When children are sick - it's always scary and unsettling. If newborns are sick, then many mothers are horrified, panic sets in. But after all, medicine is also actively developing, and people's methods of treating many diseases have already been approved by official science - it is enough only to pass a survey from specialists and calmly, regularly to fulfill their appointments and recommendations. Rhinitis in a newborn is the most common reason for panic: "He does not breathe, he suffocates, his sleep is disturbed, he is hungry."What do parents need to know about a cold in a newborn?


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how to cure a cold in a newborn baby

reasons for the common cold in a newborn may be physiological characteristics, cold and allergy

The main cause of rhinitis in infants is the

physiological feature - nasal passages are not developed thoroughlybut, protective mucus is produced in insufficient quantities, which leads to excessive dryness of the nasal passages, formation of crusts and difficulty in breathing.

Another reason for the appearance of a runny nose in a crumb is a common cold or flu. In this case, everything happens naturally - the virus enters the baby's body, where it begins to actively develop. Given the imperfection and inability of a newborn, a runny nose appears immediately after infection.

the child does not blow out thick snot What to do when a child does not show off a thick snot, is stated in the article.

The snot of the snot is brown, what to do with this is indicated here.

Do not forget about the possible manifestations of the allergic reaction , even if the is not affected by the .the baby is breastfed, and the mother adheres to the diet. First, the baby can be allergic to milk.

Even the air itself( especially in large cities) with a high content of harmful substances can become a powerful allergen causing a runny nose in a newborn

. That's why it is rather difficult to answer the question of how often the runny nose lasts in a newborn - only the doctor in each specificthe case.

Features of the course of

Can I bathe a newborn with a cold Rhinitis in neonates is easy to diagnose - it manifests itself as well as in adults: shortness of breath, "sobbing and" gurgling "in the nose, sneezing, the baby breathes with his mouth. The main feature of the course of the disease is that the newborns can not cleanse the nose of the accumulated mucus - they can not blow their nose out. Therefore, parents should clean the nose of the accumulated mucus with their own hands. This can be done with the help of special wadded flagella and / or microclysters - just suck off the mucus periodically.

Important: many newborns can not quickly "orient" and switch to mouth breathing - medicine knows cases when the baby was choking from the accumulation of a large amount of mucus in the nasal passages.

Treatment of runny nose in newborns

There are several methods for rapid and effective treatment of a common cold in children of this age. In any case, it is worth paying extra attention to the common cold - this is for adults the nasal congestion syndrome is a mere trifle, in infancy it can turn into a tragedy.

Medication for

how long does the cold in newborns

For babies, Nazivin and Nazol Baby are special drops intended for infants

Even pediatricians do not recommend using medications from the first day of the common cold in newborns, but in some cases it is simply vital.

what can a newborn from a cold If the baby is very difficult breathing, because of this, sleep is broken and there is no possibility of calm feeding, then it is possible to use vasoconstrictive drugs. The best remedy for a cold for children up to the year - Nazivin and Nazol Baby - special drops designed for infants. Take into account two factors:

  • is strictly forbidden to use these medicines for more than three consecutive days;
  • bury these drops can be once every 6 hours and it is advisable to do this before a night / daytime sleep.

Rhinitis caused by infection can be treated with Protorgol drops - they are classified as antiseptic drugs, recommended to children from the newborn period.

than to treat a child with thick yellow snot Than to treat at the child dense yellow sopli, it is specified in given clause or article.

White plaque in the throat snot snoring at night, what to do to help understand this article.

the child has 3 years of snot and cough, what to do with it is indicated here: http: //prolor.ru/g/ bolezni-g /kashel/ u-rebenka-3-goda-chem-lechit.html

Immunomodulators will help to strengthen immunity, resulting in the body coping well with the disease. Pediatrists boldly appoint Derinat, a drug characterized exclusively by plant origin.

Folk remedies

drops from the cold for the newborn

Aloe or Kalanchoe juice can be used as an effective folk remedy for the common cold in newborns

With folk remedies, one must be extremely cautious - something that is great for older children( even from 12 months old) and adults, categorically can not fit babies. The most effective folk prescriptions for treating a common cold in newborns are:

  1. cold for the newborn Kalanchoe juice - it must be diluted 1: 1 with water, instilled one drop at each nasal passage. At the same time, immediately after the instillation procedure, the child should be taken in his arms and given him a vertical position - there will come a period of active sneezing and removal of accumulated mucus. Important: this recipe can be used no more than 1 time per day, so choose the time when the baby becomes very difficult to breathe.
  2. Aloe juice. Treatment of the common cold of aloe in children needs to start by ripping the leaves of the plant and taking them to a dark and cool place for 2-4 hours. Then cut the leaf and squeeze the juice out of it, dilute it in a 1: 1 ratio. Bury the received means of the newborn can be 2-3 times a day for 1 drop. Aloe vera juice has an excellent / powerful anti-inflammatory effect, so it can be used only if an infectious form of the common cold has been diagnosed, but not allergic, for example. Important: If the leaves of aloe are used immediately after tearing and the juice is not diluted with water, it may cause redness of the nose, itching and other allergic reactions to the plant.

Please note: many parents are confident that if you dig in the cold with breast milk, it will greatly accelerate the recovery process. In fact, this is an erroneous opinion - the mother's milk, getting into the baby's nose, creates the most favorable environment for the development and spread of the infection.

General recommendations of

how to understand that a newborn has a cold Rhinitis in the newborn is not an excuse for refusing to walk outdoors: if there is not a rise in body temperature, then you can walk( and need to!) In normal mode.

Provide humidity in the room of a sick kid - this can be done with a special humidifier or the "grandfather" way: place the containers of water and / or spread the rags soaked in water.

Let the baby drink more - even newborns who are breastfeeding need additional drinking. As a drink you can use ordinary water.

Regularly clean the baby of the nasal passages - take a small enema and just suck the mucus from the spout. Just do not forget to treat the entrance to the spout and the tip of the enema with glycerin or vaseline before the procedure - this will less likely to injure the baby. For cleaning, you can use cotton wool / gauze flagella.

Possible complications of

what can a newborn from a cold First of all, a runny nose can lead to the development of a chronic process and then the transition of normal rhinitis to sinusitis / frontalitis is very likely. It is worth noting that a prolonged runny nose leads to a violation of the psychoemotional state of the child - sleep is broken, the baby is upset, refuses to eat.

If the runny nose in newborns is not subjected to professional treatment, then they can develop( as complications):

  • otitis - ear inflammation;
  • bronchitis in acute form - inflammation of the upper parts of the respiratory system;
  • conjunctivitis - it will have a bacterial etiology;
  • etmoiditis - the inflammatory process extends to all sinuses without exception.


Learn about three ways to clean a spout for a newborn to relieve the symptoms of the common cold:

Rhinitis in a newborn is an unpleasant disease, but there is nothing dangerous for the health and life of the baby. A competent approach to choosing a method of treatment, strict adherence to the recommendations and prescriptions of a pediatrician ensure the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the common cold.