Elevated cholesterol. How to remove cholesterol from the blood? Bad and good cholesterol

"Cholesterol", a word that today, thanks to the media, can shake everyone. Especially if you put the word "elevated" next to it. But, nature has not in vain provided our body with this substance. It turns out that it can also benefit. But first things first.

What is cholesterol?

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  • What is cholesterol?

    The fatty substance in question is formed in the liver. Another source of cholesterol is the food that makes up our diet. The body produces this substance for the purposes it needs. It is used:

    • In the cell membranes
    • In the process of digestion
    • In the synthesis of hormones and acids

    IMPORTANT: In addition, this fat-like substance is an active fighter with free radicals that cause aging and various diseases. Cholesterol is part of the fat necessary for the proper assimilation of vitamins A, E, D and K.

    Blood cholesterol

    The norm of this substance in the body should not exceed 5.18 mmol / l."To sound an alarm" is necessary if the tests showed above 6.2 mmol / l.

    IMPORTANT: Elevated cholesterol does not cause any symptoms. Therefore, very often people whose amount of this substance is exceeded do not suspect about their problem. For prevention, it is desirable to take a blood test every five years. He can show how much the level of this substance deviated from the norm.

    The use of cholesterol

    For many of us, the name of this substance is associated with something bad. But it can benefit. Today, more and more specialists are trying to change the reputation of this substance. More and more modern studies show that cholesterol is not always the enemy of the heart.

    Probably everyone remembers the myth that you can not eat more than 2-3 eggs per week. Now it is debunked. First, cholesterol from eggs does not increase the overall level of this substance in the body. And secondly, it is useful.

    Today, experts divided cholesterol into "bad" and "good."At the same time, "good" not only does not harm health, but on the contrary it needs an organism. And if his level was zero, then the body simply could not continue to work.

    1. The benefit of this substance is that it is one of the components that make up the walls of living tissue cells
    2. It is impossible to provide without cholesterol and bone health. The liver, nervous system and even the brain, also without this substance, could not perform their functions
    3. In addition, this fat-like substance is a natural steroid. It helps build muscle mass
    4. Adrenal glands from cholesterol produce sex hormones. These hormones in turn have anti-inflammatory properties, are a transport system for potassium and sodium electrolytes, and regulate blood calcium levels.

    IMPORTANT: Men who eat only cholesterol-free foods may experience decreased sexual activity. Women who actively reduce the level of this substance in the body may break the menstrual cycle.

    Harm to cholesterol

    Of course, this substance can carry a danger. Especially if its level is strongly "overvalued" for the normal mark. The main conviction of cholesterol was made when this substance was found in atherosclerotic plaques. These formations cause such terrible health problems as heart attacks and strokes. In addition, the clogging of blood vessels with such plaques harms the brain.

    IMPORTANT: In order to avoid the problems associated with the described substance, it is important not only to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, but also to increase the level of good.

    Diseases caused by elevated cholesterol

    Cholesterol plaques that can lead to the onset of atherosclerosis and thrombosis are not the only problem that is associated with the amount of this substance in the body. After all, its clots can form not only in the vessels, but also in the gallbladder, causing the formation of stones. Of course, this is not so serious a problem as the one described above. But, it can cause significant discomfort.

    Linking Cholesterol and Diabetes Mellitus

    Increasing this substance in the blood is a dangerous signal. But, it especially negatively affects the body in diabetes mellitus. After all, "bad" cholesterol reduces the presence of "good".Namely, "good" is the main protector of blood vessels that are destroyed in this disease.

    In addition, it should be understood that the increase in the described substance adversely affects the metabolic processes. Which leads to the development of diabetes. It turns out a vicious circle. Therefore, it is important for diabetics to keep cholesterol in the norm and when first detecting an increase in the level of this substance, pay attention to it.

    How to reduce cholesterol

    To solve the problem with elevated cholesterol should be approached in a comprehensive manner. First of all, we need to find out the reason for the increase in the level of this substance. Elevated cholesterol can be a symptom of various diseases.

    • To reduce the level of this substance in the body it is important to increase physical activity. Due to this, it is possible to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol and raise the level of "good" cholesterol. In addition, physical activity will help lose weight, which is also a cause of disruption in the work of the cardiovascular system
    • Running, bicycling, swimming and other aerobic activities on the body contribute to reducing the level of this fat-like substance. They should be used at least three times a week. Enough 30 minutes of exercise, in order to reduce cholesterol. But, it is important to increase the load smoothly. Do warm-up before physical exercises and a hitch after them.
    • With increased cholesterol, it is important to revise your diet in favor of healthy food. We must give up fried foods. Products of animal origin are best reduced. To reduce cholesterol, you need to increase the amount of plant foods and fish in your diet.

    What foods should not be eaten with high cholesterol

    Foods themselves do not contain bad or good substances. They become such already after getting into food and in the process of metabolism. However, some foods can increase cholesterol levels. First of all:

    • Baking and some bakery products
    • Desserts and sweets
    • Mayonnaise and salads dressed by them
    • Fatty sour cream
    • Fatty meat, lard and meat semi-finished products
    • Margarine and butter
    • Alcohol

    Cholesterol-lowering products

    Many products can regulate lipidprocesses in the body. These include:

    • Prunes and other dried fruits
    • Nuts( almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.)
    • Oatmeal and buckwheat
    • Pulses( peas, beans, lentils, etc.)
    • Sea fish
    • Sea kale
    • Vegetables and fruitsapples, kiwi, grapefruit, beets, avocados, carrots, etc.)
    • Garlic( Separated by a single grape, many call this root vegetable a "brush" for the vessels)
    • Low-fat cottage cheese, cheese and yoghurt
    • Turkey, rabbit and chicken
    • Bread fromwholemeal flour
    • Vegetable fat( olive, cottoncorn and sunflower oil)
    • Spices and spices( mustard, pepper, cinnamon, etc.)
    • Pineapple and lemon juice
    • Green tea and rose hip broth
    • Red dry wine not more than 50 g

    IMPORTANT: With the problem described, it is important to increase in your diet foods rich in fiber. Insoluble fibers sorb and remove all the excess from the body. In addition, products such as the rules are rich in various vitamins, beneficial minerals and antioxidants.

    Diet for high cholesterol

    In order to reduce the amount of this substance in the blood, it is necessary to reduce( or eliminate) harmful products and increase the content of beneficial. A sample diet menu with this problem may look like this:

    Breakfast: buckwheat porridge cooked without oil. Green tea.

    Second breakfast: Apple or other fruit

    Lunch. Vegetable vegetable soup with vegetable oil. Cutlets cooked in a double boiler. Vegetable stew. Broth of dogrose.

    Snack. Green tea. A slice of bread from a meal with honey.

    Dinner. Vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil or apple cider vinegar. Baked in a foil fish. Boiled potatoes. Tea.

    Before going to bed: A glass of kefir or curdled milk.

    Drugs to reduce cholesterol

    There are several groups of drugs that fight with high cholesterol. The most popular of these are statins. These include:

    • simvastatin( "Vazilip" , "Zokor" , etc.)
    • atorvastatin( "Liprimar" , "Atoris" , "Torvacard" , etc.)
    • rosuvastatin( "Krestor" , "Akorta" , "Roksera" , etc.)

    Today, most doctors prescribe atorvastatin and rosuvastatin to fight high cholesterol. The maximum dosage of virevastatin is 80 mg per day, and rosuvastatin 40 mg per day. Do not take these drugs more than once a day. Since the liver synthesizes an enzyme that activates the production of cholesterol at night, it is better to take the drugs described above before going to bed.

    The second group of drugs for lowering cholesterol after statins is fibrates. These drugs affect the lipid metabolism in the body. The most popular fibrate in our country is "Traykor" .One tablet is taken once a day throughout the course of treatment.

    The third group of drugs used to solve this problem are absorption inhibitors. The most popular drug of this group in our country is "Ezetrol" .It is taken 10 mg once a day.

    Nicotinic acid is also used to regulate lipid processes. It is taken for 3-4 grams per day. Already after several receptions the level of "bad" cholesterol decreases, and the "good" cholesterol increases.

    Reviews about ways to reduce cholesterol

    Victor. Do not be afraid of increased cholesterol. For many, level 8-9 is completely harmless. The father lived up to 80 years and his level was constantly from 7.4 to 9.3.I have a little less. I went to the doctor. Have prescribed statins. I passed the course, nothing helped. Only the intestines planted. Now I go in for sports three times a day, drink green tea and feel great. At the same time, the level remained above the national norm.

    Olga. And how recently scared the eggs? Recently watched the transfer, as a journalist every day ate 4 eggs and two weeks later passed a blood test for cholesterol. So he fell back on the contrary to what he was before the "egg" course.

    Video: On the most important thing. How to reduce the level of the substance that leads to atherosclerosis.

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