential oils

One of the advantages of using this type of inhaler will be the possibility of using oil solutions. One of the most effective procedures are recognized with essential oils of coniferous trees. With caution, it is necessary to use any natural components for any manifestations of allergic reactions, not only among the sick person, but also among his closest relatives.

essential oils for inhalations

Herbal medicinal herbs

Here you can also take a little risk by conducting a trial procedure, and only then introducing systematic use. A good effect is the traditional chemist's collection of chamomile, calendula, sage, psyllium and special multicomponent breastfeeds, which can be brewed as a drink, and can be used for inhalations. Herbal medicinal herbs for inhalations

The steam inhaler can also have an exclusively cosmetic application. To do this, use a special nozzle that allows you to steam out your face before carrying out home cleaning or applying creams or masks. Not all inhalers are equipped with such an improvement, but in any case this additional function is also useful in home use.

How much does the

Estimated cost of the vapor models of the

inhalers No. Model: Type: Price:
1. Steam Inhaler. Conventional container with nozzle. 6 $
2. Vega SI-01 Suitable for children, automatic switch-off, low noise. From $ 29.
3. MED 2000 SI-02 "The Dog". Interesting design, the possibility of using for cosmetic purposes. From $ 59.
4. MED 2000 SI - 03 "Burenka". From $ 66.
5. Bearer FS 50. Universal, suitable for the facial beauty sauna. From $ 64.
6. Steam Inhaler IP - 03. Automatic heating function. There is a safety valve to avoid burns. From $ 91.
7. Chamomile. The excess steam relief valve helps to avoid accidental injury. From $ 91.

As can be seen from the above information, the range of prices for steam inhalers is quite wide. Preferring a particular model, the nuances of the manufacturer, the warranty period and the possibility of additional functions will be significant nuances.

The video shows how to choose a steam inhaler:

Buying a steam inhaler is a good solution, especially if several family members use the device. The cost will quickly pay off the possibility of self-treatment at home, without visiting the hospital. The use of medical solutions must be agreed with the attending physician in advance, as well as the duration and frequency of the procedures. Home steam inhalers are a good alternative to professional equipment for treating various diseases, but it is necessary to decide which inhaler is better than compressor, ultrasonic or steam inhaler itself in the process of use. However, it should be noted that the steam inhaler is not used in treating children under one year.

Using nebulizers

Steam models are the oldest among the ultrasonic and compression inhalers on the market. The principle of their operation will differ fundamentally from the simple heating of the solution. Most nebulizers use either the jet method of supplying the treatment solution( compression), or in the form of a special aerosol, broken into tiny particles( ultrasonic).The most advanced technologies use special vibrating membranes, thanks to which the medicine is not subjected to changes and enters the bronchi and lungs in a primordial composition, but also as the finest particles. From the link you can read how to choose the right inhaler for a child. Popular in recent years is the inhaler from a cough and a cold Omron.

All inhalers, regardless of type, can significantly facilitate the treatment of inflammatory processes in the respiratory system. The principal difference will be the functioning of the device and the possibility of using complex and multicomponent medicines, for example, hormonal or antimicrobial( antibiotics).


  • Valentina, 45: "Home treatment methods have always been effective and available. Since childhood I have been using steam inhalations over medicinal broths and traditional boiled potatoes. Over the purchase of a special electric inhaler thought for a long time, but in the end, all the same decided, more to save time. Using the inhaler very much, especially the fact that in my model there is a steam temperature adjustment. The cold passes faster, I do not observe any restrictions on the duration of the procedures. This method I already advised employees and many also purchased such a device. "
  • Lydia, 23: "After I decided to use home remedies for cosmetology, a friend advised me to buy a special sauna for faces. Extra money at that time was not, and it was doubtful how somehow it was to spend a considerable amount for me for such a device. After some time, I stumbled across the net to describe a steam inhaler with a removable facial attachment. The cost was acceptable, the purchase was very successful. We now use the whole family: I am for steaming the skin of the face, my husband for medical inhalations. "